Manuel Arechiga Jr. the BULLY

How much more can I do to get this man to stop posting on my page? Apparently he has been asking around and has some of my information – is that stalkerish or what?? (He posted it in the above thread and in other threads but I deleted them) I am very much trying to stay professional but I can’t say this enough, if he is being this kind of bully to me, just imagine how he would be in city council? I do attend city council meetings and sometimes make presentations – I cannot imagine an impartial view from anyone who is being so disrespectful.

I have told him as I mention to readers that I am not the arm of any political candidate in Laredo. I am just someone who commented about the negativity of the anti-Belmares video that HE posted on MY facebook wall. I do not want to be used in such a fashion nor do I want the readers of this blog to get the impression that I support such negative campaigning.

I am at wits end. If you know this man, please tell him to stop harassing people not connected to his plan to mudsling.


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14 Responses to Manuel Arechiga Jr. the BULLY

  1. Puro Tamaulipas says:

    yes very unprofessional it pisses me off
    Q estupido how does he even dare act lilke that and run for what ever the hell he is runnig for?
    Que nadien vota x ese menso!

  2. rick78 says:

    Call LPD … no wait they are useless they will probably tell you to contact the computer PD. They gave Key the run around on his accident with a DWI hit and run driver.

  3. Selina says:

    The dude is a scumbag. Not sure if you can you block him?

  4. Chicagoense says:

    This guy is not a professional person. He is very disrespectful person!

  5. Nik says:

    Mr Arrechiga, you publicly made a douche of yourself. The last I checked, you dont get someone to vote for you by being a dick, especially when that person has a strong influence on a number of people who read their blog daily. I hope you read this. You owe Que Fregados an appology.

  6. Juanita says:

    What a dick. Because you were born elsewhere your opinion and concerns about local issues are invalid?

  7. Lau says:

    hmmm.. I have no idea what this guy stands for yet but this is enough for him not to get my vote. Very immature. I’m also not a Gene Belmares fan, but that spot on the chameleon page is HORRIBLE. What is up with that roadhouse music?

    I don’t know what you’re waiting for, report his ass. Make a police report. That way if anything happens to you because he outed you, he’s liable. HE is a public figure, you’re not. He should know that people can have any opinion on him AND even make fun of him and he has to take it. He should not pick on the very public that he’s trying to get votes from. In other words, he should have spoken to you in a more professional manner and try to change your mind so that he can possibly get your vote and maybe any friends or followers you may have. He’s not just a jerk, he’s a complete moron for pulling this. What a stupid stupid man.

  8. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook comments:

    Que Fregados – I have been challenged and asked why I write anonymously. For one, I chose a pen name because as a woman, it is a bit more dangerous for strangers to know who I am. You, Mr. Arechiga, have endangered me by purposely looking for my information and posting it – also cowardly not allowing me to respond or comment. That is low.

    Que Fregados – Two – this is a hobby with the hope of getting others involved and to see some of the things I see. You again, Mr. Arechiga, have intentionally tried to damage that. Many of the readers know who I am because they have approached me with respect and I don’t mind a one to one relationship – especially for people who want to get information out via the blog. I don’t know you, I don’t care to know you and I had nothing against you – my only initial statement was when you posted on my wall and I stated that what you posted was negative. I am not a political figure, I am an average citizen who has a blog as a hobby and am requesting my anonymity.

    Que Fregados – I do feel your threat. I shouldn’t have to.

    Kike – Don’t listen just do what you have to and say what you want. The rest can go to hell. Enjoy your day

    MaryHelen – QF, you’re WAY braver than some people out there! But the difference is that you’re brave in a respectful way. Kudos to you for what you do and how you do it!!

    Patty – YEAH!

    Marissa – this is harassment.

    Marissa – * Report Abusive Behavior Directly to Facebook

    The most efficient way to report abuse is to do it in the same place it occurs on Facebook. For example, if you receive a harassing message in your Inbox, you can report the message by clicking… on the “Report” link next to the sender’s name as you are reading the message. If you receive a harassing message from a person who is a Facebook friend of yours, you should remove the person as a friend and report the message. Reporting the message as harassing will automatically add this person to your Block list. You can also use the “Report/Block person” link that appears at the bottom of the abusive user’s profile. If you learn that someone is continuing to make abusive comments about you even after you’ve blocked them, you can ask a friend to report that person on your behalf. Reports are confidential and the user being reported does not know that they have been reported. After a report is submitted, we will investigate the issue and make a determination as to whether or not the content should remain on the site based on our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. A Facebook administrator looks into each report thoroughly before taking action. Please note that our team makes it a priority to respond to reports of harassing messages on the site.See More

    Kelly – I call into question the fitness of someone for public office when they start a flame war with an anonymous blogger.

    Rosario – Report to FB, and if he continues, make a police report.

    Gladys – Make a police report I did once n they contacted d harrasser n she stopped bothering me. BTW many great writers chose to do it anonymously…many of our great poets did! I guess ur doesn’t read! LOL

    Gladys – ‎* i meant to say HE ( arechiga) doesn’t read…

    Chuck – Defriending does it on FB.

    Rosario – ‎@ MR Owen – that’s the easy part. Mr Arechiga has named QF, that is not right.

    Chuck – When we go public we open ourselves to the public, Rosario.

    Chuck – I did not see a personal info post. Musta missed it.

    Eric – it would sure be a shame if what’s happened here reduces the effectiveness of one of Laredo’s consistently most thoughtful information resources

    Raul – Sad to see a troll like Mr. Arechiga attempt to run for office. Does he really think this is the way to gather votes? It would be awesome if other’s notice how spineless you truly are Mr. Arechiga, and then we will see how many votes you get.

    Henry – i believe Manuel Arechiga Jr. has lost touch with reality. He has started harrasing people because they don’t agree with him. Shame on you Mr. Arechiga. You might want to grow a thicker skin if you’re going to run for office. Let me guess, you’ll create some video of me. You are the problem, you very cleverly point out problems, yet offer no solution.

  9. Que Fregados says:

    Additional Facebook comments:

    Rosario – QF, I haven’t seen anything by Arechiga…./?

    Que Fregados – Did you click on my link? Plus I have been deleting too.

    Raul – Posts are probably being deleted… there is one on the bottom of the page if you scroll down where he is pretty rude

    Raquel – This “man” is a total joke, who in their right mind would even consider voting for him after this ridiculous display?! He has crossed a line here! I am absolutely stunned by his comments and disgusted by his cowardly acts! QF, I believe you have shown great courage by posting this. I truly enjoy your blogs and posts. Everything you post is always tasteful and done with the utmost respect, that this person chose to take advantage of your page and utilize it as a playground for his childish antics only proves how inept he is! You keep up the awesome work!

    Rosario – Wow! Now I see what you mean! That guy has way too much time on his hands, no?

    Que Fregados – I’m going to go over and bunk with you, neighbor! just kidding, Rosario but … me da quiensa que.

    Rosario – He is pretty aggressive………but it appears to be an ego trip, from where I stand. I think you’re ok, but it is disconcerting. I am here, just call first….gates are locked. He is a bully, ….for shaaaammmmeeee!

    Rosario – Going to try to get some sleep now…haven’t been well today at all. Good night. Call me if you need me.

    Elisa – Do you really think its him??? Could someone else be doing this to get back at him. Better get the facts before everyone draws a conclusion. I don’t know the man but I would find out face to face.

    Que Fregados – If it is not him, then he has a good case because all the extremely negative videos say they are paid by him. They are on the Laredo Chameleon website and they seem to be posted by him. Whoever it is went looking for my personal information to post it. I have been deleting and unfriended and changing privacy settings.

    Elisa – Wow! I don’t know what to say.

    Raul – Supposedly it’s the guy that puts those political signs outside the gas station… if it’s him, I’m not surprised at all…

  10. Que Fregados says:

    More Facebook comments:

    Lisa – you’re being too nice- he’s an ass. And his actions should leave voters no doubt as to how he’d behave if elected. Not only will he be shouting down and over the rest of the council, he’ll shout down constituents because he’s made it very clear that he thinks his voice/opinion is the only one that matters.

    Chamin – True and his voice does not matter ….its ours he doesn get that, Que Fregados!!!!!! lol

    Aurora – Don’t pay attention!!!! But as you said it’s scary!!!!!!!!!!!

    Que Fregados – Gracias. I am not sure why he is targeting me other than he is just a bully and an ass.

    Chamin – yea sus video esta medicore si es una pinche viejo inmaduro y mamon !
    ese wei me encabrona!

  11. Que Fregados says:

    Facebook post and comments:

    Que Fregados – I have asked Manuel Arechiga Jr., running for District 6, to STOP posting anti-Belmares videos on my wall.

    He continues to post unwanted videos and how now blocked comments. I ask that you report these videos for violating the Facebook policy and for harassing someone (me & others) who chooses NOT to take sides in the local races.

    Tracey – I’m truly offended by this man ;( I don’t care to know him…I know enough! Actions speak louder than words.

    MaryHelen – I messaged him about how bad it was to use FB this way, especially since the remarks made in his “campaign ads” have no substantiating proof. To me, that’s just ugly dirty politics which I have NO respect for.

    Que Fregados – I don’t know what else to do – it is so incredibly unprofessional. Can you imagine how he would be if he actually got voted into city council? Total lack of respect.

    Que Fregados – And now… stalking behavior.

    Tracey – Could it be that someone took over his fb page w/o his knowledge?

    MaryHelen – In the long run, he’s still responsible for his FB acct, don’t you agree?

    Tracey – Yup…I agree. It is just so weird that someone running for office could behave in such a way. Hmmm? Probably me being naive. Who knows.

    Que Fregados – He is just being a bully, trying to show power over someone not even involved with any candidates. Obviously he knows my name and info from my profile – very stalkerish.

    Raul – Worst part about his video is how he paid money for an ad of such low quality, I bet it’d make high schoolers laugh.

    Zulema – Block him…..

    Sheri – I just got a call from a friend yesterday saying he was sent the video and had no idea how it was on his facebook asking me how to get it off! He said it was offensive. I haven’t seen it and hope I don’t.

    Jesus – Fascist bully-boy.

    Bonnie – Hey, I think this is a good story for PRO 8 NEWS… problem solvers. Facebook is a NEW way of marketing people & I think it would make a GOOD story… let PRO 8 new know about it!!

    Que Fregados – No, Bon, no problem solvers for me. But I do wish they would do a local story on cyber-bullying. Maybe I will suggest that to them, Univision & the LMT.

  12. Que Fregados says:

    Earliest post and comments:

    Que Fregados – Please flag inappropriate videos when you see them and especially if you are tagged in them. Yes, this is in reference to Mr. Manuel Arechiga’s lack of respect to those on facebook who are trying to remain apolitical.

    As I have stated before, this blog is not a political/candidate tool but I do encourage everyone to go out and vote their conscience. Reader and very involved local resident, Jsaz, posted the sample ballot on her facebook page. Check it out SampleBallots-11022010 (sorry it is so large,

    Victor – Who’s Manuel?
    Que Fregados – the owner of the Shell station. He is running for council district 6. He keeps tagging me on his negative ant-Belmares videos that he paid for instead of using that money for something more productive.

    Tracey – I thought it was odd that you were tagged for that? Didn’t match you…I hope you defriended the guy. Shame on him for taking advantage of you and your fb friends!

    Victor – Oh I know now. Pos a que fregados. Sucks that he did that to you.

    Chamin – Yea that Manuel Arechiga es un pendejo, sus video nada Q ver.
    If he keeps posting unwanted video on your wall just delete his ass and block please.
    I all ready reported ese wey ojala le cancelan su cuenta! 😉

    Que Fregados – Gracias. I am not sure why he is targeting me other than he is just a bully and an ass.

    Chamin – yea sus video esta medicore si es una pinche viejo inmaduro y mamon !
    ese wei me encabrona!

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