Adios Steve Jobs

Que en paz descanse, Señor Steve Jobs. You made a tremendous impact in my life and many others.

The SE was after this one, I think. I had two slots in mine.

I bought my first Macintosh SE used (yes, I am old), while in school, as an investment. I paid a whopping $1,000 that at the time took up all the money I had saved. I quickly made it up by typing other student’s research papers for cash. It paid for itself because the only other way to get that paper/homework turned in was by typing it on a typewriter. And retyping it if you weren’t a great typist. And keep retyping after finding more errors. My little Mac could write and rewrite and save and print and reprint when necessary.

Typewriters, what memories… but a Mac with a dot matrix printer was more practical.

Then I moved on to the dreaded DOS and IBM compatible PCs because of work until finally coming back to my beloved macs – a power mac, my first iMac, and my current iMac.

The rise of the use of personal computers and new ways of was incredible to witness. I even featured videos of the history of Apple and Microsoft in a college class many years ago.

Steve Jobs and Apple changed my life once again with my first smartphone – my iPhone. It is at my side all the time. It won’t be my last Apple product, I am sure. But, I will miss watching Steve Jobs roll out new products and push technology to new levels. May he rest in peace and his family find comfort.


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5 Responses to Adios Steve Jobs

  1. El Despiste says:

    Well said. His products were staples in my home and each of my children received a new mac laptop as they went off to college. It was the one product that I was SURE would help them in school.

    He echoed the wonderful saying that “Imagination is more important than intelligence.”

    May he rest in peace.

  2. carolyn says:

    Me too , Had all the types of MACS

  3. Keyrose says:

    I’ve only been a Mac owner for about five years. By most techies’ standards, I should’ve upgraded already, but I tend to hold on to things for a while.

    I got a 4G iPod as a present some years ago. I take it with me on walks, trips, commutes, etc. My son and I have uploaded cartoons on it for trips. It’s amazing how versatile it is. To think that some 25 years ago we were lugging around big ol’ boom boxes. Now we can carry around this miniature device that stores movies, podcasts, eBooks, and of course, music. We should marvel at this every day.

  4. daisy says:

    my dad being a NASA engineer use to bring me home his work computers to play with (after they cleaned ’em out and they were replaced w/ newer ones) so i have pc’ing since the ripe age of 2, lol…in 1976 more less. ;o) come to think of it, 2 was also the age i got my 1st library card also, haha. geek.

  5. Aunque ya llevaba días retirado, pero ha sido una grandisima pérdida. Fue una de las únicas personas que de verdad se merecen el reconocimiento que han obtenido. Descanse en paz Steve Jobs.

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