Information going no where

What do you do when you get disturbing information and there is nothing you know to do? Every few weeks, I get emails or calls telling me about so-and-so practices or such-and-such corruption – unfortunately, the notices are not accompanied by any proof or lead to look for the proof. I am not a journalist and don’t have access to some of resources to dig a little deeper. So, bottom line, I am stuck with someone’s statement and nothing more.

That does not mean I don’t have an opinion or my own suspicions. This past weekend, I was told about an overheard conversation that really bothered me. A friend was cooking out in an apartment complex where the grills are all in close proximity. He tells me that he couldn’t help overhear off-duty Border Patrol agents talking about their plans. As most Laredoans who look at aerials of the river know, there are a number of small islands that are neither the US nor Mexico. He heard their plan for committing crimes against unsuspecting people attempting to cross. As he put it:

To sum it up they are border patrols talking about a plan to hide on some island, I’m assuming out on the river somewhere and wait for illegals to cross so they can surprise them and rough them up. I’m putting it lightly, they were pretty graphic about the stuff they wanted to do.

It bothers me because this is not the Border Patrol that I personally know; but it is the Border Patrol that is often heard of when scrutinized and criticized. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a cheerleader or harsh critic (despite my lean) of the service; but, as with any profession, there are rogue employees willing to break laws. Border Patrol and many other federal law enforcement are held to a higher standard. Like it or not, an agent is part of a paramilitary force that has rigid rules of conduct and expectations of ethical behavior.

Say this overheard conversation was just macho bravado by guys too drunk to realize how loud they were – those verbalized plans of assault still put the service in a bad light. What you say in a public space shapes how you are personally viewed, shapes the character of the organization you are affiliated with, and shapes public opinion of the system.

It bothered me. If there is a slim chance that the planned attacks are an actual plan, I have no information to say who they are or what station they are from or which of the islands they use. So, yes, it bothers me because the person who overheard the conversation shared it with concern.

Thank you, readers, for letting me share my frustration at only being able to provide an opinion and the hope that the service is on alert for catching criminals on both sides (I was going to say “the fence” but…). As for me, I turned on the live streaming BlueServo cameras and figured I would take a look anyway. My eyes were getting crossed but nothing spotted :(.

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5 Responses to Information going no where

  1. lisasjm says:

    Hard to respond to that one. I hope that the people who can do something about it read it somehow.

  2. Keyrose says:

    Time to get in touch with the Border Patrol head. This could be, like you suggested, just bluster on the part of a drunken group, but the red flag has to be brought up to somebody’s attention.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Keyrose, it is possible that this was all said due to the involvement of alcohol but the necessary precautions should be taken. I too have some buddies that are in BP and it’s a shame people that are not responsible with their authority tarnish the name of other hard working and ethical agents.

  4. Albert Bustos says:

    Too bad the conversation was not recorded.

  5. Poncho1950 says:

    In my experience with BP I’ve seen both empathy and antipathy toward the illegal aliens, at least insofar as those who are crossing with no malicious intent. That is they are not smuggling drugs or people or engage in criminal behavior (apart from their immigration violations). If the person who overheard the conversation is truly concerned, he or she can report it to the local BP commander, but at this point — after it is told to your or anybody else — it is hearsay. As for what was said in the alleged conversation, it is unprofessional, unacceptable behavior for law enforcement officials. If indeed that’s what was said — and as a journalist and in other activities I found that allegations should always be suspect — I hope it was the beer talking. Sure, the job is dangerous, frustrating, difficult, but that’s what these men chose for their career, and they are well paid for it, as they should be if we want well qualified people defending our borders. If they can’t meet the standards, they should get out.

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