Trump Sets Out Immigration Policy… Sort Of

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump continues to dominate the media airways and national Republican polls in key battleground states. The unrelenting billionaire has actually shown some restraint in the past few days, toning down the insults towards his fellow republican rivals and presenting a more controlled persona during interviews.

Trump was recently interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash. One of the key things that Bash discussed with top Republican candidate was immigration. The CNN reporter pressured Trump regarding immigration, requesting for specific policies the real-estate tycoon would implement regarding the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Trump reiterated that there are a lot of “bad dudes” illegally in the United States so he would ensure their banishment from this country. He pledged that these criminals would not return to the United States but did not present how he would accomplish this.

In reference to the law abiding undocumented immigrants, the Republican frontrunner told Bash that he would proceed to deport all persons illegally in the U.S. but would allow them to apply for legal re-entry into the country via an “expedited process.” Trump clarified that an actual path to citizenship was not part of his plan, but that these “good ones” (referring to the non-criminal immigrant) would be allowed to live in the U.S. legally.

Bash also questioned the mogul about the undocumented immigrants that came to the U.S. as children but have been educated and assimilated to American culture, identifying more as Americans than from their countries of origin. Most of these individuals are positive members of their communities and are seeking to obtain citizenship in order to further their financial and educational goals in a legal fashion.

Trump appeared perplexed and stated that this scenario presented a “tough situation” but remained firm that all undocumented immigrants needed to be deported and then allowed to apply for legal entry under his equivocal “expedited process.”

Although this was a very broad account of the policies he would implement if elected president, at the very least Trump provided a framework as to what he intends to do with all undocumented persons residing in the country.

The question: Do you agree with Donald Trump’s potential policies? Why or why not?

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One Response to Trump Sets Out Immigration Policy… Sort Of

  1. Beverly says:

    Mr. TRUMP is beginning to get tiresome. There are many, many months before the election and in the end I just can’t imagine Pres. Trump. So instead of just following him, perhaps a summary and weekly update on all the candidates…BOTH SIDES would be helpful in discovering what the heck EACH one stands for.

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