When traffic safety isn’t so safe

2 cop cars & EMT & one scared bike rider

Traffic safety and bicyclist collide

UPDATE: Two more emergency vehicles came by and then risk management who conveniently parked at my friend’s photography shop’s front yard. I mean, I know the grass is pretty dead but come on, the streets were blocked off & there was plenty of street parking. Regardless, this accident reminds me of another city vehicle accident that took place in mid-November. That was the day my garbage was picked up just a liiiiiiiittle later.

Garbage truck hits car


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7 Responses to When traffic safety isn’t so safe

    • La Fregada says:

      Yes – but he got up on his own. He’s saying he’s not hurt but the city worker keeps telling him it’s the bike riders fault. Two other emergency vehicles arrived. We’re watching all the commotion from the photographers office.

  1. La Fregada says:

    In all reality – it could have been the cyclist’s fault but … who knows. It’s still bigger vehicle not watching out for a bike riders happens way too much in Laredo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Always look both ways before you cross the street. Do this three times if you are cruising “The Streets of Laredoooo”

  3. peter says:

    I bicycle around the city for an exercise and have seen people driving and not watching both ways and just watching one way not looking on before turning corner…I say this because have been that closed of been hit a couple of time’s and believe me it wasn’t my fault.And have seen others been hit luckly the persons weren’t not hurt..Some times people do intend to judge other people on trying to hit us bicycle riders..But people remember only god can judge us always remember drivers your not the only ones out there at those streets look for people riding mountain bicycle’s or on foot do look both ways to for your own safety and our safety?!.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I saw an accident on that corner and lots of almost accidents. You can’t see when people are coming down the street and then they dont even slow down. its dangerous.

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