Nothing like a street festival to lift my spirits

Weren’t you getting tired of hearing the candidates and about them and their every move? I know it is not over over for some but, hijole, so glad the major hump is over.

Some of you may have heard the story about the bride whose reception was supposedly ruined by a candidate – sorry, but the blame was going to the wrong person. I could go on about an email I got about this incident but I won’t. Even the opponent’s camp (because I did talk to them to see if it was a cheap attempt to discredit her) said they had nothing to do with it. So the moral of the story is that you make yourself look bad when you try to make others look bad especially when it is an emotional, non-logical personal story.

Then there were the sites like Not Galo 2012. Meh. I read it, though. The Laredo Lizard was by far the most entertaining and with more effort and not focused on only one race. Again, I read them but… who I vote for is my business. Negative campaigning, I order you to BE GONE! (my magic :P)

I’ve really gotten off track. I didn’t even share how frustrating it was to actually vote! I almost walked away without voting. Mixing technology with non-technologically inclined volunteers – not good. Let me end this here and tell you about a pretty neat street festival being planned this Summer.

The vecinos of St. Peter’s along with TAMIU’s SIFE organization are planning a street festival in the downtown residential area. It’s focused on arts & crafts. It’s in June but they are looking for area exhibitors, specifically arts and crafts. Because it is about what people can make on their own, they have scheduled a few demonstrations and activities like historic walking tours by Laredo Main Street, thermal photography by the Laredo Paranormal Research Society, a pre-show by the Laredo Wrestling Alliance, a highlight of antique cars by the Outsiders Car Club, a screen-printing demonstration by Victor Mendoza, and so on. The vecinos will be blocking off three blocks of their residential neighborhood for you to share the spaces they live in and love.

So if you have a specific talent that you want to share or are crafty and have pieces to show and/or sell, check out their request for exhibitors:

front page

back page


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2 Responses to Nothing like a street festival to lift my spirits

  1. Wow! That street festival sounds like so much fun! If I were there, I would set up an origami booth! Seriously! I think it would be fun! One thing I would love to learn how to do is the corn husk crafting that you see at places like Vegas…the little dolls and baskets and flowers? When I tell my Asian family about them, I liken it to South American “origami”- only with corn- “cornigamy”? 🙂

    • Que Fregados says:

      I sure wish you were here too – that would be a GREAT demonstration booth! Maybe someone else in Laredo does origami that would want to show others?? Corn husking crafts – never seen it in Laredo. Maybe something crafty with onions & watermelon since we don’t have much corn in this area? Ha! Enjoy your travels with your beautiful family!

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