WBCA Desfile time but where are the bandas?

2011 WBCA parade shot of one of the Martha debutantes in her colonial dress

I’m breaking my own promise to myself. I was not going to write anything about the Washington’s Birthday Celebration (WBCA) activities. I wrote a must-read post last year about WBCA being the “non-MLK holiday”and thought, that was it, no more publicity to the single event which dominates every February and saturates us with WBCA reminders everywhere.

2011 WBCA one of the princess Pocahontas whose arms were so tired from the weight of the heavy beading that she needed support

This past month has been weird, though. As most Laredo residents know, the “grand” parade is Saturday, February 18. Because I live so close to the Rio Grande, the sounds of bandas de guerra (literally the war bands – but they are usually schools with a military style marching band. Check out the national organization of Bandas de Guerra y Escoltas de Bandera of Mexico) practicing early in the morning and late at night has become a regular routine about a month before the WBCA parade. This year, I haven’t heard a peep.

Hmmm… In past years, bandas de guerra would come from all over Mexico. The students would march in the massive three-hour parade celebrating Washington’s birthday and would spend the rest of the weekend shopping on the border before heading back to Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Durango, Nuevo Leon and other Mexican states. Slowly, their numbers have dwindled. In last year’s parade, those from Durango did not show up – noticed by me because of my family connection to that particular Northern state.

A Pro8News photograph showing some of the tents already set up the day before the parade in anticipation and to reserve spots with a good view

Just because I could not hear the drums and bugles in the mornings, does not mean there won’t be any bandas de guerra participating. Maybe there was just more noise pollution in downtown, maybe my age is finally robbing me of my hearing, maybe they are just not practicing that close to the border that the wind blowing over the Rio Grande did not bring the sounds to my house… maybe… Enough maybes, I ended up calling the WBCA offices to ask for their list of participants in the Bud Grand Parade.

The woman who answered was polite enough in telling me “We don’t share that list.” What what? She told me several times that they could not tell me who would be in the parade, not even if they could fax it, not even if I went in person, not even if I went to take a picture of the list, not even if I am a local blogger who is only curious about the bandas de guerra. Boo, WBCA office!

If I can find the battery to my videocamera, I might show you a few clips of bandas de guerra, if there are any, or other interesting parts of the WBCA parade since it is the only WBCA event that I witness – I doubt I would ever be the right “type” to go to any colonial balls or with good conscious support the spending of so much money on big fancy dresses (no worries, I don’t mind being in the 99%). But, since I cannot tell you who to expect to see at the parade, there are other offices willing to provide very interesting lists; I might even say, maybe MORE interesting.

I leave you then with every food establishment that has permission to sell food (pre-packaged food to full service) in the county of Webb. That is right – all 2,610 listed in December 2011. Just so that you can wonder, why is there a place called Spongebob serving food or how many maquinitas gambling places actually exist in this part of Texas that serve food??

Maria Del Pilar
Tuno’s Lunch Stand
Belia Hinojosa Stand (LFM)
Pipo’s Snacks (LFM)
Dulces Y Novedades Chely
Espinoza Stand (LFM)
American Legion #59
Nancy Santillan Stand
Autobuses Latinos
Baja Duty Free
Bethany House
Benavides Boys & Girls Club Of Laredo (Main)
Hortencia Montalvo Stand
JL Boutique & Flowere Shop
Candy Toys Etc.
Casa Beto, Inc.
Ra-bels Beauty Supply
Juana Moreno Snacks (LFM)
Laredo Downtown Pharmacy
Tejano Mart #502
Stripes # 9659
Stripes # 9679
RBT Duty Free
Lighting Restaurant
D & D Gro
Danny’s #1
Stop & Go #12
LISD-Dovalina School
Herbalife Productos de Nutricion
El Competidor
Andrea’s Gift Shop
Pina’s Grocery
Stop & Go
Rio Grande Plaza/Jack in The Bus
Hot Dog Express
Joey’s Novelties
KC Lounge
Kentucky Fried Chicken
BANC-Catholic Social Svs
Cafeteria Blanco
Laredo Flea Market
La Paisana No. 2
La Posada (Tack Room)
La Posada (Ballroom)
La Posada (Main Kitchen)
La Reynera Bakery
El Corral Y El Relajo
LCC-Cindy’s Catering Kazen
BBVA Compass Bank Lounge
Loncheria La Mexicana
La Unica
Lulac No. 12
LISD-MacDonnell School
McDonalds Rest
Juano’s Snacks Y Cocina
Tortilleria y Panaderia La Fe
Popeye’s # 3
Bengal Grocery
San Rafael Reception Hall
Schwan’s Mobile Unit
Silver Dollar Bar
St. Peter’s Memorial School
Las Potrancas
Jett Sales
UETA Of Texas #121
Texas Restaurant
Taqueria El Paisano
Las Gemelas
Premier Inc.
Little People Day Care
Liendo’s Beer Run
HEB # 002-Meat Market
HEB # 002-Deli
HEB # 002-Produce
HEB # 002-Warehouse
HEB # 002-Grocery
Gold River Buffet and Steak House
Asador Las Palmas
Popeye’s Fried Chicken # 6
123 Outlet
La Caridad Paleteria
BANC Senior Citizen Home
Good Life (Buena Vida)
Rubio Raspas
Novedades Juanny
Expo 2000
Nova Dela
La Estacion Bar
Autobuses, Renacimiento, LLC
Americano (Bus Lines)
Escamilla Sno Cones
LISD-Vidal Trevino School
Flores Parking Lot
Dollar Tree #4254
Taqueria El Mariachi
El Diamante
Zebra’s Night Club
La Cabaña Club de Juan
De La Rosa Grocery
Komex Trading
Webb County Jail
California Coffee Shop
La Paloma Restaurant
Mario’s Raspas
Frosty Land
66 Club
El Meson de San Agustin
Paleteria La Caridad
Los Mismos Botique
Tio’s Sports Bar
El Rincon Restaurant
Rio Auto Supply
Autobuses Americanos USA
UETA Of Texas #124
Rialto Café & Hotel
El Metro
Tacos Lety
La Chacharita
La Roca Sea Food # 2
Break Time #371
Taco Palenque
Super Cocina Alvarado
Don Pablo’s Restaurant
Hong Kong Imports
Casa Tia
Ready Set Learn Child Dev Ctr
Santa Maria Adult DC
Paradise Receptions
Big Brother Shoes
The Dug Out
Carlita’s Snow
South Martial Arts
Grand Mercado
Tornado Bus Co
Tortilleria La Fe
Jac Snacks
Imperial Crafts
Novedades Tere
Snack 2000
Mrs. Bairds
Bona Trading Co.
Casa Ginseng
Victoria’s Place/Madrigal’s Kitchen & Catering
San Agustin Church Commissary
Last Chance Conv. Store
Los Olivos Restaurant
Casa Alberto
Mercadito Snack
Turimex. LLC
Black Widow
LFD Home Furnishings
LFD Home Furnishings
BANC-Hamilton Hotel Elderly
Lets Party Catering
La Moreliana 100% Michocana
Irma’s Snacks
Snack Guru
Las Babies Drive Thru
International Lottery Sales
Domitila Hilbelink
Burger King # 14016
El Mariachi Loco #1
Antojitos Mi Ranchito
Manrique Dental & Medical
La Estrellita Bar
HK Global LTD
Rudy’s Snacks
Churchs Fried Chicken
UETA Of Texas #122
Gallegos International, Inc
Herbalife Distribution
Los Amigos Ropa Usada
South Martial Arts
Rocha’s El Catan Grill
Paleteria El Pinguino
Webb Co Little Palominos HS
China Border
G & G Toys Ropa Usada
Paez Fruits
Salud Y Vida
H K Global LTD
Barahonas Raspas
4 Copas Texas
Narvaez Flower Shop
Alfa Money Exchange, Inc
Torilleria La Fe
LCC Student Activities
HK Global
Mamita’s Cocina
Super Precio, inc.
Good Life Laredo
Rosalva Cruz Mobile
Western Union-Multiple Service of Laredo
La Sabrocita Distribution
Fashion Etc. Imports
Novedades Sendy
Pony’s Tacos
El Antojito
China Handbags & Wallets
La Piramide
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers (LCC Bookstore)#466
Casa Family Foodware, Inc
El Nuevo Sol Snack
Subway #35618
Joy Dollar
Taqueria Juarez
Flor Jacobo
Novedades Michelle
Laredo Sports Wear
Valero/E & J Fuel Investments
Family Dollar #7763
Carlos Jr Refreshments
Laredo Organic Foods
Noveltiy Michelle
UETA #126
Los Amigos Ropa Usada
Primera Igelsia Bautista
Remate D’Tennis
Sabrocita A
Sabrocita B
Crysty’s Beauty Salon
Las Bracitas Mexican Grill
Raspas EL Rocio
Holding Institute
TJ’s Western Grill
Solis Stop-N-Shop
A.Limon Martinez
Gali’s Snacks N More
Ameri Health Pharmacy
Astro Lunch
Webb Cou CAA-La Azteca Comm Ctr
Botinica Santa Maria
Antojitos El Pariente
Valero Corner Store# 1009
Stop & Go #10
Stop & Go #14
Blessed Sac School
LISD-Bruni School
Capri Stop & Go
Casa Juarez
Torillas de Harina Los Mendoza
Church’s #22
LISD-Cigarroa Schools
Dino Snacks
Stripes # 9654
Stripes # 9677
Stripes # 9656
Stripes # 9857
D’Best Distributing
Contreres Gro.
Patty Notory Service
LISD-Daiches School
Dairy Queen
Danny’s #2
Ernestina Diaz Stand
Santo Nino Postal Box and More
El Maguey VIP Ultra Lounge LLC
Don Juan Int. Foods
Tejano Mart #503
MJ’s Billards Bar
Extreme Car Wash
Cedar Snack Bar
El Rancherito Gro & Mkt.
Shriek (Raspa Unit)
Express Lane Drive Thru
Danny’s Raspas
Los Compadres Perez
Gamez Bros. Produce
Gorda’s Snacks
Guadalupe Guzman Sodas
Glass Kitchen
Glass Kitchen
Gloria’s Gro
Galeria de Muebles
Gomez Candy Stand
Gomez, D. Vendor
Gonzalez Cold Stand
Happy Days Day Care
Jose Gutierrez Produce Vendor
LISD-Hachar School
HEB Food Store # 207-Grocery/General
HEB Food Store # 207-Meat/ Sea Food Market
HEB Food Store # 207-Deli
HEB Food Store # 207-Bakery
HEB Food Store # 207-Produce
HEB Food Store # 207-Warehouse
HEB Food Store # 207-Sea Food Market
Aqui Es
LISD-Heights School
Holloway’s Bakery
I & Y Sanchez Gro
Paulita’s Restaurant # 2
Autentica Taqueria Mexicana
LISD-JC Martin School
LISD-Kawas School
The Ice Cream Shoppe
Jose Medina Grocery
Kiddie Land Academy
La India Packing
359 Café
Lalo’s Sportman’s Club
LISD-Lamar School
Luxury #2
Zapata’s Snacks
Las Cazuelas
Las Flautitas
LISD-Ligarde School
Miriam’s #2
Little Caesar’s Restaurant
Aca Las Tortas
Murphy USA
M & S Candy
Macias Drive Inn
Kika’s Restarurant
Stripes # 7452
Mayan Tortilla
McDonalds Rest
The Heights Academy LLC
Gloma’s Hair Salon
Narvaez No.1 Quality Meats
Premier High School
Chuy’s Raspas
UISD-O. Salinas School
Mami Chula’s Drive Thru
UISD-Perez School
Four Seasons Trading
Norberto Paredes Snacks
Pizza Hut
Popeye’s # 4
Quickie Bakery
Ruthe B. Cowl
Tender Care
Raul’s Bar B Q
Retama Manor South
Sahara Amusement
Sacred Heart Children’s Home
LHA-South Laredo Kids Café
Tejano Mart #501
St Agustine School
LISD-Sto Nino School
Tello Grocery
First United Methodist Chuch & DC
Ana Kalia Child Care Center
The Salvation Army
Yoly’s Cafe
Herrera’s Pharmacy
Yzaguirre & Son Gro
LISD-Zachary School
Narvaez Beef
La Siberia
Sunrise Conv. Store
Vasquez Prepack Trailer
Papi Chulo’s Beer Run
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Commericializadora Kino
Shop and Save Food Store
UISD-United South Middle School
UISD-United South High School
South 83 Pump N Shop
Valero Corner Store # 1015
Raul’s Bar B Q
Miriams’ Grocery
Macias Drive Thru. Corp
Cantu’s Catering
Sno Penguin
Gorditas Mexicanas
La Fe Tortilleria
Gonzalez Distributing and Brokerage
Big Jim’s Liquor Store
Torito’s Cafe & Gro.
Zapata’s Snacks
Los Jacales
Pizza Hut
Popeye’s # 5
Narvaez Beef Processors
Nutri – Club
Advance Auto Parts
West Express Video
Santo Nino Grocery
UISD-Ruiz Elementry School
Moreno’s Exxon
Pano’s Bakery
Promatora Mexsa
GK Fuel Mart
The Pink Machine
Webb Co Magic Corner HS
Olivia Ramos Stand
Patricia Gonzalez Stand
Apolonia Borjas Stand
Homari’s Child Care & Learning Center II
Gonzalez Bakery
El Mercado Meat Market
Fun Foods
Salud a La Vida
Perlita Gro
Hernandez Zuniga Cold Drinks
Stripes #2224
El Pollo Feliz
Raygoza Catering
DNB Sales
Heaven’s Scent Florist
The Corn House No. 3
Bruni/Vergara Boys Club
Yoli’s Stand
Jack In The Box # 3673
UISD-Prada Elementary School
Tacos Los Gueros
El Pariente Meat Market
Webb Co Nino’s Alegres HS
Bella Amistad Club
Sodas Briones
Southern Distributing Co
Amigo # 3
Valero # 1507
Whataburger #47
Quality Discount Fuel & Conv Store
JC Gonzalez Fruit Stand
Eloy’s Kitchen
South Side Gro/Tacos
Webb Co Tatangelo HS
Best Little School House In Tx
Kiddie Luv Day Care
BANC-So Laredo Senior Ctr
Cynthia’s Reg Home
R & S Drive Thru # 2
Tacos Villa El Sol
Yan’s Day Care
Little People Day Care
Tejano Mart #514/Subway
Laredo South Sushi
El Taco Rico/Korn Express
Rainbow Restaurant/B & P Packing
Brigida Alba
No Te Castiges
7 Days Tavern
Taco Palenque
Chihuahua Pump N Shop
Stripes #2270
Benavides Softball Complex-Francisco Garcia
Maria Davila Renteria Candy
Gabriel Snacks
Emily’s Snack
Santa Fe Bar
Sunny Yogurt
Nuevo Latino Night Club
Raygoza Stand
Santa Rita Adult Day Care
Family Pharmacy
The Dog House
Tacos y Tortas Monterrey
Medeles Gro & Snacks
Western Party Mix
Selina’s Flower Shop
Junior’s Grocery
Family Dollar #3043
Rio Grande Detention Ctr
Lucky Bamboo
Los Pasteles Bakery
Advance Auto Parts
SCAN Emergency Youth Ctr
Zulema’s Place
The Great Taste Snack
Webb Co Larga Vista HS
Ofelia Flores Stand
UISD-Los Obispos Middle School
UISD-Roosevelt Elementary School
Super Taco
La Tiendita Grocery
Southside Grocery Str/Tacos y Mariscos Del Southside
Los Amigos Taqueria
Morales Stand
Los Tacones
Reddy Ice
Carmin’s Flowers & Gift Shop
Mrs. Baird’s
De Leon Raspas
Damn Cakes
Fun Times Arcade
Nellie Loyer Cake Commissary
Rio Grande Food LLC
Peter Piper Pizza #505
The Golden Shrimp
Webb Co Los Presidentes HS
Las Violeta’s Sr. Home
Polo’s Bakery
Tony’s Burger
Church’s Fried Chicken
Whataburger #741
Guajardo’s Meat Market
Super Keno
Webb Co Sierra Vista HS
Violeta’s Kitchen
Salinas Mobile
Gateway Academy
Burger King #12275
Casa Bendita
Marko’s Drive Thru
Vicky’s Grocery
Webb County-CAA-Larga Vista Comm Ctr
Las Flautitas
Ice Boxxx
LHA Farm & Labor/Kids Café
EL H-E-Vito Grocery
Webb County Detention Ctr. Canteen Correction
El Paraiso Amusement
Hermina Rosell Stand
All Star Kids, Inc.
Day Break Adult Care Ctr
RC Food Service & Produce
GNC #8906
Buenos Dias Adult Day Care
UISD-Zaffirini Elementary School
UISD-John W. Arndt Elementary School
Toy Box Child Dev Center
Inspection Shack
Felipe Gonzalez Sodas
El Buen Dia
Juan Paez Produce
Domino’s Pizza
359 Pump N Shop
Villegas Stand
Mary’s Gro & Raspas
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile
Bordertown Candy Store
Co Cos Arrellano
Johnson Day Care & Learning Cts
Sammy’s Snack Bar
Juan Herrera Raspas
Yoli’s Commissary
Priscilla Diamond Hall
Corralitos Snacks
Alfareria Hernandez
The Way Church
Mendoza Raspas
Aqui Es Herbal Life
Sagrado Corazon
Salud y Bienestar Familiar
Laredo South Sushi
South Laredo Soccer League
Amigos Adult Day Care
COL Cigarroa Rec Ctr
Palacios BBQ
Lozano Snacks
Leticia Morua Stand
Stripes # 2173
Raspas Iglu
Tacos Arandas
Diaper’s Outlet & 99 Cent
Lidia’s Ice Cream
Nutri Blend Express
Snack Mobile
Los Amigos Restaurant
Laredo Mobile DME, LLC
Candy & Ice Cream Corner
Nuestra Gente Adult DC
Samantha’s Stand
Maria Cruz Gonzalez Stand
Linares Snacks (Santa Fe FM)
COL East Hachar Rec Ctr
El Paraiso Amusement
F & H Stand
Danny Rentals Raspas
El Palacio de los Presidentes
Santa Fe Bar
Gonzalez Quesos Frescos Dist
La Tiendita
Zion’s Lil’ Kingdom
Santi Spices and Grocery
Education Center
Papi Chulo’s Too
Magic Time Child Care
Zunigas Cold Drinks
Texas Migrant Council Child Care
UISD-Lyndon B. Johnson High School
Herbario Lupita
La Hacienda Adult Day Care
Antojitos Mex Ro-Ma
Auto Zone #1361
Escamilla Sno Cones
Tita’s Tortillas
Vargas Mobile
La Fogata Nortena
My Little School of Minds
Moreno’s kwik Stop #3
Rincon Mexico Restaurant
Raqueline’s Bundle of Joy
Little Genius DC Learning Ctr.
Samantha’s Snacks
Torta Mex
Bob’s Liquor Store
American Dollar Plus Inc
Reyes Stand
Nino’s Gift Shop & Snack Bar
Gabby’s Restaurant
Mariachi Express
Paulita’s Restaurant # 3
Tere’s Snacks
Rosales Raspas
99% Natural – Zarate Snacks #2
La Yerberia La Caridad del Cobre
Tortilleria Chava
Block Buster Video
Medicine Shoppe
UISD-A. Gonzalez Middle School
Angel de la Sulud South
Templo Alfa Y Omega
United Amusement Center
Discovery I. T. C.
Webb Co Roosevelt HS
Mejora Tu Salud
TMC-Henry Bonilla Laredo/IT
HEB Food Store #586-Grocery/Warehouse
HEB Food Store #586-Meat Market
HEB Food Store #586-Sea Food Market
HEB Food Store #586-Bakery
HEB Food Store #586-Deli
HEB Food Store #586-Medicines
Ministerio de Ayuda La Familia
Tropica Sno
Flaming 7 Gameroom
La Patita Ice Cream
El Maguey Bar Lounge
Eli’s Snacks
Jorge Campos Raspas
Medeles Snacks
Audrey’s Head Bands & Bows
Martinez Raspas
Rosy’s Place
Frosty’s Raspas
Zapata’s Snacks (@Santa Fe)
EL Kiosko de mi Pueblo
El Rio Pharmacy
Bollios Cafe, LLC
Whataburger of Alice #837
Anahi’s Snack & Restaurant
Mi Casita Child Care
Eclipse Reception Hall
Taquitos Ravi
La Bodegita
Little Caesar’s Pizza
Zapata Snacks (Benavides Fld)
Danny’s Restaurant #8
Celebration Party & Gift Shop
Marco N. Zamora Mobile
Family Dollar #5808
Dr. Ike’s Loop 20
Dollar General #9208
La Favorita Flea Mkt Std
All Star Babies Inc
Jasso’s Produce
Flores Castaño Imports
Pano’s Bakery
Fernandez Grocery
Jose Esparza
Salud y Energia
Carnitas Los Arcos
A Child’s Imagination
Webb Co Prada Head Start
Lupita’s Snack Box
Dollar General #9209
Mariscos Costa Azul
UISD-SAC/Dir Of Athletics
Jack in the Box
Aztec Player
Laredo Express Sushi
Lily’s Snacks
Casa Laredo
Segura Sales
Santos Santos Sodas
Yerberia San Judas
Walmart Super Center #3623-Medicines
Walmart Super Center #3623-Grocery
Walmart Super Center #3623-Meat Market
Walmart Super Center #3623-Sea Food Market
Walmart Super Center #3623-Bakery
Walmart Super Center #3623-Deli
Munchkin Land Day Care
Tex-Rex 80
Narvaez Toys & Gifts
COL EL Eden Rec Center
Sandy’s Nutrition Center
A Paez Fruit
Paleteria La Brisa
Salud y Bienestat Familiar
Castillo Watermelon Stand
Sky Club
Gordos Snacks
Laredo Fuel Express #6801
LCC South- Prada DC & Youth Activities
Candies, Flowers, Pinatas
UISD-Rodolfo Centeno Elem School
UISD-Bonnie Garcia Elem School
Areo’s Mexican Restaurant
Jose Guzman
Zapata’s Snacks
Herbario Lupita
Paly’s Restaurant & Snack
Stripes #2197
El Paraiso Senior Center
Imelda’s Raspas
ABC Amusement
Rodriguez Stand
Yerberia La Gloria
LCC South-Cindy’s Catering/Cafeteria
Briskets & Beer
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers (LCC Bookstore)#164
99% Natural Snack Bar #1
Maria Escamilla Stand
Los Amigos
Raspas 2U
Jose & Adriana Stand
Tortilleria Regia
Jesus Guajardo
No Te Castigues
Melissa’s Snacks
Larralde Vending
Med Equip Medical Rentals
Hollywood Video#043-290
Speedy Tacos
Frosty’s Raspas
Stripes # 2195
Giannina’s Garden Bistro
Romero Snack Stand
El Paraiso Snack Bar
Auto Zone
Betty’s Bubbles
Family Dollar #6744
Webb Co Jorge De La Garza HS
Pavo Real Amusement
The Shooting Star
Homari’s Day Care
Licores Barricas
Guadulupe C. Sanchez
No Te Castiges
Novedades Margarita
Sandy’s Party Supplies
Madrigal’s Catering Service/NTC
Cici’s Pizza
Heights Childcare & Learning Ctr
La Paletera
Hot 7’s
Narvaez Fine Meats
J & M Stand
Antojitos El Gordito
Norma Lopez Raspas
Laredo Country Store
Dulce Landia
Royal Plaza Reception Hall
Location Bar & Grill
Lulu’s Novelties
Ostioneria Y Cocteleria Mazatlan
Scan, Inc.
McDonalds @ Walmart
Mission Evangelica Dios es Amor
Los Olivos
Herbario Corpus Christi
Naturall Yogurt
El Buen Dia
Zapata Snacks
Razo Refrescos
All Seasons Meat Market/Savanna’s Party Crib
Loop 20 Amusement
Little Las Vegas
Extreme Figure Gym/Spa
Good Nutrition
Jose Salinas Mobile
Eduardo’s Restaurant
Peter Piper Pizza #
Loncheria El Popo
UISD-Lamar Bruni Vergara Middle School
Taqueria Costa Azul
Blue Bubbles Laundromat
Tacos Charro
Burger King
Pollo Feliz #2
Cabrera Raspas
Next Day Stand
Mar-Lo Distribution
Jose Alvarado Jr Produce
Sporty Raspas
Tropical Sno Mobile
Lily’s Corn Stop
Emilio Snacks
Rosemont Laredo Vista
La Casita Raspas
Mariscos El Pescador del Sur
Stripes #2278
The 68 Club
Al’s Bar
Arechiga Shell
Papa Johns
TP Cocina, LLC
America’s Best Value
Burger King #5019
M & M Meat Market
Cavazos Produce & Candy
Cavazos Wholesale
Arby’s #8281
Charlie’s Corona
Jamco Group/Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc
LISD-Christian School
United States Cold Storage
Church’s # 48
Stripes # 9674
Stripes # 9675
Stripes # 9664
Park Pump & Shop
Family Garden Cty. Str.
Dairy Queen
Danny’s North # 3
La Roca Sea Food # 3
Denny’s #260
El Mejor Pan Bakery
LHA Kids Café
LISD-Farias School
Flores Lunch Stand
Kanton Chinese Food
New Century Amusement
Twin City Foods
Stop & Go
La Noria Conv Store
La Tremenda Snack
Holiday Inn
El Fenix Amusement Center
Springhill Suites
N.O.C. Club
Danny’s #4
Kettle Rest/Pancake House # 46
La Casita Restaurant
La Panaderia Bakery
La Perlita Bakery
La Tejana Grocery
Laredo Job Corp/Culinary/SB
Lazy Mexican Lounge
La Luz Herbario
LISD-Leyendecker School
Lillie Langtry Lounge/Monterrey Inn
Webb County Lily Perez Comm Ctr
99% Natural
BANC-Lulac Haven EFS
South Texas/’Gateway Laredo Truck Stop
Mama Luz Grocery & Lunch Std
LISD-Martin Hi School
La Ranita Grocery Store
Stripes # 7450
McDonalds Rest
Monita’s Grocery
Munchies Snack
Northwest Boys & Girls Club
Kwik Chek #80
Rolando’s Restaurant
Rocha’s El Catan Grill
Pisa Forwarding
Tejano Mart #507
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
Popeye’s # 2
Los Carboncitos Inc
Nancy Rivera Raspas
Raul’s Bar B Q
Riverside Drive Inn
Jerry’s Drive Thru
Guiding Angels Day Care
Pappagallo’s, USA
Sal’s Pizza
Sol Imports
Latin Food Logistics
Hayashi Hibachi
Laredo Fire Fighters Union Hall
LISD-Sta Maria School
Taco Palenque
Tiny Team Day Care
Sam’s Club #8156
Los Portales Restaurant
UISD-Finley Elementary School
Rush Services
NYK Logistics
NYK Logistics
Laredo Reg Food Bank
Champion Fine Meats
Tejano Mart #509
EJ’s Restaurant
Webb Co Villa Alegre HS
Cali’s Fornia
Aqui Es
Aqui Es
WalMart #554
WalMart #554-Warehouse
Play Time Day Care
Pollo Palenque
Rocky’s Beer Run
Toys R Us
Taquitos Ravi
Super S Foods # 352-Wareroom
Super S Foods # 352-Grocery
Super S Foods # 352-Meat Market
Taco Bell
Tlaquepaque Restaurant
Santa Maria Meat Mkt
Carlos Becerra Jr. Refr
Stripes # 7462
Chili’s Bar & Grill #373
Cindy’s Catering
Los Generales Rest
Movies 12
UISD-Kazen Elementary School
La Barranca Grille
TKO Sports Bar & Grill
Popeye’s Fried Chicken
Golden Corral
Rocky’s Corn House
El Fogonazo
Burger King # 8319
Tejano Mart #508
Los Pinguinos Snack #4
Lily’s Kitchen
Kade’s Party Place
Carnitas Los Arcos
Golden Step Child DC
Pizza Hut
Laredo Pre-School
Texas Forwarding
Pat’s Group Day Care
Whataburger of Alice #602
Speedy Stop Food Store # 34
Michael’s #1733
COL Civic Center
Laredo Courtyard Marriott
Taco Palenque Jr. Bar
Trig Logistics
Las Ranitas Lunch Stand
United States Cold Storage
Samantha Snacks
Panaderia Anahuac
Rosie’s Taco’s
Arellano’s International Trucking
Herbario La Esperanza
Tacos Amigas
Veteran’s Field Blue Bonnet Concessions
Home Depot #6540
COL Farias Rec Center
KB Snow Cones
V & G Restaurant
Jesus Murillo Sr Produce
UISD-Washington Middle School
Librado Pina
Don Cosme, Inc
Kike’s Grocery
COL La Ladrillera Rec Ctr
International Inn of Laredo
Burger King #11338
McDonalds Rest
Whataburger # 69
California Coffe Shop #2
Coyote Creek/Mariachi Express
Tiny Team Day Care &LC #2
Seafood Grill and Oyster Bar El Mequite
Toby Mobile Unit
Office Depot #527 Attn: Tax Dept
Champion Christian Academy
Santa Maria Fruit Stand
South Texas Food Bank
Texas Roadhouse
Super Sno Ruben Gonzalez
Office Max
The Cold Brew
Rainbow Restaurant
Fortune Amusement
El Diamante
Tacos Los Amigos
HMH, Hispano Mexicano De Hosteleria
Ragar Forwarding
Promatora Mexsa
Pano’s Bakery
Tesoro Amusement Center
Right Start Day Care
Los Dos Amigos
Nutricion Y Salud
UISD-Julia Bird Jones Muller Elementary School
Club de Nutricion
EL Rey Del Ice Cream
Block Busters Sports Bar & Grill
Parker & Co.
Montoya Raspas
Salon La Hacienda
Laredo Wholesale
Dollar Snack
Torta Mex
Natural Quality Life Center, LLC
4 Copas Texas
Delcy’s Taqueria Y Loncheria
Guely’s Restuarant
Top Line World Trading Ctr of USA, Inc.
Herbario La Esperanza
Los Compadres Rest/Store
Evelyn Motor Inn & Restaurant
My Home Nutrition
Acosta Distributing
McDonalds Rest
Azteca Products
Tu Angel De La Salud
Angles Drive Thru
A’s Amusement Center
Mr. Shrimp
Loncheria El Popo Express
The Corn House #2
La Paisana No. 3
Laredo Fuel Center #6301
International Beverages
CAA-La Ladrillera/Mother Cabrini Comm Ctr
Cuatro Vientos Restaurant
Rock Fitness Express
Ross Dress for Less
Raspa’s Baby
Paly’s Restaurant & Snack
A Brokerage Firm
Dollar General #4833
Academy Sports & Outdoors
Dismas Charities Halfway House
DNI Logistics
D’Versailles Reception
Gold Touch Amusement
Dollar General #9226
LHA-Carlos Ricter Kids Café
Samuel Moncivias Mobile Raspa
Kike’s Meat Market Mines Rd
Subway #34
Alexa’s Foods (Celadon)
La Bodega, Inc.
Little Caesar’s Pizza
DalMex, LTD
Hieberia Los Angeles
Lagunes Mobile Unit
Webb County Juvenile Justice Ctr
JRM Global Trade Consulting
Aqui Es
Frogs Pond Snack Bar
Raspas Van
Super 6 Drive Thru/Car Wash
La Siberia USA, Inc
Kike’s II Meat Market
Days Inn Suites
La Quinta Inn #506
El Rancherito Meat Market
B & P Packing
Danny’s Restaurant #9
Pepsi Beverages Company
Webb Co Finley Headstart
Cabana (Family Gardens Rest)
Nuevo Leon Restaurant
Vilore Foods Co, Inc.
Vilore Foods Co, Inc.
Vilore Foods Co, Inc.
Coyote Drive Thru, Inc
Discount Diesel
Dollar Tree Store #2858
Cromex Forwarding Inc
GDL Brokerage
El Mercado Restaurant
UISD-Fasken Elementary School
El Taco de Oro
PETCO #1455
Sandy’s Tortillas
Valero Pump-N-Shop #31
Trevino Lunch Stand
Christal Ball
Taqueria La Unica II
Cimino Brothers Produce
Truck Ranch Café
Guely’s Restuarant
Caesar’s Reception Hall
Laredo Players Club
Berb Corporation
JIIBS Convenience Store and Drive Thru
Fantastic 4 Raspas
Summer Delight
Oscar Fernadez of Texas Inc
Gilbert International
Advance Auto Parts #6033
Raspas La Nina
Barton Beers LTD
Villa Antigua Cocina
Lucky Place
Carnes Asadas La Palma
Entertainment World-Con Tran
Palacios Y Sons
Pedro Escamilla
Las Maquinitas Game Room
Disfrutacos Los Arandas
Little Feet & Learning Day Care
Rock Fitness Express
The Laredo Candy Co.
Aqui Es
TCA: Country Pride Resturant
TCA: Taco Bell
TCA: Subway
Cowboy Alley
Stripes #2229
Fiesta Adult Day Care
The Valdan Group
Aqui Es
Distribuidor Ricardo A Villarreal
La Tremenda Restaurant
Dreamz Club
El Vaquero Raspas
Cafinco USA, Inc
Carvan Forwarding Inc
Inter-American Foods, Corp.
Mexican Food Logistic, LLC
Solucion Aduanal Interamerica, LLC
Tri Logistics Inc
Specialties of Mexico
Buckland Global Trade Services, Inc.
House of Keno
Monkey Loco
Maria A Perez Raspas
BANC-Carlos Richter EFS
Xtreme Fitness
Botanita’s Snack Bar
Martinez Reyes Holding, LLC
Hacienda Grande Restaurant
Don Cosme, Inc
AM Herbario
American Legion Post 669
China Bo Restaurant
Bernal’s Club
Bernal’s Place
LISD-Don Jose Gallegos Elementary School
Burger King # 3983
Butter Krust Bakery Store
Corner Pocket
Moreno’s Kwik Stop
Church’s # 10374
Stripes # 9668
Stripes # 9653
Laredo Key Raspas
San Luis Rey Church Complex
Gonzalez Bakery
De Luna Catering
Diet Center
Valero # 1010
Murphy’s USA
Alejandro Gonzalez Mobile
Guadalupe School
HEB Food Store # 186-Produce
HEB Food Store # 186-Medicines
HEB Food Store # 186-Bakery
HEB Food Store # 186-Meat Market
HEB Food Store # 186-Wareroom
HEB Food Store # 186-Grocery
HEB Food Store # 186-Deli
Heights Meat Market
Imba Grocery
Webb Co Jesus Garcia HS
Big D’s Produce
Family Dollar #7997
Kona Ice Commissary
La Cocina Food Products
LISD-Central Kitchen
Los Pasteles Bakery No. 3
Los Pepitos School House
Chile Go Go
Mario’s Liquor
Stripes # 7461
BANC-Meadow Acres EFS
LISD-Memorial School
LISD-Milton School
Commercializadora Kino
Moreno’s Short Stop
Narvaez Beef
LISD-Nixon Hi School & Meat Proc
Church’s #3
LISD-Sanchez-Ochoa School
Pano’s Bakery
Tejano Mart #505
Family Dollar Store # 2916
Money Tree
Distribution Ornelas
Pizza Hut
Popeye’s # 1
Quarter House
Quinteros Gro.
R & S Center
Retama Manor Nursing Center/Laredo – West
Richie’s Burger
Ruben’s Grocery
Ruiz Custom Meats
LHA-Russell Terrace Kids Café
LISD-Ryan School
Pablo Munoz Produce Truck
Saunders Pump & Shop
Super Tejano Express
Sno Ball
Vaquero Grocery & Meat Mkt
Superior Bakery
LISD-Tarver School
Variety Meats
COL Lamar Bruni Vergara Ctr
Las Flautitas
La Parrilla Restaurant
La Providencia
Tacos Guero
Laredo Mini Mart
Little Gregory’s
Cakeland Bakery
Webb Co Guadalupe HS
J’s Kitchen
Luxury Car Wash y Also Mas
Interstate Pump-N-Shop
Super S Foods #325-Meat Market
Super S Foods #325-Kitchen
Super S Foods #325-Produce
Super S Foods #325-Medicines
Super S Foods #325-Wareroom
Super S Foods #325-Grocery
Taco Bell # 5515
Happiness Childcare & Learning Center
Laredo Snacks
Nature’s Foodway
Paulita’s Rest.
COL K Tarver Rec Ctr
Lyon Drive Thru
Carnitas Uruapan
Webb Co Meadow Acres HS
Tejano Mart #504
Jack In The Box # 3677
Pasteleria Rodriquez Hms
Tejano Mart #513
Little Buddies Child Care
Taqueria Salinas
Jasmine’s Child Day Care
Webb Co Russell Terrace HS
Round Up Corral
Mike’s Stand
Lexington Drive Thru
Lily’s Food Stand
Casa Milagro
Taqueria El Gordo
LISD-F.S. Lara Academy/PEP
CAA-Buenos Aires Comm Ctr
Correction Corp of America Unit 12393
International Food Service
Tropical Sno
Pakita Mexican Food
Don Vicente Restaurant
Los Perez Meat Market
Sporty Raspas
JNE Party Supply & Rental
Speedy Stop Food Store # 49
Las Flores Adult Day Care
Oscar Hernandez
Camille Drive Thru
La Antigua
Lily’s Snacks
Club de Nutricion Yoly’s
Gil’s Drive-Thru
Vane Raspas
UISD-Henry Cuellar Elementary School
Paul Young Kitchen
The Lighthouse Child Ctr
Tiny Kids World
El Oasis Café
Patsy’s Party Place
Frida’s Snack Bar
Sweet Dreams Child Care
Snacks & Raspas El Canton
Walmart Super Center #3518-Wareroom
Walmart Super Center #3518-Meat Market
Walmart Super Center #3518-Produce
Walmart Super Center #3518-Deli
Walmart Super Center #3518-Medicines
Walmart Super Center #3518-Bakery
Walmart Super Center #3518-Grocery
Big Lots #1604
Reyesitos #2
Mer-K-Dito Grocery
Johnson Day Car and Learning Center
La Prieta Linda
Raspas Jesua
Regio Snack
New Vision Community Church
Bom Bon
Pizza Patron
Premier Amusement Center
Sarita’s Tortilla Factory
A+ Child Care & Learning Ctr
Safari Restaurant
Gonzalez Snacks
Family Dollar #7495
Autozone #1360
Los Pinguinos Snacks #2
Alfonso Ayala Produce
LHA-Col Guadalupe Kids Café
JC’s Lunch Stand
A Child’s Imagination
Kimberly’s Flower Box
Villa San Luis Sr Citzen Home
Garcia’s Raspas
Scooby Snacks
LHA-Meadow Acres Kids Café
Crispies Pizza
Las Palmas Restaurant
Dulceria Gutierrez
Joaquin Flores Raspas
La Herradura
Aqui Es
El Sol Swimming Paradise
La Luz Adult Day Care
Candy Apple & Chamoy Factory
La Nueva Hacienda Home & Comm Based Svs
Fuego Grill
La K Buena Tortilla Factory
Jack In The Box # 946
Stripes #2275
Martinez Restaurant
Calvary Center
Rethiz Dulceria
Laredo Health Dept
Mary’s Kandy Store
Target #2112-Grocery
Target #2112-Deli
Target #2112-Starbucks
Target #2112-Wareroom
Lin’s Chinese Buffett
Master Herbalist
Dollar General #6808
Burger Barn
Pronto’s Meat Market #5
Que Elote
Elisa’s Kitchen
American Bakery
La Paletera #2
Catering By Rodriguez
Glow Angels
Monina’s Land, LP
2-Kool Raspas
Gloria’s Day Care
Los Pinos Snacks
Snack Mobile
Best ‘Lil School House ‘n Texas, LC
El Rinconsito
Stripes #2235
99% Natural Snack Bar
UISD-Killam Elementary
Solucion Y Bienestar Familiar
Yerberia de San Judas
Arby’s #8340
Little People Day Care North
VIP Amusement Center
LISD-Alma Pierce School
Montessori House
Astro Vending
Pep Boys Auto Parts
BANC-Central Kitchen
Bravo Adult Day Care
Bob’A Drinks
Border Bingo
Little People/Bright Beginnings
Burger King #7021
Super Tejanos Meat Market
Casa Blanca Ballroom
Hahve Café
Rio Casino Game Room
Cindy’s Catering
UISD-Clark Elementary School
UISD-Clark Middle School
Commercializadora Kino
Cotulla Bar B Q
Pizza Ricco
Tacos Monterrey
Gorditas Monterrey
Catering By Rodriguez
Stop & Go #11
Dr. Ike’s
Hollywood Theaters
Smoothie King
Club de Nutricion Salud Y Bien Estar
El Metate Rest.
Eddie’s Sweet Edibles
Starbucks #6852
Webb Co Floyd HS Complex
Life Choices Unlimited
Tejano Mart #511
Tejano Mart #510
GNC # 516
Hillside Grocery
Hygeia Milk
Jett Bowling
Tacos Kissi
BANC-Fr Kircher Apts EFS
Harmony Science Academy
EL Patio
Laredo Country Club
Kurios Vending
Las Asadas # 1
Long John Silvers #5475
Luby’s Cafeteria
Mall Del Norte
Mariscos El Pescador
Nutrition Plus
Mary Help School
Stripes # 7459
Sombrero’s Snack
Cielo Restaurant Kiosk
Stripes #2154
Stripes # 7456
G’s Meat Market
Stripes # 7453
Stripes # 7044
Moncivais Day Care
Mr. Corn, Inc.
UISD-Newman Elementary School
UISD-Nye Elementary School
Old West Keno
Pelican’s Amusement Club
Peter Piper Pizza #167
Pizza Hut #26
Posh Sushi MDN
Retama Burger
Rio Grande Bakery
Roli’s Music Hall
St John Neumann Church
Wacky Water Craft Rentals
Sirloin Stockade
T & R Gocery
Taco Palenque
BANC-Tanis Valdez EFS
Tlaquepaque Restaurant
Cinemark 16
Nuevo Tio Hut
UISD-Trautmann Elementary School
Las Herraduras Amusement Center
Wet Lounge
UISD-Trautman 6th Grade School
UISD-United Middle School
Cakes By Design
UISD-United 9th Hi School, Snack Bar & Longhorn Store
Luby’s Cafeteria
HEB Food Str #255-Sea Food Market
HEB Food Str #255-Aguas Frescas
HEB Food Str #255-Warehouse
HEB Food Str #255-Meat Market
HEB Food Str #255-Produce
HEB Food Str #255-Dairy
HEB Food Str #255-Hot Deli
HEB Food Str #255-Cold Deli
HEB Food Str #255-Grocery
Danny’s North # 5
Pronto’s Superette No. 4
Sporty Raspas
Tejano Mart #506
Valero # 1016
Chalu Burger
Pano’s Bakery
Target Store #801-Deli
Target Store #801-Warehouse
Target Store #801-Grocery
Kristi-Lins # 2
Emperor Garden
Regent Care Center
Frito Lay
Grizels’ Flower & Gift
Great American Cookie Co
Mario’s Liquor #2
Tropical Sno
UISD-Gutierrez Elementary School
The Water Hole Snack Shack
Luxury Amusement
HEB #570-Meat/Sea Food Market
HEB #570-Dairy
HEB #570-Deli Hot/Cold
HEB #570-Bakery
HEB #570-Warehouse
HEB #570-Produce
HEB #570-Grocery
Los Patios – Joe’s Hawiian Sno
Chinese Gourmet Express
Madrigal’s Montessori
McPherson Pump N Shop
Los Pinguinos Snacks #1
Stripes # 7463
Tropik Sun Fruit & Nut
School Of Wonder II
UISD-Matias De LLano Elem School
Los Dos Laredo Tortillas
Las Maquinitas
Taco Tote
Stingray Alley
Subway #47873
My School Day Care
Webb Co Springfield Ac HS
Jack in the Box # 3662
Cony & Art/El Nopal Restaurant
Teo Cali Tortas/Mr Corn
La Fuente
La Fuente Commissary
Applebees Bar & Grill-Concord Group
Mr. Shrimp
UISD-Alexander High School
Country Corn
Great American Cookie Co
Tejano Mart #512
Mervyn’s #296
Scandal’s Sports Bar
Toños Bar & Grill
Laredo Spring Water
Sbarro’s Italian Food #564
South Texas Liqour Company
Ana’s Unique Creations
UA-North Creek Regal Cinemas
My Little Big School
Sweet & Sour
TAMIU Students Act/Food Court
La Estancia
Marble Slab Ice Cream Factory
Reyesitos Day Care Center
Derby’s Backyard
Papa John’s Pizza
Taqueria La Morenita-Trailer
Town Lake Party Hall
Churchs #3890
Whataburger #669
K-Mart # 4809
Kentucky Fried Chicken #3
Tony Roma’s
Daily Health Svs Inc
UISD-Food Production Center
The Red Barn
Cowboys Country/Club Cue/Nector Bar & Commissary
Valero # 1043
La Reserva, LLC
Cici’s Pizza #219
Koto’s Seafood & Sushi Bar
UISD-Trautmann Middle School
JB Vineyards
Whataburger #702
Mesa 5
Nuts & Stuff
Potatoes & More
Unique Creations
McDonalds Rest
Burger King #11414
Lucky Venus
Domino’s Pizza
Sysco Foods Svs
El Sabor Argentino
Villa Laredo Rest-Airport
HEB Food Store # 449-Grocery
HEB Food Store # 449-Meat Market
HEB Food Store # 449-Sea Food Market
HEB Food Store # 449-Deli
HEB Food Store # 449-Warehouse
HEB Food Store # 449-Bakery
Lone Star Bar & Dance Hall
El Mariachi Loco #2
Speedy Stop Food Store # 37
Fonda San Luis
Sonic Drive Inn
GNC #6146
Laredo Medical Center
Super Cocina/Pinos Burger
Little Caesar’s Pizza
Beverly Hills Weight Loss
Webb Co. JJAEP
Mystic Amusement Center
Restaurant Marla
Smoothie King
Laredo Salsa’s Rest & Sushi, LLC
Johnny Carino’s Italian Rest
Quiznos Subs
Lobo’s Amusement
Torta Express
UISD-Step Academy
Jack in the Box #3922
Herbalife Independent Dist.
J & M Medical Supply
Eagle Academy of Laredo
Logan’s Roadhouse
Foot Steps Learning Center
Vital Nutrition
Dippin Dots
Fundamental Years DC
Naty’s Learning Center
Danny’s #7
Lunars Spins
Good Herbs & Vitamins
Asian Paradise Bakery
El Nuevo Cielo Restaurant
COL NE Hillside Rec Ctr
Tortillas Santos
Munchies Munchies
Imaginarium of So. Texas
D’vaz Gourmet Gift Baskets
Sunshine Little School
Dollar General #4833
Pier I Imports/L.A.D. #105
St Patricks Church
Mirage Reception Hall
The Popcorn Cart
Nenita’s School House/Blue Chip Caterin
Family Pharmacy
Beatriz Cakes
Lollipop Learning Ctr
Religous Goods Center
Rio Amusement Center
Vitamin World # 3630
Luxury 5 Amusement Center
W.T. Imports
Blockbuster Video
Game Alley
Hollywood Video #043-329
Claire’s #5575
Pizza Hut
Money Train
The Shoe Dept #494
Stripes # 2174
United Day School
Floral Art
Variety Meats
La Roca Seafood Restaurant
Laredo Steakhouse
Montana Mike’s Steakhouse
La Keno House
Doctor’s Hospital
Wings To Go
Laredo Adult Day Care #1
Buffalo Wild Wings
Rocky’s Catering
Posh Sushi Express
Las Kekas Mexican Rest
Speedy Stop Food Store # 75
Kwik Chek #81
Burger King #13867
Healthy Dish
Garza’s Floral & Gift Shop No.2
Lakeside Pharmacy
De Lujo Adult Day Care, LTD
La Jardin Bakery
Apple Bee Learning Center
The Coffee Stand
Cakes By Design
Universal Snacks #2
Med Center Pharmacy
Body Factory Juice Bar
Laredo Montessori House
Con Sabor A Gloria
Taco Palenque
Mariscos La Laguna
Medical Plaza Pharmacy
TAMIU Bookstore/Follett Higher Ed Gp
Tacolare Restaurant
It’s A Dollar Store
Red Lobster
Tamalandia, Inc
Speedy Stop Food Stores/Subway
Agave Azul
La Quinta Inn
Arco Iris Adult Day Care
Med Equip Medical Rentals
Sara Lee Food & Beverage
EL Fogonizo Mobile Unit
Kaplan College
Limasol Cuisine
Springfield Pump & Shop
Gilberto’s Mobile Unit
Magic Spin
Natural Remedies Store
Power Christian Academy
UISD-Borchers Elementary School
Sporty Raspas
Hot Topic #241
El Rancho Su Majestad El Taco
My Little College Day Care
LEA-SMG Concessions
Mariachi Express #4
LEC-Taco Palenque
LEC-The Candy Corner
Chapa’s Reception Hall
Tacos El Venado
LEA-Mr. Corn
Popeye’s # 6
Dulces Thomas
LEC-Emperor Garden
La Dulceria
Lotus Restaurant
Laredo Caring Hearts ADC
Peques Partyhouse
Sam’s Liquor
Carnival Amusement Center
Laredo Vintage Wine & Liquor
Gelato Ice Cream
Keno Master II
El Cuadro Café
Candy Times
Family Dollar #7991
Webb County CAA Meals on Wheels
BANC-Broadcrest Acre EFS
Academy Sports & Outdoors
Olive Garden #1624
Asador Los Molcajetes
Freshens Laredo
South Texas Liqour Company
Marble Slab Creamery
Devine Mercy Catholic Church
Hampton Inn
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Med Center Pharmacy
Lucky You Arcades
Martinez Pharmacy
Pee Wee School House Day Care
Marriot Fairfield Inn & Suites
Genji Sushi Express
Buckets Bar
Starbucks #6781
Intelligym, LLC
Herrera’s Pharmacy
Key Dome Foods Commissary
LEC-Penguinz Italian Ice
Mod Café, LLC
Whataburger #845
Krispy Kream Donuts
The Pastry House
Danny’s #13
J & A Pharmacy
LHA-Ana Maria Lozano Kids Café
Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q
Gateway Academy
Family Dollar#5459
Piltot Travel Center #730
Cool Party Reception Hall
Los Arcos Reception Hall
Mariscos El Pescador
UISD-United High School
UISD-United High School-Snack Bar
McDonalds Rest
Lonches El Popo
Café Y Loncheria EL Padrino
Rosey’s Cocina
Food Tek, Inc.
Hungry Howie’s Pizza
Best Buy #241
Stripes # 2187
Sweet Pastry Shoppe
Triple J Travel Mart
Lucky Alley
Laredo Police Office Ass Hall
Tokyo Garden II
Lin’s Grand Buffet
Tortas y Tacos Jalisco
La Paletera
Gold Fish
McArthur Grille
Fontaine de Chocolat
Chick-Fil-A of MDN
Vanessa’s Snack Snow Dealer
Loncheria EL Popo
Carl’s Jr.
Travel Center of America
TCA: Burger King
Domino’s Pizza
Aqui Es
Vamps Ultra Lounge & Café
Traffimex, Inc
Ueta Airport
Club de Nutricion
Whataburger #868
Atlantis Amusement Center
GW’s Road House
Old No. 2 Café & Grill
Subway #34811
Raspas Peque
Tamaleria La Rosita
Danny’s Restaurant #10
Palenque Grill
Cosmos Bar & Grill
LM Sales Amusement Center
HEB Tokyo Gardens Catering
Taquitos Ravi Restaurant
Appetit, LLC
Cocina Express Las Cazuelas
Rocky Fitness Center
Monguis 23 Sushi Lounge
Residence Inn by Marriott
UISD-Santos Benavides Elem School
UISD-Malakoff San Isidro Elem
El Taco Tote North
LISD-J Z Leyendecker Elem School
Embassy Suites Hotel
Oriental Korner Store
Rosti Rock
Iglesia Cristiana Misericordia
El Mundo de Sabor
All Stars Sports Restaurant
Paulita’s Restaurant # 4
Mundo Montessori
Center of Medical Weight Loss of Laredo
Homewood Suites Hotel
Sno Biz Shaved Ice & Treats
Real De Mexico
Wendy’s #22
ATL Bar & Grill
Hal’s Landing
Paletas y Mas
Loncheria EL Popo
Pura Nutrition
Osaka Grill
Interex Corp
Average Joe’s Sport Bar & Grill
Mariscos Mandinga
DJ’s Republic
Chuck E Cheese
Piltot Travel Center #730
El Chamoy
Iron Body Fitness Center
Revo Bar
Chicken and More
Unlimited Fun
Laredo Specialty Hospital
Laredo Salsa’s Rest & Sushi II, LLC
Boutique En La Frontera
Hilda’s Fudge
Tacos Villa (Gyro’ Rest)
La Baja Fish Taco
Precious Treasures Leaning Ctr
Reve – Bar, Inc
Sweet-N-Simple Cookie Co
Olympus Gym
Lucky Keno
Advance Auto Parts
Shooting Star Amusement Center
Best Western San Isidro Inn
Fuel Fitness
GC Reception Hall
Plaza Mexico
Rubio Spice Co
Tonic Entertainment
Staybridge Suites Laredo Hotel
Reina’s Ultra Lounge
Gold’s Gym
Snow Biz
Advance Auto Parts #6888
Asador Laredo
Lucky City
El Rio Pharmacy
Carnitas Los Arcos
Robert’s Home Style Foods
HEB #095-Grocery/Warehouse
HEB #095-Meat Market
HEB #095-Sea Food Market
HEB #095-Bakery
HEB #095-Deli
HEB #095-Spoonz
Paseo Real
First Assembly of God Church
Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc., #1563
57th Street Club
Pollo Palenque
Sonrie A La Vida
HEB – Suchi Ya – Tokyo Gardens Catering
HEB – La Paletera #4
The Ambassador
Gauntlet Game Room
Horseshoe BBQ
F-Bar Ultra Lounge
Quiznos Subs
Holiday Inn Express
Rumors Spirits & More
The Castilian Royale/Karma/Sr Toro
Traffimex, Inc
Pura Nutrition
Tequilla’s Bar & Grill
Exquisita Distribution
LISD Early College-TAMIU
Pano’s Bakery
Chile Go Go
Las Gorditas
The Liquor & Tabacco Shop
Royal Party Palace
Childrens Fountain of Knowledge
Heaven’s Restaurant
A-Bientot Party House
Gelato Ice Cream II
Amerik Suites
Party City
Bed, Bath & Beyond #537
Laredo Manor Apts
Lonches El Popo
Arguindegui Pump N Shop #33
Fonda de Don Martin
El Sabor Argentino
Hobby Lobby
Iced-Out Cakes & More
T. J. Maxx
Ross Dress For Less
Best Buy #1888
First Class Learning Center
Sweet Spot Yogurt
Cherries and Bars
MF Vending LLC
La Isla de Oro
The Snack Shack
Lotus Thai Restaurant
Bob’Q Drinks
WCISD-Bruni High School
Webb County Quad City, BANC, Mirando Civic Center
Casa Blanca Golf Course
El Cenizo Headstart
Chino’s Bar
Chaparral Tavern
G & G Store
Lala’s Cafe
Branding Iron Rest LIFEDowns
Little Folks Day Care
WCISD-Oilton School Cafe
Penitas Gro
The Red Barn Cafe
The Little Big Horn Country Store
Bucky’s Burger Bar
Bordertown Café/Cuevas Candy & Snacks
UISD-D.D. Hachar Sch.
Webb Co. Rio Bravo Comm. Center/Activity Center
Ramos Grocery Store
Botines Café
Los Pinguinos Snacks #3
UISD-Juarez-LincolnElem Sch
Li’l Korner Shoppe
Chief’s Food Mart & Restaurant
Molina’s Country Store
Amanda’s Grocery
Cuco’s Raspas
UISD-Kennedy Zapata Elementry
UISD-Salvador Garcia Middle School
Pilot Travel Center/Subway
Cabañita Stand
Outpost 59
Long Branch Saloon/ Del Monico Restaurant
Pat’s Day Care
Melly’s Grocery & Meat Market
Ramirez Grocery
Bruni Country Store
Mi Ranchito Restaurant
Karen’s Grocery
El Tallercito
Jessie’s Distributing
La Casita Café
Ornelas Grocery
Texas Grill
Fernandez Drive Thru
El Milagro Grocery
Garcia Meat Mkt/Aimee Mex Rest
Ranch House Café
Ruiz Grocery
Triple Z
Webb County Self-Help Ctr
Camp Huisache BSA
Webb County Penitas West Ctr
Webb County El Cenizo Comm Ctr
Webb County Bruni Community Center
Webb County La Presa Comm Ctr
Webb County Santa Teresita Community Center
Snack Shack
La Bamba Paleteria
Century Wholesalers, Inc
El Tendajo Convenient Store
JD’s Kwik Stop
Raspas 3 Hernanos
Casper Raspas
Wacky Water Craft Rentals
Los Altos Grocery
59 Grocery & Meat Market
Castle Snacks
Long Branch Saloon
Schwan’s Mobile Unit #10897/Molina
Schwan’s Mobile Unit #14125/Nunez
Mario’s Raspas
Paleteria La Caridad #1
Paleteria La Caridad #2
Paleteria La Caridad #3
Paleteria La Caridad
Paleteria La Caridad
Paleteria La Caridad
Paleteria La Caridad
Paleteria La Caridad
Carlita’s Snow
Jose Soliz Raspas
La Moreliana #4
La Moreliana #6
La Moreliana #8
La Moreliana #3
La Moreliana #1
La Moreliana #2
Domitila Hilbelink
Paleteria El Pinguino #5
Paleteria El Pinguino #4
Paleteria El Pinguino #1
Paleteria El Pinguino #3
Paleteria El Pinguino #2
Barahonas Raspas
Rosalva Cruz Mobile
La Sabrocita Paleta Cart #1
La Sabrocita Paleta Cart #2
La Sabrocita Paleta Cart #3
Capri Stop & Go
Danny Raspas
Cantu’s Catering Mob-Ben Cantu
Cantu’s Catering Mob-Jose Cantu
Cantu’s Catering Mob-Paty Cantu
Cantu’s Catering Mob-Segovia
Fun Foods
Fun Foods
Fun Foods
El Pollo Feliz
The Great Taste Snack
Super Taco
Super Taco
Los Amigos
Los Tacones
De Leon Raspas
Salinas Mobile
Domino’s Pizza-Alonzo
Domino’s Pizza-JJ Garcia
Domino’s Pizza-Botello
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile #1
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile#2
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile#3
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile#4
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile#5
La Chueca Paletaria/Mobile#6
Co Cos Arrellano
Snack Mobile
Snack Mobile
Danny’s Rentals Raspas #2
Danny’s Rentals Raspas #1
Danny’s Rentals Raspas #3
Danny’s Rentals Raspas #4
Danny’s Rentals Push C#1
Danny’s Rentals Push C#2
Danny’s Rentals Push C#3
Danny’s Rentals Raspas #5
La Fogata Nortena
La Buena Comida
Shamantha’s Snacks
Shamantha’s Snacks
La Patita Ice Cream
La Patita Ice Cream
Jorge Campos Raspas
Martinez Raspas
Paleteria La Brisa #7
Paleteria La Brisa #4
Paleteria La Brisa #3
Paleteria La Brisa #1
Paleteria La Brisa #5
Imelda’s Raspas
Raspas 2U
Raspas 2U
Madrigal’s Catering Service
Madrigal’s Catering Service
Norma Lopez Raspas
Norma Lopez Raspas
Zapata Snacks
Jose Salinas Mobile #1
Jose Salinas Mobile #2
Jose Salinas Mobile #3
Jose Salinas Mobile #4
Cabrera Raspas
Sporty Raspas
Tropical Sno Mobile
Flores Lunch Stand
Los 2 Laredos
Samantha Snacks I
Samantha Snacks II
Rosie’s Taco’s
KB Snow Cones
Toby Mobile Unit
Super Sno RGonzalez #8
Super Sno RGonzalez #6
Super Sno RGonzalez #5
Super Sno RGonzalez #2
Super Sno RGonzalez #4
Super Sno RGonzalez #3
Super Sno RGonzalez #10
Super Sno RGonzalez #9
Super Sno RGonzalez #1
Super Sno RGonzalez #7
Los Dos Amigos
Los Dos Amigos
Raspas Montoya #1
Raspa’s Baby
Samuel Moncivias Mobile Raspa
La Siberia /Azteca House Mobile
El Taco De Oro IV
El Taco De Oro III
El Taco De Oro Raspa
El Taco De Oro II
El Taco De Oro I
Fantastic 4 Raspas
Summer Delight
Maria A Perez Raspas
Alejandro Gonzalez Mobile
Kona Ice
Tacos Guero
Tacos Guero
Taqueria Salinas
Oscar Hernandez
Raspas Jesua
Bom Bon
Gonzalez Snacks
Joaquin Flores Raspas
Raspas R Us
Papa John’s Pizza- Jose Luis
Papa John’s Pizza-Victor
Domino’s Pizza-Alvarez
Domino’s Pizza-Daniel Vasquez
Super Cocina
Sporty Raspas
The Pastry House Mobile
Domino’s Pizza-Veloz
Grupo Paulitas
Loncheria EL Popo
Cuco’s Raspas
La Bamba Paleteria #1
La Bamba Paleteria #2
La Bamba Paleteria
La Bamba Paleteria
La Bamba Paleteria
Raspas 3 Hernanas
Casper Raspas
Emilio Snack
Los 2 Laredos
Taqueria Salinas
Super Cocina #2
El Taco De Oro V
El Taco De Oro
Norberto Paredes Snacks
Toritos Snacks
Jesus Lopez Mobile
Gordo Snacks
Castle Snacks
Mario’s Raspas
Toritos Snacks
Toritos Snacks
El Padrino
Nancy Rivera Raspas
The Pink Machine/Frida’s Snack Bar
Dominos Pizza Juan Martinez
Block Busters Sports Bar & Grill
Speedy Tacos
Omar Snacks
El Taco De Oro
La Morena
Tacos Bicentenario
Sushi Madre
Las Margaritas Del Marcado
Juano’s Snacks & Cocina
Taqueria Y Tortilleria Dollarhide
Oriental Korner Store
Don Vicente Restaurant
Santa Fe Bar
Moreno’s kwik Stop #3
Pano’s Bakery
Carnitas Los Arcos
Bella Amistad
Los Pinguinos Snacks #4
La Bota Country Mart
Villa Antigua Cocina
Carnes Asadas La Palma
Sweet Pastry Shoppe
Lone Star Liquor
Revo Bar
El Buen Comer
Snack Snack La Grangita
Taqueria La Fajada
Night Club Envy
Fonda Don Martin
Los Pistachos
Pinatas Benavides
La Tiendita del Santo Baby
Laredo Center for the Arts
Meme’s Billard Parlor
Little Feet Learning Day Care Center
La Finca Cocina Mexicana
Isla De Oro
My Little Life Day Care & Learning Ctr
Rosana Kitchen
Feldman’s Market Center
Centro de Bienestar Elite
Ice Cream Man Place
Laredo Salsas Restaurant & Sushi Grill
Escarchados Mix
Sweet Dreams Child Care, Inc
Vidaurri Hamburger & Snack
Caffe Dolce
La Morena
PCS Fitness Center
Ricochet Gamers Lounge
Jessie’s Distributing Co.
Antojitos Mexicanos La Salida
Fast Pitch Postal Plus
Penny’s Snacks
Santa Rita Adult Day Care
Dr “G”
Christ Church Episcopal
Bella Amistad
Palos Garza Forwarding
Scholars Caffe Barista, Inc.
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Denny’s #8706
Big D’s Taco Stand
King of Sweets
Sweet Pastry Shoppe
K & M Sports
Key Dome Foods Inc
Los Dos Laredos @ Convergy’s
Imperial Place
VIP Restaurant
Walmart Super Center #5713
Soto’s Lunch Stand
Webb County Youth Village
Webb County Nutritional Center
Carnival Amusement Center
Gorditas Regias, LLC
A Child’s Imagination
Latino’s Snack Bar
Holy Redeemer Parish
Evelyn Inn – Aly’s Restaurant
LEA-Mr Corn/Teo Cali #2
Mis Tres Tesoros
The Laredo Candy Co.
Arco Iris Snack
Zaragoza Snacks & Cocina
Santa Maria Adult Day Care
Mario E Becerra Raspa
Paraiso Snack
Little Mom’s Snack Bar
The Yogurt
The Whiskey Still
Dixies Drive-Thru
Frida’s Snack Bar
Ambar’s Dance Studio and Dancewear
Lucky 7 Elephant
Red Berry Frozen Yogurt
LEA-Cups and Cones
Los Castores
El Vagon de la Suerte
Lindsey’s Snack
New Rio Bravo Meat Market and Taquitos
A’s Amusement Center
La Piinata Snack Refresqueria
Lucky Bamboo
Ruby’s Game Room
Paisano Mart
Las Flautas
El Buen Taco
Money Express and Snacks
Loncheria EL Popo
Juany Snacks
Good Health
El Trebol De La Suerte
Casino Amusement Center
Sabinas Club Café
Slaughter Park Concessions
Jesus Corral Produce
Jesus Corral Produce
Jesus Corral Produce
Cisneros Rasperia
Dayana’s Snow Cones
Moreno Food Service
El Carnaval
Evelynita Raspa
Angeles De La Salud
La Probadita
La Cocina
TKO Entertainment
Romano’s Amusement
123 Amusement
Aqui Es
El Popocatelpetl
Ki’ Bristro
Distribution Ornelas
Fresh Time
Disco Ball Party Place
La Carreta Carnes Asadas
El Jaripeo
Guely’s Restaurante Mexicano
C & J’s Restaurant
Codigo 912 Reception Hall
United Preschool
Trompos & Tacos Monterrey
Fruit Parad Ice
Candy Queens
Cindy’s Snack
Pico D’Gallo
La Tremenda Restaurant #2
A & A International Parking Lot
Urrutia Produce
Yaya’s Novelties
Fashion World
JD’s Snow Cones
Twitty’s Snack
Luxury 5 Amusement Center
Money Train
Los Cocodrillos Restaurant Bar
COL Bruni Plaza Library
COL Del Mar Pool Rangel Field Complex
COL Laredo Public Library
COL Three Points Pool Complex
Mercy Ministries
Templo Cristiano
Texas Hilltop, LLC DBA Club Majesty
El Conito
The Haven
ABC Discovery Learning Center
Ramon Margarito Hernandez Produce
Rodeo Tex Mex Restaurant
La Espiga Torillas de Harina
The Snack Pack
La Suerte
Nutrition Plus II
Aria’s Place, Incorp
Cross Docking & Warehouse Systems
Tex Mex Restaurant
Vivace Music Academy & Learning Ctr
Rodeo Ballroom
A Child’s Imagination
Sweet Treats and Delights Oh My
OHL Logistics
Sky Bar
Hidden Treasures Amusement
Subway #48785
Zapata 83 Amusement
Dulceria Loli
Dollar Snack
Good Meal Variety Store, Inc
El Capataz
COL Thomas Pool
Mr. Sushi
The Yogurt
Premier Amusement Center
Frosted Sweets
Jackpot Jewels
Advanced Natural Cell Therapy
HKG Duty Free
HKG Duty Free
Le Paris (Amusement Center)
Posh Sushi Grill
Big D’s
Gorditas Monterrey
Family Dollar Store #8322
Paradise Yogurt
The Haven
El Diamante
Kinder Club Learning Center
Damn Cakes
Players Alley
Jak Daniels Mexican & Sushi
Omar Snacks (Formally 2732)
Badda Bing
Las Margaritas Del Marcado II
Las Mexicanas Restaurant
Ruleta Amusement Center
Silver Nugget Amusement
Magic Place
The Laredo Candy Co.
Starz VIP
Texas Sno
Texas Sno
Sweets & Treats
Bambinos Play House
Alberts Mesquite Grilled Burgers
JR’s Restaurant
Carousel Learning Academy
Fancy Corns
El Pique
V.V.V. Lucky Lake
Raspas La Paseo
Fish & Roll
Berry Fun Yogurt
My Little Club House Center/Day Care
Old Navy #6049
Regiomontaco Snacks
LISD Food Production Center
Get Started
M & A Eventos
Coco Loco Amusement Center
Palace Snacks
Cantu’s Grocery & Restaurant
Twitty’s Snack Bar
Piguis Snack Bar
Rubys Amusement
Campeche Taqueria & Snacks
Winstar Amusement
The Lighthouse Child Ctr II
Club Tonic
Mi Rica Cocina
Que Rico Taco
Juan Paez Produce
La Cocina Perfecta
Las Munecas Drive Thru
Sweet Berry Frozen Yogurt
Tacos Don Beto
American Bakery
The Black Pearl
Aji Seafood Restaurant
Dos Lobo’s Restaurant
Lil Noggins Learning Center
Edible Arrangements
Pura Nutrition
Cars Snacks
Donaji Restaurant
Blue Bird Express
Universal Snacks
KC Amusement
Papa Johns
Hogs Dens
Spice Hut Mexican & Indian Cuisine, LLC
Good News Variety Stosre, Inc
Sweet N Fruity Frozen Yogurt
BTU Used Clothing
Lucky Tree
Daddy’s Gold
El Rey de Monterrey
Laredo Pizza Factor
Cross Docking & Warehouse Systems II
Cross Docking & Warehouse Systems II
Texas Grand LLC, DBA Playmates
Quel Que Naturel
Ocean Drive Bar
Dollar Snack
Victoria’s Place, DBA Madrigal’s Catering
Ruby’s (Amusement)
Sunflower Snacks
Novedades Jericho
Kiwi’s Restaurant
Constantino’s Snack & Cocina
La Reyna Tortilleria LLC
JC’s Snacks
Mami Chula’s Drive Thru
McDonalds Rest
Fajita De Nuevo Laredo
Patino Popcorn N More
Stripes No. 2297
Taquitos Ravi Restaurant
Candie Ice
Kasey’s Country Store
Pajaros Restaurant
JC’s Blends Co
Angeles De La Salud
Taqueria Martha
Piguis Snack Bar
Las Munecas Drive Thru
Gallagher Grocery
Norma’s Snack & Food Handler
Sip N Run
Annie’s Snack Crew
Haninie Stop
Rene’s Tacos & Tortas
Guille’s Mexican Restaurant
YM Trading
Rosario’s Restaurant
El Palenque, Inc.
Discovery ITC Day Care & Learning Center
Robles Beer Well & Grocery
Fiesta Adult Day Care
On The Rocks Tavern
No Te Castiguez
Lydia Aguilar Mobile
Los Comales Restaruant
Big Lots #
Flamingo Amusement Center
Piguis Snack Bar
El Tesoro
Taqueria El Piaisano
Mo’s Snack Bar
Obregon’s Mexican Restaurant #2
234 Amusement Center
Bordertown Café


About Que Fregados

Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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10 Responses to WBCA Desfile time but where are the bandas?

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of typing! 🙂

  2. YayaOrchid says:

    Would it have killed you to also include the addresses of all those food places? JK! Just kidding!
    Actually I am rather curious as to where these places of business are located. Such as that ‘California Coffee Shop” And what about “Yaya’s Novelties”? I always have novelties to share, but I certainly don’t sell them, LOL!

    • Que Fregados says:

      Yaya, I have all the addresses, contact numbers and other misc information & just as the health department was happy to share, so am i. I just didn’t think copying & pasting the entirety would have been of interest – ha! I requested the list in preparation for my taqueria post – which is yet to come :P.

  3. btblues says:

    The addresses and the phone numbers (and Facebook pages, if any)! 🙂
    As per your post, I recall your promise from 2011 that no more WBCA publicity would come from your keyboard. But, in a way, I see the point in what you did. You, once more, highlighted the duplicity of the WBCA. You were too kind to write,“Boo, WBCA office!”

    I would have written much worse, perhaps.

    Nevertheless, I sincerely applaud what you do as part of the 99% to illuminate how the one per-centers still try to keep things hidden behind the curtain when there is no need to.

    I thus humbly tip my hat off to you dear Ms. Que Fregados.

  4. Ed says:

    White Bigotted Caucasian Alliance might be the hidden and sssooooo secretive REAL meaning of this acronym… but I highly doubt that since they’ve recently allowed BROWN. BEANS participation in their gala in the form of the pageant named for local Native American brown beauty, of the Comanche or Apache Texas tribes I think, Princess Pocohantas. Oh, and I almost forgot, the Brownie favorite, always spicy, named for a food that was named for a city in the MEXICAN state of Veracruz, the Jalapeno Fest!!! I wonder how the tight-lipped W.B.C.A. about a citywide petition to exchange venus between the ball and the fest???

    • Que Fregados says:

      I think I disagree with you there, Ed. WBCA staff & board is mostly of Mexican descent. It’s history comes from different traditions but its perpetuation comes from everyone who lives in Laredo. It is not offensive to celebrate one man’s legacy but the context in which the celebration was borne, the false patriotism it wraps itself with and the amount of monies put into it are all a little suspect; but, if that is what Laredo wants to celebrate, so be it.

  5. i remember as a kid my uncles use to take a pick up truck or two and park it in our chosen spot the night before the parade, it was a family affair ( i have around 35 cousins so it was a big thing) i recall hearing those bands as a kid when i wasn’t in the parade myself carrying the flags for the girl scouts or doing splits on pavement with the dance team. *ouchy* ;P But i never liked them, i have a strong opposition towards anything violent that ended in deaths. i don’t go to memorials (couldn’t even do pearl harbor, bought the ticket but couln’t put my foot on the ferry) to me it seems like they already died a horrid death, leave them be and let them rest. i even have a hard time going to cemeteries. my abuela who rests at fort sam houston i’ve only ever visited once, i even caught my kids there (all 3) going diagonal across the graves and repeating “i’m sorry, excuse me” it was heartening to me. Anyways, i’m kinda glad they’re not around anymore, that sound always turned my gut, maybe i know why now. and maybe i’ll start attending the events once more, if they go back to being free. 😉

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