Que Fregados is a quirky look at bicultural life on the border, the little things that pique our interest, strike us funny and celebrate the unique culture of Laredo, Texas and surrounding communities. I guess you can also say that we write about lo que nos pega la gana. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.

I'm Going to Hispanicize 2012


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  1. Sonny Nieto says:

    I’m glad that CAA is up and operarting, but why do the constituats have to suffer with bad service.
    I’m a resident of racho viejo wich means my closest center is Fred&Anita Bruni. 1year ago a gentalmen
    by the name of Sonny Nieto went out of his way to make sure all my needs were met after making an application and making copies of what was needed and after the application process was finished he took time to help me out with some documents that I was unable to do so, he also told me were to go and get more info to place and referd me to many agencies. Long story short Im glad Sonny Nieto is back on bored.With him on staff alog with the others, CAA will succced….. 🙂 good luck

  2. Roy says:

    I’m Roy Mandeville a occasional reader I would like to ask permission to do a exclusive article on my nephew jay jay trejo and his classmates that had a tragic accident on Sunday might he died jay jay trejo a outstanding model citizen young man from this south community his burial is still in question but I would like to covered it on this informative site for his memory and for you all as well to cover his memory let me if I can get feedback from you You can find more information on him on today’s newspaper front page thank you my name is roy

  3. iRey Peligro! says:

    I am a pro wrestler with the LWA. I am happy that I was welcomed to this family. I simply want to let people know a little about me that they wouldn’t know from just seeing me in the ring or on Facebook(I’m still new to it). I began my wrestling career in 2001 at the age of 16 in Victoria Texas alomgside my brother(originally Big Daddy V) Vincent G. We were trained by Mad Dog Marty Gonzalez. I began as El Peligro and and my 1st match was a 20 minute draw, against my brother in the first ever match for the Lone Star Wrestling Alliance(LSWA). I’ve received tips from guys I wrestled in front of. Jose and Pete Lothario, Psycho Simpson, Ben and Jeff Galvan, Devestator, Demon Seed, Mike Stryder, Mr Prestigious, Flaming Rose, and have been given personal advice from others like Cobra, El Latino, Jacob Ladder, Major Pest, Paul London. I loved this business as a child and I only wanted to wrestle. People say that they want to be in WWE and wrestlemania. I don’t care for all that. My dream was just to wrestle anywhere and I’ve done that. The ring was my home. I started booking my own matches after my trainer failed to do so for his talent. Wrestling is the only thing I have ever done by myself. My family supported me in following my dreams. School was not as important to me as wrestling and I graduated in 03 so I would have more time to do what I loved. I traveled places to wrestle and I treasure what I’ve learned. My size didn’t fit my style. I was 150 lbs and I would go out and hit hard and fast. I never cared to learn the American style of wrestling. I learned from heavyweights and taught myself “strong style” and I embraced it. Lucha libre and “lucharesu” are influences as well. Everybody knows wwe and tna and little else. They may be the most important companies to some people but not me. Japan and Mexico will always have the superior wrestlers who let ring actions speak and not so mic work. Puroresu and lucha libre will prevail above any style any day. I hope to introduce LWA wrestlers and fans to the style that I hope will be the standard bearer in shows. Anybody can do what they see on tv but I pride myself in trying to be more grueling and original in the ring. Its kind of hard because there is so much already copied in this business. I want to set my matches apart from others. I will shake hands, and show everybody respect, beating or losing to me. Either hit me hard or you will get hit. Thanks very much Rey Peligro.

  4. helpfindmyniche says:

    Hi, …nominated you for the ABC award!

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