Papalote? Check. Kid to fly it? Check. Wind? Uhhhh…

Despite a busy day, I am going to eek out some time to make it to the annual Kite Festival at North Central Park (hopefully no one will start naming the park after relatives or donors – que mala costumbre [what a bad habit]). Although no child is needed to attend, I did recruit my li’l partner, even though he is now taller than I am, to join me and my mommy friends with their kids. After all, someone has to hold the kite while the other person runs, right?

We picked out a nice big black shark papalote (kite, also a windmill but in this instance – kite) so when you start to hear “ta-tum… ta-tum… ta-tum…” Just kidding. All that it means is that we won’t be winning the homemade kite contest – oh well. We will still have fun. Hope to see you and your papalotes and hopefully the wind at North Central Park.

If you are looking for more activities in the final days of this area’s Spring Break, the Laredo public library has daily activities amongst other groups. And for fun and recreation after Spring Break, don’t forget that the very much anticipated Haynes Health and Wellness Center will have its ribbon-cutting ceremony this March 23 at 7pm at 2102 Clark Crossing.

The invitation came in three pieces so that is how I will add it to this post but… who writes this stuff?? “Enlightened government body,” “dedicated management team,” and “futsal size practice field?” Ok, that last one was a typo but the rest sounds like government propaganda. If you have to identify yourself as enlightened, it usually means you are not. Enlightened would have been this project completed on time and before all of the environmental enhancements are part of the collective norm in this country. Oh wait, that isn’t enlightened either, that is just doing what you promised you would do in the first place.

Regardless, it is done and ready for use! Next task – decreasing plastic bag use in Laredo and promoting true water conservation amongst the larger companies who use the most (blog post to follow next week on water conservation amongst residents with recent city support). Or, how about promoting solar power use amongst residents with an incentive to make these changes? Meet the average civic-minded resident halfway and then maybe, maybe we can revisit the “enlightened” and “dedicated” labels that have been self-applied but better yet, calmala (hmmm… I guess literally it would be “calm down” but more like “quit it”).

Gorgeous facilities, let’s go check ’em out.


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One Response to Papalote? Check. Kid to fly it? Check. Wind? Uhhhh…

  1. I missed that invitation somehow! We also missed the kite festival. I had to drag our cats across town a few times for surgery that day! 😦

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