Dia de los Inocentes aka December Fool’s :P

This post almost started with me telling you that I was calling it quits… but after all day of getting pranked by one person or another, I figured I would not say that to an audience that may or may not know Mexican traditions.

With that said “Happy ¡Dia de los Inocentes!”

Today is almost like a Latino April Fool’s Day but with a religious origin. It is related to Christianity’s story of Herod killing toddlers and younger, the “innocents.” Anyway, over the years, I imagine the meaning has changed a bit and the focus is now on playing tricks on people.

The Wikipedia Spanish entry says:

En Hispanoamérica y en España es costumbre realizar en esta fecha bromas de toda índole. Los medios de comunicación hacen bromas o tergiversan su contenido de tal modo que la información parezca real. Se trata de una libertad que se dan los agentes mediáticos para dar rienda suelta a su sentido del humor, oportunidad que solamente tienen una vez al año. Es tradición que los periódicos publiquen páginas enteras de noticias cómicas, con la advertencia de que es día de los inocentes, que van desde las que son una obvia mofa a cualquier suceso reciente, hasta las que parecen serias y engañan al lector desprevenido. El día de los inocentes se vive en todo el mundo hispanohablante.

Trust me English-speaking readers, it says that in Latin-America, the Day of the Innocents is all about humor. Sometimes even newspapers will publish an entire edition of fake news, with a reminder that it is the Day of the Innocents.

What did sound like a mean prank, was what went on in Nuevo Laredo right before the Holiday break. A friend and reader was lamenting the loss of close to half of the staff of Cultural Center of Nuevo Laredo, in charge of fairs and museum projects and other cultural events. Yikes! According to El Mañana, twelve employees were relieved of their duties with the only reason given was a sudden restructuring. By the looks of the comments, this isn’t the only department that has gotten “restructured” with people unexpectedly losing their jobs in Nuevo Laredo. Doesn’t sound too fair or stable, there, sister city.

One response that really did make me giggle was Gil Rocha’s response to a car ramming into his studio earlier this week. When a Facebook friend made mention of the one way sign being what the car was following when it rammed in, Mr. Rocha must have gone straight to work.

Very funny, Gil (one of the people who played a trick on me earlier today, too!). Hope the studio is up and running soon!

Photo of Gil Rocha's art studio and belongs to Gil Rocha, Laredo artist


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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5 Responses to Dia de los Inocentes aka December Fool’s :P

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Gil’s humor is always so poignant! Just viewing his personal billboard on a regular basis is proof of that! But when it seemed like his world might literally collapse on him, (above-referenced photo), he made what they say “lemonade” out of this lemon of a mess! Hope everything is up and running in no time! Thanks QF, for the insight into Dia de los Inocentes — I had no idea!

  2. critters and crayons says:

    Oh No! That is horrible but his response is hilarious!!!!

  3. Poncho1950 says:

    What street is that? Tukemiras Way?

  4. Pedro says:

    May things go right and soon up on running because time is money!!Right this way back to work please.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this. I myself was tricked a few times but I didnt know the reason why. I always know that it was dia de los inocentes but not the story behind it.

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