C’mon HEB downtown, you can do better

You would think a “quick” trip to an HEB grocery store should be fairly fast. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happens at the HEB downtown on Farragut Street, Laredo. I am mobile enough to have gone to every HEB in town several times over and I can honestly say, the HEB downtown is the one that gets the LEAST attention. Why? Is it the profile of the majority of the customers? Is it the size of the store itself? Why does it seem that it is the bottom of the barrel? Why does it take its customer base for granted?

So this morning, I figured I would run in quickly for a single item. HEB downtown has a very convenient parking garage which always has available spaces so it was easy enough to get there before 8:30am. I thought, I’ll be out in 10 minutes – maximum time – but noooooo… I grabbed my stuff (not available at convenience stores) and approached the checkout counters to only find 3 open. The lines were curving around the aisles!!

Come on, HEB – you know this store has quite a bit of traffic and loads of people coming with their carritos and diablitos (grocery carts & dollies) to buy stacks of sodas and 40 lb. bags of dog food. Don’t ask me why but those seem to be the most popular products purchased by those who cross the bridge and wheel them back across the bridge to Nuevo Laredo.

There were no “10 or less” check out lines, just 3 huge lines and frustrated customers like me who had to get to a 9:00am meeting.

I understand that grocery stores have a slim profit margin, I really do – but this HEB does not lack customers as is obvious by its consistently long lines no matter what time I seem to go. Why can’t it have the employees necessary to cover additional check out lanes?

Today was a cranky start for a Monday morning. This was the line in front of me:

This was the line behind me:

Needless to say but I am going to say it anyway – I didn’t make my 9:00am meeting. Booooooo… HEB. Where is the equity in shopping experiences for every store? I love the Plus experience or Gucci B but… send a little love in the form of employees and cleaning crew to the downtown HEB. I can forgive not stocking cardamom or fresh herbs or the variety you see in giant stores – that is understandable. But why is service for downtown residents and shoppers not the same? Our money is worth the same.

HEB: Here Everything’s Better unless you live in downtown Laredo :(.


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20 Responses to C’mon HEB downtown, you can do better

  1. mark says:

    You ought to write to customer service at heb.com. You’ll get a reply, at least, and maybe you’ll feel better. I had an interesting experience (to be nice) at that store once and haven’t been back. I work downtown, and the HEB is semi-convenient but its a nasty place to go into and anyway, I like going to Sam’s Club at 7 a.m. and shopping.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is obvious that HEB caters to customers who don’t know any better than to stand in line and wait without complaining. You’ve become one of the 1% ,,, laredo’s elite. πŸ™‚

  3. That’s too bad…. I had to go into that one once to find a quick lunch item for my child at a church daycare so I could attend a luncheon…. I noticed the options were pretty limited for even sandwich items…highly processed options were what was on the shelves to choose from. I didn’t check the produce aisle, though. Maybe it was better….

  4. Keyrose says:

    If it’s any consolation, the HEB on Zapata Hwy always has about two or three checkers on duty at that time of the day. It’s probably standard operating procedure for all HEBs.

  5. __saul ralinas says:

    ___H.E.B downtown is just a “sucursal” de los H.E.B’s de Nuevo Laredo, their sales are mainly for “comercio hormiga”, mexican citizens hauling supplies by hand y carretoncitos across the bridge to stock the Puestos y tienditas,
    ___In the mornings, you get long lines also because the smaller restautrants are stocking up on the daily stocks, buying the products that they will cook and sell that day
    ___H.E.B downtown es el mas viejo de los de Laredo y los workers son mainly “del otro lado”, No spike espanish”

  6. Tom Wade says:

    Welcome to new retail. Self check out lines, fewer checkers. I might understand some of this if there was a real crunch on sales at grocery stores. But the opposite is true. Grocers are making money like crazy. HEB and Walmart (the only two real grocers in Laredo) have very little desire for real customer service (checkers) and spend lots of money on specialty personnel. Just look above the HEB Customer Service desk at the HEB on Del Mar/McPherson….there are several managers. Just maybe, it would be nice to make some of these managers checkers during rush time.

    And for Walmart, Laredo, while they very productive (high sales volume) Walmarts, they have some of the worst customer service in the COUNTRY. I visit a smaller Walmart in Kansas a couple of times a year, and early in the morning they always have enough checkers that no one stands in line. NOT HERE. I have complained to Bentonville and only got a call from the local manager. Nothing was fixed. However, we are prisoners of geography.

  7. peter says:

    For better services and that do speaking english is at two localisations HEB MERRCADO BY PETER PIPER PIZZA AND HEB PLUS BY LOOP 20.True that HEB at down town is one of the oldest one in town laredo. just with this saying will say it all. The elevators aways breaking down we almost got stuck in the elevator once smelled like they were up in fire it didn’t stop functioning which was the good thing.Most of the time that have gone by to shop there which don’t like to but is our nearest one from home the elevators always smells like they up in fire or not working well or not working at all. I’m not to peaky at localisations to shop as long i get what need.Which do think some people are so peaky and scandalizers that just want to be around there own kind of people and level.I have never had any problems at HEB DOWNTOWN LAREDO.

  8. peter says:

    Do think that some one is just talking or being races by seeing the kind of people shopping there from nuveo laredo or not what’s wrong with that someone just likes to be around it own kind level people and on the low prices who doesn’t like low prices I do. rather pay for more quality than just the price of one. Have herd and read that the most lower priced items than higher brands are the most better then the higher brands named ones look it up in the journal.

    • peter says:

      In adding of lower prices Why? In some cases is just the brand name of company that makes it look good. Like i rather buy four jeans for the price of just one high brand name jeans. Besides there just cloths that covers us.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why is everyone complaining? As Laredoans…you should be used to be second class citizen. πŸ™‚

    • peter says:

      Second class citizens ha. People who are first class citizen are they happy in life have hired most of them are not. It’s a shame that others think there better then others just because they have higher income or owed better things bigger houses better cars which feel they on top of the world on very highest mountain that they think have the rights to look down at other low incomed people and differences it’s even sadder when it happens even in families. Tell me do we take a single penny or what we own. When we pass on no we don’t it stays for our kids and family but some don’t take care of it the same way we have or valued it the same we had or gets to be owed by the city. We only take our happiness love which we gave and got given. They may be second class. But most of them they have known how to love,known to live life being happy and respected others.

  10. Anonymous says:

    OMG – someone finally said something. IT doesnt mater if I complain to them cuz they cant do nothing for one person but maybe sumthing will change if we all let heb know that we notice how neglected the downtown heb is. I hate waiting in there huge lines but sometimes I can’t drive to the far away heb stores.

  11. peter says:

    People that complain about the long waiting lines. Do know many un patient people. You know there is a saying that goes when people patient in off good things do come to them. I’m one like them patient person and seen it for my self. Un patient people on long waitings in line they kinda lures it to them self. And to those scandalizers seem to happen to them over and over it kinda attracts it to them self. And on HEB DOWN TOWN on being said low income people low incomes or not when at the end it doesn’t even matter we don’t take a single penny with us its just paper made out of gold made by machines by the hands of us humans with out us that money paper is not even worth nothing. I like money but don’t love money.

  12. peter says:

    Oh i don’t think in neglect but more like un patient people.Those un patient persons are most likely the onces that cut in line in front of others.

    • peter says:

      Un patient people are the ones that causes others to crash or have caused accidents on driving from one lien to other crashed on to others. Truths

  13. downtown resident too says:

    its economic discrimination

  14. Anonymous says:

    You bet they can do better, but will they bother.

  15. Roger says:

    Well u should love it now that its closed.,.dont have to worry anymore…

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