Romance and Beer as February begins

Redbox is again listing Laredo as the LEAST romantic city in the US (based on romcom titles rented). Again? Really? They also named Laredo least romantic city last year, too.

Isn’t the epitome of romance sitting at Providence Hospital waiting to carry out El Partner after his first ever colonoscopy? I’m so proud of him and need no romantic comedy to prove I care :). I would have videotaped the procedure a la “Katie Couric” to encourage others to check themselves but I’m not allowed in & my phone camera just won’t cut it. For the last two days, I’ve warmed up his broth for his liquid fast and will take care of him the rest of the day and help him prep for an un-anesthetized “Beat Down in ‘Z’Town” as he and fellow wrestlers travel to Zapata to raise funds for the Zapata Marine Corps League.

No Zapata, Texas for me, though. I’ll be preparing to work the first ever Laredo Border Beer Fest. Despite all the back and forth reactions from people that hate the idea or love the idea, it’s still happening as an independent activity bringing brewery specialties not usually available in Laredo. We will see what this very first attempt at a beer fest turns out to be but the planners expect the following (from their website):

What the heck is beer tasting festival?
Beer festivals are organized events that make available beer beverages for “tastings” and purchase. These festivals focus on craft beers and not only on national brand beverages. Sample tasting tickets are provided at entrance and more sample tasting tickets can be purchased.

What is Border Beer Fest?
Border Beer Fest is a beer sampling festival. It will be Laredo’s first beer connoisseur’s celebration event. There will be 122 craft beers from 17 countries, including the US. This 1st Annual event will also include 4 workshops that include: 2 Chef prepared meals cooked and paired with craft beers, Beer 101, and Home Brewing 101. But this is not all! We will also have local restaurants selling food, with information on paired beers, and live entertainment. The event will occur Rain or Shine !

There’s still more !!! The first 1000 people will get a small gift bag with the commemorative Border Beer Fest Beer Guide. The next 2000 attendees will get the Beer Guide only.

What do I get with my ticket price?
All will be provided with a tasting glass, sample taste ticket, and the first 3000 guests will be given a commemorative Border Beer Fest Beer Guide. Food is not included in the price of admission. All workshops are free.

Luckily for El Partner, he will have his own beer tasting event on Sunday as he roots for… not gonna tell you! I will let our upcoming guest blogger tell us more about sports. My weekend will be surrounded by beer and one very whiny sick unromantic man who came up clean on his colonoscopy! YAY!

Factura 22's Border Beer Fest Flyer


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7 Responses to Romance and Beer as February begins

  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds like something to stay away from…drinking can lead to trouble…hope lots of police are out.

  2. Ed says:

    I love romantic comedies and I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVVVEEEEE beer. Looks like a great weekend for me. Go PATRIOTS!!!

  3. figures…*sigh* alas this comes as no surprise being that we were also ranked as having the most gamers. *pfft*

  4. Poncho1950 says:

    Life’s too short to drink cheap beer. Yes, I’m a beer snob; my beer consumption is about two six-packs a month, but I go for the good stuff.

  5. tricia says:

    This sounds great- I bet my husband will love it…. 🙂 In Germany, there were Bierfests every weekend, it seemed. 🙂

    • Que Fregados says:

      I hope you enjoy it. I forgot I was going to add pictures of our visits to breweries for “research” when we accompanied my friend who is helping organize it. It’s a first time so we hope all goes well and people enjoy the variety of beers instead of drinking to just get drunk.

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