6 Responses to Cuban and other Caribbean food, yum!

  1. I can’t wait for a Caribbean restaurant to open! And I have never tried Ropa Vieja! And you are a great cook- I found that Tuscan Soup recipe and it is what we do now for major events. It is delicious!!!!!!!!

  2. Tony Vedia says:

    I met Pedro and Noemi Lopez when they first arrived in Laredo. Pedro has dreamed of opening his own place where he could display the food flavors of Cuba and the Caribena. The food is delicious!!I love the fricase and yucca al mojo!

  3. Beverly and Bob says:

    Putting this on our list for when we return…sounds great!

  4. YayaOrchid says:

    QF thanks so much for the heads up on this! I have eaten Puerto Rican food, namely arroz con gandules, and it is delicious! I too love sweet fried tostones. Will definitely try this place soon!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The only thing “Carribean” I’ve ever had…was Maribel. And she was Deliciosa!!! 🙂

  6. Chato's mom says:

    What is the address? I want to try it for lunch tomorrow????

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