Laredo 3rd in cities that spend the most on gaming

Credit - screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET as it appeared in CNET News

Can CNet’s US gaming havens – border towns and NY ‘burbs? and other stories be right? Is Laredo 3rd to Huntington, New York and North Hempstead, New York??

The Texas town of Laredo rounds out the top three, joining fellow top-10 border town El Paso, which is No. 7 on the list.

This strange marriage of common interest between border towns and the bourgeois ‘burbs tells me one thing–how much we spend on games seems to have nothing to do with how much we make. The median household income in Huntington is just over $100,000 and more than three times the median figure in Laredo. Makes you wonder if the people in Laredo will appreciate playing Battlefield 3 three times as much as people on Long Island.

My theory is different though. In the same way that our local Walmart and many other chain stores are top in sales, it isn’t because Laredoans spend their money there, it is shoppers from Mexico. You think? Maybe? They list another oft visited border city, El Paso, too. But Laredo… Laredo often breaks retail records for sales. Who knows – maybe I am writing something no one will ever read because they are off playing games.

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7 Responses to Laredo 3rd in cities that spend the most on gaming

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  2. El Despiste says:

    I think you are right. One of the things that made me go “Que Fregados?” was watching shoppers from the south buying stacks of expensive games during holidays.

  3. kbinldo says:

    Also, gaming gives you more bang for your entertainment buck than just about anything else. Why spend $50 to go to a movie that may or may not be worth it when you can spend a little less & have a fun game you can play over & over again?

  4. Anonymous says:

    People by games to sell in Mexico and other countries. Los Chiveros are selling to as far away as El Salvador. It is not Laredoans buying games.

  5. Andres C says:

    Yep i would say that it is a combination of the two…ask around… how many people have an xbox or ps3? all of my friends have one or the other. i know i might be in the target audience, but seriously, i think 95% of everyone i know has a console or gaming system. some of them have multiple. combine this with people from across buying multiple copies of the same title or one of each for resale, yeah that number does start to grow. interesting facts. thanks.

  6. daisy says:

    people who play lotto are bad at math and the machinitas are only making the poor poorer by offering a get rich quick mentality to patrons, sad.

  7. daisy says:

    *ahem* sorry, just get bent outta shape over the rampant gambling in this town that it came right off the top of my head. — Anyways, video games make putty outta your head, it’s also ’cause there are no “things” to do here that appeals to the young (overweight due to vid games) population. i remember we had gambit & playmore here which were awesome skate rings/arcade/food/movies etc… all in one and i where i spent most of my time. hal’s doesn’t count because they cater to adults and carry alcohol, something i don’t want my kids around.

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