Occupy Laredo helps out Veterans in Need with the help of Orphano

Over at LaSanbe we were already told about a great annual event benefiting Bethany House, the Sames Mission: Give Laredo. If you don’t make their hours or feel like giving to another great organization (food pantry for veterans), the Occupy Laredo movement will be spending their 2nd weekend occupying the Laredo Park & Ride. Since they are already there and their mission is to draw awareness of the increasing poverty surrounding us and the number of at-risk (of losing homes, of falling below the poverty line, of going bankrupt, etc.) populations that continue to get larger, they will be focusing on a different direct service organization that provides for those in need every weekend while they occupy the Laredo Park & Ride on Hillside Avenue.

This weekend, from 8pm to midnight, Orphano will be donating his musical talent to kick off a donation drive of basic necessities – nonperishable food items, coats, socks, shoes, blankets, etc. The chosen recipient is the Volunteers Serving the Need nonprofit organization that specifically provides bags of food and personal care items to low-income VETERANS and their surviving spouses. I have featured them and the thrift store (which raises money to buy the food) in this space in the past. What is remarkable is that they were established one year ago but now serve up to 400 veterans. That need will continue to expand as many returning veterans will come home to a lack of job availability and may experience basic food needs.

So if you have extra cans of food or clothes in your closet. If you haven’t given to Bethany House earlier in the day or the numerous toy drives being held in Laredo, stop by the Occupy Laredo campgrounds at the Laredo Park & Ride on Hillside, 5500 Thomas Street.

The link to the FB event created for the Memorial Food, Blanket and Clothing Drive.


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3 Responses to Occupy Laredo helps out Veterans in Need with the help of Orphano

  1. Anonymous says:

    El Metro Park and Ride’s address: 1820 E. Hillside Rd, across from George Washington’s Birthday Celebration headquarters and the United Way office not too far from McPherson

  2. Mira Siente says:

    El Metro Park and Ride’s address is 1820 E. Hillside Rd, across from the United Way and George Washington’ Birthday Celebration offices.

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