The Sport of Kings trailer with Falconer Brochin

On a non-Sara, 21-year-old-stay-at-home-mom-with-little-friends-in-a-place-she-knows-little-about-with-a-self-admitted-“I dont get along well with people”-which-probably-points-to-low-coping-skills-immaturity-and-lonely-PRIVATE-CITIZEN-not-a-public-figure-whom-I-hope-doesn’t-get-pushed-to-the-edge, post…

Proud mom, Dr. De Llano, posted a documentary trailer created by her son, Fernando Del Rio, due out in Fall of 2012. It’s a beautiful trailer shot in the mountains of northwestern Mongolia. Fernando is not the only Laredo connection to the The Falconer: Sport of Kings, Master Falconer, Eddie Brochin, is from Indiana but as Dr. De Llano indicates:

Eddie grew up in Laredo and went to school here too… I think he graduated from United before going back to Indiana.

They are brothers-in-law and are doing beautiful work! I can’t wait to see the completed masterpiece. Follow them on Facebook.


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One Response to The Sport of Kings trailer with Falconer Brochin

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I LOVE that it’s not a non-Sara, 21-year-old-stay-at-home-mom-with-little-friends-in-a-place-she-knows-little-about-with-a-self-admitted-”I dont get along well with people”-which-probably-points-to-low-coping-skills-immaturity-and-lonely-PRIVATE-CITIZEN-not-a-public-figure-whom-I-hope-doesn’t-get-pushed-to-the-edge kind of post!! 🙂

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