Small Business Saturday

I’m back in Laredo and ready for Small Business Saturday … dang it, I lie.  I am not going shopping at all. I am not much of a shopper and definitely am not a fan of Black Friday nor of Cyber Monday.  Last year a new shopping trend popped up – the small business Saturday.  I like the idea and if I were more of a holiday consumer, I would shop local businesses.

When you do, you are supporting your neighbors and are probably finding items that not every Tom, Dick and Harry have.  El Partner wants me to tell readers that he went “Black Friday shopping” at the Computer Hospital but what he was trying to say is that he is patronizing local businesses – it just so happened that he went on Black Friday.

The Small Business Saturday movement has its local supporters in Councilwoman Cindy Liendo Espinoza and Laredo Main Street – both have been posting to their facebook pages to remind everyone about the types of businesses that are locally owned and operated.  Small Business Saturday does have its own web page but… it’s a little suspicious when its main sponsor is American Express.  You are better off shopping with cash so more of the money for whatever item you are buying stays in the Laredo area rather than in fees to Amex. There are communities across the United States that have for years focused on small business development and promotion – but, you don’t see that much in Laredo. The monthly Farmers Market offers the closest in its certification (not sure if it is yet certified but they were trying) and support of Go Texan products.

The Chicago Sun Times (thank you, person who left theirs at the airport) had an editorial with these benefits to “shop small”:

† Studies show that dollars spent at local independently owned stores produce greater returns to the community, in the form of taxes and other local purchases, than dollars spent at local chains or online.

† Non-profit groups tend to get far greater support from small-business owners than from large businesses.

† Locally owned businesses are often easier on the environment — they can purchase more goods locally and are often accessible by foot or bus.

† Service is often better at locally owned businesses, which can save consumers money and time.

So if you are looking to spend money, consider shopping the independent stores on San Bernardo or Feldman’s (McAllen & Laredo) or Foster’s or The Kids’ Bookstore and so on and so on. If you need your computer fixed, visit Jorge at the Computer Hospital or if you want the best pharmacist around who gets to know you by by name, visit the Izaguirres at Laredo Downtown Pharmacy and support your local small businesses. I could mention many others but… I have to get ready to go shopping (for consumables only – my fridge is empty!) on Small Business Saturday.


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7 Responses to Small Business Saturday

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Happy you made it home safely. Great video on the lights of Laredo. I recognized my home (more or less) as one of the those that planes fly overhead several times a day (and night). 🙂

    Did you bring me a Chicago souvenir? J/K

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to visit the “local” ladies of the evening on La Sanbe. They are a small business and your money will go back into the community! Keep it Local!

  3. Critters and crayons says:

    Just left la fiesta on gateway south and are headed to Vega’s now!!!

  4. Poncho1950 says:

    Support your local businesses has always been the way to go. I’ve not renewed contracts with local companies after they got purchased by a chain. The 1-800 number is no substitute for calling up the person who owns the business, and whom you discussed your purchase with, and explaining the problem. My last foray into chain store purchasing proved the point. I saved some $20 by purchasing a clothes washer at Lowe’s, but the bozos they sent to install it were not even going to clean the filthy space below and around the old washer, and they used the wrong tools to install the hoses and then forgot to connect the drain hose before they left. I called Lowe’s,and they said, “We’re not responsible for what the contractors do.” They chose to pass the buck, and I chose never to pass any more of my hard-earned bucks into their pockets.

    • peter says:

      It kinda sounds like those guys from lowe’s…Are so used to be working indoor without getting there hands dirty…What unresponsible unprofessional people lowe’s contractors are and on lowe’s saying that their not responsible for their contractors on what they didn’t do or did of course they are because lowe’s contracted them and if not it sure gives lowe’s a bad name…Really I would of paid a local plumber to installed it which know of one his name is Jose Sifuentes is a good plumber well known responsible professional me and my father know them for some time they have done many local jobs and out in the country even in our own home they don’t charge sky rocket prices just receivable prices…I highly recommend them.

  5. peter says:

    Welcome back gue fregados to our laredo grounds…Glad you made it back safely to keep us updated on gue fregados going on with our laredo community people…I have never being in a plane in my life…I really enjoyed watching the video you taken on our city lights and on your landing at our laredo airport.

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