Bordertown: Shore

What percentage of Laredoans watched the oh-so anticipated Bordertown: Laredo?? Maybe it just seemed like the majority of Laredo because of the media coverage and the blog write-ups but … was it?

According to TV By the Numbers,

Jersey Shore slipped a two tenths versus last week to a 3.6 rating with adults 18-49, but still led all cable as well as beating anything on the broadcast networks at 10pm with adults 18-49.

Where was Bordertown: Laredo? Number 11 and 12. That is not bad for a series premiere but if a hit show was wanted… maybe instead of featuring narcotics cops, the show was about the party antics of area beer runs or San Bernardo walkers… kidding, kidding. Let’s stick to the narcotics guys even if we have a new stereotype of what Laredo is like to those beyond our “shore.”

screenshot of TV by the Numbers, link in blog post


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4 Responses to Bordertown: Shore

  1. ___Pancho Pantera says:

    ___you gotta add the cartel members who were watching via satelite from across the border and the others in the “penales”, nobody gives them a survey to fill out on what they watched and neither is their TV monitored

    • Pedro says:

      True on that celmaids should be given a survey on what tv show or news paper they saw or read ex specially those with ties connected to be traced and tracked it?.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WE WON!!! Woooohoooooooooo!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hijo de su mal dormir!

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