Good Friday, good eats

I miss my parents’ Lenten cooking. Fridays during Lent were filled with arroz con camarones, chiles rellenos, lentejas and, of course, my favorite capirota. The streets of Laredo seemed so deserted today since 1/2 of the workforce is off for the Easter celebrations. My little store has been empty all morning except for the silver-haired lady who stopped by to offer banana bread. Wish she would have had capirotada :P.

I’m not religious so the weekend will be spent catching up on work but… I can’t stop thinking about food. I saw the morning post on facebook from El Meson de San Agustin (FYI, they are closed Saturday & Monday – darn!). Mouth-watering:

Menu del Viernes 29 de Abril,
SOPITA DEL DIA: Lentejas, Papa y Brocoli…

Pechuga Rellena de Camarones,
Enchiladas Poblanas,
Nopalitos con Tortitas de Camaron,
Camarones Gratinados,
Costillitas de Res en Salsa Huerfana,
Chile Relleno 1 de queso,
Camarones Gratinados……

So, I figured I would live vicariously through you, few readers. My neighbor (fellow non-Christian) promised me a straight-up traditional carne asada but… I want to hear about the special meals you like during this time of the year. What are your favorite Lenten dishes?? What are you planning on cooking?

I’m sharing Presley’s Pantry version of capirotada video from 2012, for those of you who are interested. She cracks me up.


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3 Responses to Good Friday, good eats

  1. DOrace Goodman says:

    I made my mother’s Capirotado last week with my daughter…and enjoyed every last drop of smell and taste. Thank you Mom for leaving us a legacy!

  2. em gee! says:

    My all-time favorite is my grandmothers capirotada (which she says hers is more like a “sopa de pan” because she doesn’t put a lot of the colorful & crunchy ingredients in it). It’s simple looking but complex in flavor!! Mmmm..look what you have done **drools**! I also enjoy the tortitas de camaron & ensalda de nopalitos or nopales en salsa roja. 🙂

  3. Beverly and Bob says:

    Our family always served a baked ham or roasted leg of lamb. Asparagus was featured as well as a homemade coconut cake from my grandmother’s recipe. Like you, this year the food is just a memory as we decided to go out after church for brunch with some friends. Certainly easier which I look for now that I’m getting older. Have a wonderful weekend! Your Southern Utah friends!

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