Autmus or Fire Fest 2011

The two major events going on today are definitely not in competition. They are different tastes for different audiences. Unless… you have multiple musical interests and are a fire fighter who is also an alumnus/alumna of Texas A&M International University. One is at the university campus and the other at the Laredo Energy Arena – hope there is enough distance for the sound to not travel.

Hope to see you at TAMIU’s AutMus Festival or the Laredo FireFighters Association’s Fire Fest!



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7 Responses to Autmus or Fire Fest 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Anyone in Laredo listen to music in English anymore? Puros grupos! What next Banda Macho?

  2. Which did you go to? I didn’t find much info on the internet about Autumnus- We went to the Disney Store Lion King Event. Woot! haha!

    • Que Fregados says:

      I had the reverse problem. AutMus has its own website with all the details but when I googled Fire Fest, only stuff from 2009 & 2010 came up – nothing current and no website for them. I went to AutMus cuz… well… I went to support LWA. As soon as the set-up was down, I left – I’m exhausted. I’ve been having nonstop days 😦 and will continue like this til the end of the month. October is always the busiest month of the year for me – mainly with back to back conferences. Oh well. Glad you had fun and not at any of the outdoor nighttime festivals. They aren’t very kid friendly.

  3. ___Corny Queen says:

    ___noche de Cantina en el Papagallo’s USA, Carlos y Jose, Los Alegres de Teram. Los Rancheritos del Topo Chico, y Impacto Norteno, old school and all that, la musica that our Grandparents danced to, total cost: ten bucks at the door, it was greaaaat

  4. daisy says:

    LEA only caters to latin artists instead of mainstream. i was so upset when Jeff Dunham show was canceled, i had center front tickets! i’m discouraged & disappointed by their lack of diversity. oh and the traffic exiting LEA last night (i ran into it) had A LOT of drunks in it! *tisk*tisk*

  5. Lilly Garcia says:

    I attended FireFest and to tell you the truth I had alot of fun. 20 dollars for great bands is not bad at all, i dont get people getting all ruffled up about pricing, it was General admission! My boyfriend and I got some lawn chairs and we sat in the offside enjoying a couple of beers listening to the bands. I took my daughter earlier but was disapointed that the kiddie rides were not suited for a toddler. They only had two moonbounces and a swing like ride. Oh and some other ride I didnt even pay attention to, lol I ended up dropping off my daughter because there was nothing for her to do there! Came back and to my surprise there was a sea of people. I mean I had never been to an event so packed! People were still buying tickets at the door for $30.00! Another thing that sucked so bad were the beer/ticket lines. They were horrible! And you could only get two beers per person at a time, yeah and then you had to go back into the horrible lines. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get a beer. Oh well, overall i enjoyed the concert. Security was high, lots of State Troopers even monitoring the beer booth and the stage was a good set up with a huge screen on the back. First time at Firefest and wont be the last.

  6. ___Ramon Ayala says:

    ___esta vez porque no me invitaron – Viva Mexico

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