City’s Strategic Planning Workshop

LaSanbe had an update on one of his posts about the city of Laredo’s upcoming Strategic Planning Workshop. Why it will be on a private ranch with the unfortunate name of the NeedMore Ranch is beyond me.

Have you checked out the items to be discussed? Councilwoman Liendo put out the topics and asked for public input and made sure to mention that the public is welcomed.

To help the general public, I will post the map to the Need More Ranch below. I figured our public officials can take the bus like many Laredoans would have to if they wanted to attend the public workshop. Unfortunately, google maps does not have an agreement with Laredo’s transportation department – no way to find that out on google maps so let’s check the public transportation website for the city. Found it – Route 17.

If the council crew leaves at 8:15am from the Transit Center, they should get to Rancho Viejo and Mines Road at 8:55am – perfect timing since they would need the half hour to walk to the ranch and wipe the dust off their shoes. Since I highly doubt they would follow the advice provided on the bus stop shelters encouraging others to take the bus, I am providing the google map so that at least they can carpool together.

Here is your chance, Laredo. If you have an opinion on any of these topics, either connect with your council representative or attend tomorrow any way you can make it.


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3 Responses to City’s Strategic Planning Workshop

  1. This is crazy! Is this the norm for their meetings???

    • Que Fregados says:

      Gilda, from what I understand this is the first City Council retreat and it is open to the public but… that is one overly ambitious agenda unless they plan to be there a few days and it really is inappropriate to have it on private property if it is open to the public. But a retreat should not be a decision making event, that is what city council is for – or at least I hope that is the case.

      Hopefully they do get some strategic brainstorming done and hopefully there is a lot of public comment. I really am curious about the discussions but I am already tied up with other commitments. I’ll have to wait to see it on public access.

  2. lisasjm says:

    WiFi on municipal buses? What a great idea!!

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