The WBCA Grand Parade in 10 minutes

Ah, yes, you knew it was coming. I dangled from a bitter orange tree to hang my camera and bled from all the tree thorn scratches for you readers who wanted to see the parade… but in 10 minutes because that is the YouTube maximum cap :).

For those who were wondering what I meant by bandas de guerra (military bands from Mexico), here is a sample of the Aguila de Oro (Golden Eagle) band from Preparatoria #1 (prepa is like an technical high school). Not everyone is a fan but I am and was always amazed at so many that would come for the WBCA parade. I am not sure how many there were this year, since I left my videocamera to attend to my wounds & go to breakfast :P, but it was a minimal number. Check out the Aguila de Oro Banda de Guerra as they played at St. Peter’s Plaza after the parade and then were seen at the Laredo Farmer’s Market playing for the crowds before marching back across the International Bridge to Mexico.

Finally – my better pictures of the beginning and the end of the parade:

Oscar Moreno as George Washington - no comment

Anita Averill as Martha Washington - double no comment

Not sure how this works but a Princess Pocahontas girl on a horse. Supposedly they do a history on the nation they represent. I am guessing my great-grandmothers might not have approved.

And maybe the horse was not too happy either

Union Pacific representing all the way. What a neat little train.

HEB went shopping for people. One of the most creative participants.

A young Martha Mermaid Debutante

The Kia (I think) dance crew - mid-flip

Not sure who they represent but I want a bicycle built for two, too! And no, he wasn't grabbing at her hair.

Laredo Wrestling Alliance taking a beating on the hard ground, oh, the bruises


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5 Responses to The WBCA Grand Parade in 10 minutes

  1. omgosh luv the giant shopping cart! so cool. ;o)

  2. Raul says:

    I think it would’ve been better if you had just divided the video into segments.

  3. RGallegos says:

    What no pictures of me walking with the CFA cow? I’m hurt! Lol Great post/pictures!

  4. Poncho1950 says:

    Re the Pocahontas on horseback … It’s hard to find a bison to ride these days.

    I remember seeing El Rey Feo, the official representative from the Laredo Club (In S.A.), riding a donkey in the parade. The Rey Feo is a traditional thing from carnaval.

  5. Nuno says:

    The Pocahontas Laredo group have to get permission from each Nation they represent each year. Few peeps understands the process and how it works. Each Nation approves the selection that will represent them with visits from the Pocahontas committee. They study what may be used on and what is not of each Nation.

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