Kentucky man gets some Laredo lovin’

Many Laredoans have seen the “Jack” video, one of the many, many video responses to the infamous Sara Walls video. I’ve had enough of the Sara stuff, from her hateful words to some of the hateful reactions. Ya, basta. But Jack Skrunk’s video was a little different. If you had not seen it, here it is.

It spurred a Facebook group called Team Jack (Laredo seems to be getting really good at making groups, pages and twittering up a storm recently). Now, he has made local news in Kentucky because of the reactions he is getting from Laredoans. This is the WKYT video:

Ky. man to be honored for defending Texas town online.

Jack sure is getting a lot of love :).

Jack is not the only out-of-towner loving Laredo. Heck, there is even a pretty cool blog called Loving Laredo created by two women – one who really loves Laredo and one who doesn’t have the fondest memories but really tries to see Laredo’s positives. I looked for it this morning and couldn’t find it. I had read it this past month so I can only assume blogspot is having some issues.


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2 Responses to Kentucky man gets some Laredo lovin’

  1. Beverly Sands says:

    Thank you for this video and testimony. My husband and I will be visiting Laredo early April to be with my sister and husband who recently moved there from Indiana. So far they are really enjoying their new church, his new job, the food, the many things to do…etc. We look forward to sharing in their “new town”.

  2. the problem in this town is not the men but the women, it’s sad that women here for the most part are keeping each other down instead of helping each other rise up, sad.

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