Roswell, New Mexico here we go!

I’m including myself in spirit on the trip the Laredo Paranormal Research Society is taking on as I write. I had signed up to go but… I decided to be an entrepreneur and now I have to live with the ball and chain. Darn it!

The LPRS mobile is almost packed and ready to go to Roswell without me 😦

The LPRS team is heading off to Roswell for the annual UFO Conference. Why? Because they are gaining and gaining in positive exposure for their long and I mean VERY long hours of work. Their reputation as a serious group with powerful equipment is spreading along with the fact that is is an almost 100% Latino researchers. So much so that in the future, the hope is to possibly put together their own gathering of like-minded researchers in Laredo.

My role with LPRS is administrative, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t hoping to sneak on board and skip town! ¡Yo quiero ir!

Since I can’t go, I went to see them off instead. This is a snippet of what Rick, Joe and Christy had to say:

As we were standing by the 15 passenger van, a light was spotted in the rural sky. It wasn’t a plane and it was pretty steady but then suddenly faded. The investigators were not ready with equipment but they excitedly talked about the possibilities if they had all their equipment out and what it could have been.

I did hint to them that investigating the night skies will change in a couple weeks – they had already heard the rumors. We will just wait for the official notice if one does come. For now, it is presenting on what is actually captured on video through telescopes and equipment using infrared lighting and other specialty tools.

Good luck to the Laredo Paranormal team at this weekend’s conference where they will represent Laredo in more ways than presenting. They promised loads of pictures so this won’t be the last we hear of their trip.


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5 Responses to Roswell, New Mexico here we go!

  1. I had no idea you were an administrator with the LPRS! Have fun! We haven’t been to the museum yet….

    • Que Fregados says:

      Not sure what museum you are referring to. LPRS was a hobby for several people until this past year when it started to convert to a non-profit entity. There is a team for each of the investigative branches and then there is me who helps with documentation and research. The leader continues to be Ismael Cuellar but… we all do it for fun and curiosity :).

  2. LPRS are hardworking, honest and motivated people working on one of the most difficult and non profitable fields: UFO Phenomena Research.

    They totally captured the attention of the #1 Ufologist Jaime Maussan during his visit to Laredo on March 2012. He was impressed with the quality of their videos and the well-organized team that was behind Mr. Cuellar.

    As a entertainment company and promoter was very difficult to make 2012 Contacto Inminente working in Laredo TX. Several shows were presented during those days and it definitely affected the volume of fans attending the event; however I was glad the LPRS was supportive enough to justify the cost of the conference: simple because they had the exposure and the spotlight from Mr. Maussan.

    They earned it and had the merit to be in the right place at the right moment. We are proud to support their endeavours and glad to facilitate their job.

    We will present Jaime Maussan – 2012 Contacto Inminente in Chicago, IL on mid October this year. Follow us on Twitter @MoMoLLC



  3. Anonymous says:

    For a True Life experience… try camping late at night in the woods near Snowflake Arizona.

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