Cycling trails in Laredo

I read the Tucson Weekly. I don’t know why but I do (Actually, I do know; I read it because of Gustavo Arellano’s “Ask A Mexican” column – but I don’t know why I read the rest of it). They had an interesting video about a Tucson sewing cyclist raising money for a US tour. Unfortunately, he didn’t make his funding goal but he did trigger this blog post.

Sewing Tour 2012

Only recently have I made it out to North Central Park because it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far pa’l Norte. I can honestly say that it is a great place for my rickety bike and beginner me to keep gaining strength. What, did you think I was going to use my cane forever? I only wish our streets were better equipped for bicycle enthusiasts because riding around in downtown has me updating my last will and testament – que miedo.

I’m really digging the growing cycling community in Laredo. During the planning of RioFest, I was very impressed by Bernie Chapa of Ciclo Mania and his role in adding a 10 mile bike race to the event. More recently, I have been impressed by fellow blogger, KeyRose, taking on the challenge of cleaning a trail through the Slaughter Park area for cycling. It is city property but he and his friend(s?) have started to take care of something the city is ignoring.

They have started a Facebook group called Trails Riders of Laredo, check them out.

Not only is Slaughter Park getting a biking make-over, the Pedalheads FB group is making headway at what they call the Shiloh Trail. Posted by Sonia Rios and calling it:

Great video by Danny Aguilar! Shiloh trails with the Pedalheads Laredo and Laredo Ciclo Mania.

This was an earlier video of the trails starting by the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel, along the Rio Grande riverbank, through the Las Palmas nature area and up Zacate Creek. Laredo is looking pretty cool from these views.

Photo posted on the Laredo Cycling Association's FB page

A third group is the Laredo Cycling Association. They recently donated the signs for the Shiloh Trails that individuals have been working on and have participated in numerous races.

By the looks of it, Laredo citizens are creating what they want with makeshift scraps but the city is not keeping up with serving their needs and interests. Eventually, the city will catch up, I hope.

Obviously, all these groups need some muscle power and other help. If you are so inclined… contact them. I am sure they would appreciate the support in making Laredo better for cyclists – even for those like me who still have their training wheels on.


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28 Responses to Cycling trails in Laredo

  1. Keyrose says:

    There’s a trail at Lake Casa Blanca too. Bicyclists have some variety. And now the Laredo Cycling Association is starting a high school MTB team. I think that’s awesome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello out there, I am a member of the Fainting Goat Bike Club (15 members); and we loved to ride the Shiloh trails. Thank you Bernie!

    • Que Fregados says:

      Oh wow – thanks for letting us know there is another bike club out there!

    • Shiloh Trails Marshall says:

      Oh yeah i know who u guys are!!! u guys are the clowns that started to ride that trail that u didnt even know existed!! u guys look like real cyclers <—- yeah right i believe u are the guys that work for us customs or border patrol . well i got one thing to say to you when u guys are riding and somebody screams passing right u guys move to the left to let people pass! and its always the same guys i belive there a fat one that has cliplless pedals in a white and black bike thats id always timing his selfg and is the leader of the fainting cows , a old fart dark complected that wears glasses that is always falling down, a midget well actually several midgets and the list goes on. !! go find ur own trails and stay off ours or learn how to properly ride and become courteous.

      • Old Fart says:

        Lets have a race off, see you at the trail. Old fart.

        • Anonymous says:

          This old goat can out bike the s-t marshall rider any time. Hope we never cross passes because I ain’t moving. “Old Fart Goat”

      • The List goes on says:

        First of all lern how 2 espell or at least use espellcheck. Second of all stop being a little B**** and quit crying.

      • This is the old fart you are referring in your negative and insulting comments against a group that beginning to ride and promote the biking in Laredo. You must be an Armstrong wannabee drug digesting freak who knows the biking lingo; we challenge you anytime to OUR SHILOH trails anytime.

      • Shiloh Trails Marshall says:

        Those are fighting words there fainting frogs! Is that the way u talk to the traveling public? With threats and challenges? I dont know what barrio u guys grew at but just show some class when riding!

        • It seems you have a personal vendetta against the Goats; maybe you had a bad experience and you are blaming the goats. Stop and think before you point the finger at your fellow riders, Don’t be a hater and learn to get along with YOUR FELLOW riders. We accept you whoever you are, the past is the past, let’s all get along and promote biking to everyone in Laredo, regardless of being old farts with glasses, midgets, fatties, and so forth. Remember Trails Marshall, you are not the best but you can be.

      • Shiloh Trails Marshall says:

        Congratulations to the goats! U guys really proved me wrong and i know for a fact u guys are real! Good job and congratulations today. Just like i gave u positive pep talk i must also tell u that thank god u didnt take the Old Fart Goat! U guys would have never come close today! U guys should stick that guy back in the goat farm or have him go back to what ever he was doing at the mines road park when the domion racers ran in to him a few weeks back! I guess he was looking for something with his little metal detector. Probably his teeth from other rides where he also fell!!! Also no midgets today!! Great job and nice race tent today. Good luck , stay safe

        • Old Goat says:

          Old Goat here! Mr. Shiloh Trails Marshall, this old goat is willing to race you anytime, anywhere, just name the time and place. I don’t care if you belong to the domion or dominoes pizza team; I am ready to beat your” behind” anytime. My close friends, midgets one and two, will also participate if you are up for the challenge.

          • Pancho Pantera says:

            I think that guy Pee WEE is referring to you, Shiloh Trail Marshall, owner of the trails, (so you say) anyway, have fun cleaning the trails with Pee Wee’s privates.

      • pee wee says:

        you must be one of those typical arrogant bastards that think they own the trails. Go fuck your self you piece of shit and stop talking bad about others . Clip less shoes? wht the fuck does that have to do with riding. Suck my balls you son of a bitch or better yet lick the trail from my balls to my ass hole

        • Shiloh Trails Marshall says:

          Listen here pee wee ur mama did not educate you to talk to other people like that. Whats even more sad is that you must be one of the fainting goats which means you must also be a border agent. It kind of makes me sad that they are hiring people like you. After all look ar all the agents in the rubber gun squad. Getting dwi’s, commiting burglaries, domestic violence and the list goes on. I really hope another agent sees your comment and reports it to a manager. I wouldnt like to think that thats the way you talk to the traveling public. Now on the other hand you must be the great grandson of the old jerkoff we are talking about. Its not my fault his ears are so big that look like a kite. Or that he looks like he has pampers when he is riding, who knows after all the falls he is taken he should wear depends!!

          • The ROCK says:

            Listen Shiloh Trails, the so call pee wee character is not part of the Fainting Goats, so keep us out of it. We are who we are and that’s it, we don’t bother anyone, just ride to have fun. So, don’t associate us with the pee wee character.

        • Shilo Trails Marshall says:

          So how many times are you gonna change your name here on the blog ruco rider?? U started with old fart then pancho pantera who knows what name ur gonna use, oh maybe old goat again hehehe you are a shame to your group the goats man. Well good news is you finally decided to stay away due to all changes to the trails and trail becoming more difficult for the riders. I guess that plan of showing up early and riding alone like an old fart that you are didnt work any more and so i heard u decided to look for new horizons and ride in delmar hehehe there is no shame on you ruco rider!! Stay away!!!!!!

  3. Poncho1950 says:

    Good to know that more bicycling trails are becoming available. I began bicycling for basic transportation and exercise in 1972, when I lived in Austin (I now live in Reading, Pa.), and I still do it for exercise, although I’ve turned into more of a jogger over the last couple of years. When I lived in Laredo for a couple of years in the late ’80s, I bicycled for exercise only, and traffic could make for a nerve-shattering experience when I rode along Highway 59, out to the lake, on McPherson Road (largely undeveloped), along the I-35 access road north of Del Mar, or out Del Mar Blvd to the old sensor site. I can only imagine how harrowing the experience is now; I got a taste of it several years ago when I borrowed a bike during a visit to ride along the Bob Bullock loop, on the path that parallels the highway.
    Congratulations to the bicyclists who are working to provide safe bicycling trails for Laredoans. Bicycling is a healthy and invigorating hobby to pursue, and those bicyclists are making sure the opportunities are there to make it a safe pastime.

  4. MaryHelen says:

    Wow!!! Some of those bike trails look like they were established for other reasons, as in drug trafficking!
    I sure wouldn’t want to ride along those brushy trails for fear of running into the wrong crowd. I’ll just stick to North Central Park, thank you.
    But it sure was cool to view those trails from the safety of my own home! šŸ™‚

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  6. chris says:

    Great post thx.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The fainting goats are not wanna a bees Armstrongs just local riders promoting the sport, If you Trail Shiloh Marshall know the lingo then continue to scream your head off because we the fainting goats don’t care. We challenge you to a Race anytime; YOU are want my grandmother would call cagapalos.

  8. Goat biker says:

    The fainting goats is the new upcoming group promoting biking to the Laredo Community without strings attached. There might be wanna be riders that know the LINGO which might think they are better riders than the goats which is totally untrue. We are here to stay and no wannabee Armstrong is going to deter the goats from riding the shiloh trails. WE ARE HERE TO STAY, so deal with it. One more thing, scream outloud, move to the right or left, WE WILL NOT MOVE, you will be eating dirt from our back tire.

  9. Pepe Polkas says:

    Hel=lllloooo, helllllllllo, I go biking with my heart on my hands, no affilation to any clubs, just plate sales. That’s me, I will not move even if they scream for me to move right, left, up, or down. I am Pepe Polkas the ghost rider.

  10. Building Joe says:

    To all you fellow riders of Shiloh Trails, please respect the worn others put into the trails as well as the new additions. Don’t go changing things, especially when you ride them in the opposite direction they were designed to be ridden. A lot of work has been put into the new section, please respect it. For those that are interested the correct way to ride the new section is to take a right between the blue tape when you see the wooden ramp in front of you, right were the tight turn to the left is.

  11. brandon says:

    Hey ive been going to the Shiloh trails for a few days now and can only seem to find one trail. Are there any more? and does anybody know how long the entire course is.

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