How was your Bordertown Laredo watching experience??

All I know is that mine was surrounded by the same level of testosterone you probably saw on the TV screen:

Cooking out at a friend's house

I do have to say that they did make me quack, I mean, laugh throughout the show. Especially in going to check for heroin with pitbulls in the yard. Puro guys. And the guy stuff continued as Univision’s “Deportes en su Casa!” showed up.

I was surrounded by true west-side Laredo all day. Y ahora… on to prepping for my gig outside of Laredo. Now I can return to more nerdy activities like enjoying the imaginative ways of spelling in public places all over Laredo!

Sign on a very popular restaurant on San Dario

I would have glossed over it if it were the common misspelling of “desert” but… it’s my birthday and I don’t want “diseert,” I want cake and lots of it – and for English to be easier for everyone :).

But back to my original question – how was your Bordertown Laredo watching experience?

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23 Responses to How was your Bordertown Laredo watching experience??

  1. critters and crayons says:

    I missed the show again! That sign is hilarious!!!!! Diseert? That reminds me of the sign off of Matamoros I saw advertising the sale of “ESTEREOS”. 🙂

  2. Joe Blow says:

    ___if your TV got All smeared with Tosteron (sic) while watching Bordertown: Laredo, simply get a towel and wipe it off. The show is very heavily spliced with segments from here and there that make no sense to the critical viewer. It is obvious that this show has a very talented editor who can make up a boring story out out bits and pieces of video. When are we gonna see the flow of blood and guts ?

  3. YayaOrchid says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  4. I really like the show. It’s not marred by fake, play to the camera moments. They just tell it like it is. I admit that the shots sometimes don’t make sense in the many places it’s been filmed, and cut and edited, however people out of Laredo wouldn’t know that. I only really wish they’d reconsider the music!

  5. Pedro says:

    Missed the show this time but saw part of the show at round closed to twelve pm. Yah some times show don’t make sense but of what they do to get the surge weren’t the techniques is highly professional to bust those with illegal drugs before it gets transferred and saleing it to our local kids. I say just let our LPD narcotic agents be that put there life at risk busting those bad people on not letting those drug groups grow on getting out of hand!! I Bet if shootouts blood & guts would of happen every body happy with the show right WELL thats what they trying to avoid!! dumps up to our narcotic agents LPD tv show on there good work.

  6. daisy says:

    bleep-bleep…bleep, bleep. bleep!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The guys have no personality. The show will get old pretty soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday. I hope you found all of the cake you desired.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday. I hope that you got all of the cake you desired.

  10. dad says:

    Are the cops in Laredo all retarded? That’s how it looks when you watch the show…

    • peter says:

      Retarded or not they geting paid for there job can some one tell me who’s not done mistakes or thinks is perfect but is not. And there’s no sough thing of perfect person any more.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We started a drinkin game . when they cuss we drink. good thing the show doesnt go on longer.

  12. Et tu Rosse says:

    Had a carne this weekend with some friends and guests come over to hang out and watch the show. One guest (outsider) said Laredo looks like a nicer Detroit? Thanks???? o_O

    FYI. I SO know which restaurant is serving “dissert.” 😛

  13. Stxparrothead says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  14. EntropyEcho says:

    This is all I have to say about this. It’s badly edited. It makes our town look terrible, and this is coming from a guy who DOESN’T like Laredo. At all. If you’re going to criticize it, at least show an accurate version of this place.

    • peter says:

      If you dont like living in laredo leave laredo. On the show they not trying to talk bad about laredo they just saying it like it is and true on how many people that want the easy way of living and the beautiful girls that supports those kind of guys and which love the though life!!!.

      • To answer this and the next post below this, I don’t leave Laredo because I have family here and am helping to care for my grandmother. My dislike of this town is not so strong that I’ll leave them.

        As for the show not trying to talk bad about Laredo, you’re right. They’re showing Laredo in a very negative light, but it’s not a totally inaccurate light, though. We really do have a massive drug trafficking problem. I don’t like Laredo for a number of reasons, but the town is getting characterized as the scary brown town because of the way the show is edited and put together. The show is edited so that, if you’ve never been here, you would think it’s basically the wild west with cars and cell phones. I have students from out of town that have family that are begging them to leave just based on this show. People are already afraid of the border. This is just more fuel for the fire.

        You’re also right that the people giving Laredo a bad name are the people who do the drug trafficking. But these officers act very unprofessionally. It’s like they’re playing up every stereotype about Hispanics, and that makes the rest of us look bad.

        And as for you telling people that hate the show to stop watching, done and done. I stopped watching after the second episode. I’m not about to waste my time with something this crappy.

        Also, I believe you meant to write “thug life,” not “though life.”

        • peter says:

          Truth on the bordertown laredo tv show just adding fuel to the fire which already up in flames. But staying quite about it is what gives those drug traffickers the strength and power to get out of hand. on leahing truth all eyes at them. This drug war has been since a long time already the show is just a untold info release of truth so your students don’t really have to leave laredo they been around it for some time already. where the fire up in flames better words hell is in cross the border not here in laredo. And as how I see it laredo is 80% hispanic & latios mexicans really don’t see noting wrong on the music been played or people been shown. And on what meant on saying is though life la mala vida why. I see a lot of beautiful young and up agendas women been treated trashy bad ways been hit abused and still with those guys you know it is very sad when a young beautiful young women said to me I’M USED TO IT BEEN TREATED THIS WAY man it just broke me in to pieces on her saying it crying. when seeing and knowing good nice respectful lovable loyal men and young men just been kick to the curve thats why I said 60% of the women love the though life la mala vida so let them be I say truth.

  15. peter says:

    I like the show looks and is getting better every time iam viewer for there shows to come. Criticising who is criticising is it because the music really what’s the the deal they just talking with truth they just doing there job and no matter how retarded it might they seem like others say they getting payed they just saying it like it is now the ones that really criticising laredo giving it a bad name to laredo are those bad guys doing sales transporting those illegal drugs. If people don’t like the show don’t watch it don’t like living in laredo leave laredo!!.

  16. peter says:

    It is true that laredo and the us is the hide outs which better called there cites or city safe homes for those corrupted people especially in the country lands.

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