For others’ love of bacon

Now with Border Beer Fest over and my body recovering from lifting and squatting and pouring… and dealing with a few rude people who demanded we open new bottles, wanted more than the two ounce sample, or tried taking bottles thinking we wouldn’t see them. I hate to say it but this was one of the most unsatisfying volunteer experiences.

Wait – I shouldn’t take for granted the majority of attendees who really were there to taste different beers, to savor the flavors and understood it was not supposed to be a drunkfest but an event to better appreciate the craft of beer-making.

With all the beer talk, I am sure El Partner has his seisito ready for SuperBowl watching. We have declined parties in favor of the kids coming over (a rare event as they have gotten older) to watch the game while we prepare some of their favorite snacks. And what is tops on their lists of favorite flavors?? BACON. Anything bacon-wrapped, bacon-flavored, bacon-infused, or just plain bacon. Ugh. Not my preference but they are athletic and fit so we shall oblige with treats…
Bacon just seems to be everywhere now-a-days. I am sure you have seen the Jack-in-the-Box stories on their new bacon shakes, available by request and for a very limited time. At a hefty 773 calories as stated on the Jack-in-the-Box nutrition page, I will definitely take a pass. It is part of their new “Marry Bacon” campaign which highlights their BLT cheeseburger. There have been past bacon campaigns, like Denny’s Baconalia featuring Maple Bacon Sundae – another ick.

Maybe the Bacon Unwrapped blog is right:

It’s experiencing a culinary renaissance. It can make almost any dish better. It’s bacon, and it’s the best meat ever.

Well, maybe, except for that last part 😛

My friend up North recently told me she will be attending Chicago’s Bacon Fest. Yes, readers, a festival that is all about bacon. Now in its 4th year, Baconfest is gaining sizzle with more and more support.

The Chicago Readers “Bacon Noir” video compliments it well:

Just typing “Bacon Fest” in any search engine brought up at least six other festivals dedicated to bacon in Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Georgia, California, and others.

This is the upcoming Wisconsin video:

What is interesting is that most of these bacon festivals are only a few years old. Maybe a bacon renaissance is right??

Want a few bacon lover items and specialty foods? Check out Bacon Freak online or another blog called Theories of Bacon. I will take a pass but do need to get started on a few bacon treats before the big game. Good luck whatever teams are playing!! Enjoy your bacon wrapped poppers or your wings with some bacon salt!

El Partner’s bacon-wrapped jalapeños and stuff chicken breasts wrapped with… you know it – and his favorite beverage of choice:

And Stxparrothead link from her comment below and the beautiful bacon roses from


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5 Responses to For others’ love of bacon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yikes! This doesn’t fit in with the new federal healthy eating guidelines for schools!

  2. carolyn says:

    We all love bacon!

  3. Stxparrothead says:

    Or these- just in time for Valentine’s Day:

    I recommend them with a Bakon Bloody Mary, but can’t get Bakon Vodka in Laredo 😦

  4. Keyrose says:

    Has Jack jumped the shark? Ya ni saben que hacer.

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