National Night Out excitement

National Night Out grows every single year. It looks like it’s expanded beyond the boundaries of Cindy Liendo Espinoza’s council district to all of Laredo.

I bet you think I am going to tell you that the highlight of the evening was the mascot dance-off. Well it was until… the US Customs mascot had a little accident and hit the floor. Poor guy had to be helped back up. Mascots need support too! Contrary to popular belief, Laredo does not have the most program mascots for a city and they definitely don’t have the best trained ones. We could have had one more, the official National Night Out offers the visit of a “Knight” mascot to visit during your city’s event. He wasn’t present. Notably, neither was the Border Patrol blow-up mascot. Word on the street is that he has been retired. One less mascot to make us hoot and giggle (or scare us) in the annual dance-off.

But back to the actual highlight – the irony of an accidental shooting by a little kid at a “police-community partnership in our fight for a safer nation” (quote from national website). Word from those nearby said that a bullet was left in a gun that a child was checking out at one of the police display tables. The gun should not have been loaded but… ya sabes. It went right through the bomb squad’s vehicle. Luckily, no one was hurt – other than our tax dollars at having to fix the holes that went clear through the inside. My group’s booth was not close but after the gunshot, the buzz reached us fast. It is nothing like more dangerous cities where the sound of a gunshot means you hit the floor instantly; but, Laredo doesn’t have that kind of culture. Instead, my friend and I went to go get a tour of the bomb squad vehicle to touch the holes left on the pressed wood wall and ceiling inside of the mobile unit. Que fregadas.

Other than that – National Night Out was packed! It was a big success for the district. Across the country, National Night Out seems to be growing but I bet they don’t have random shootings like we do in Laredo :P.

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6 Responses to National Night Out excitement

  1. kbinldo says:

    Who the frell is teaching gun safety at LPD? Guns aren’t toys & definitely shouldn’t be left out where *anyone* can pick one up & play with it. :facepalm:

  2. Bertha says:

    Only in laredo…….did you visit our booth….B-)

  3. daisy says:

    what they need to do is keep kids away from “toy” guns and bibi guns, it causes them to think of them as play objects! for example, i lost my baby cousin hanky a few years back in a horrible bibi gun accident ( he was playing with a kid neighbor-also 11 yrs old) they were shooting cans and in a jokingly way the boy pointed it at my cousin and shot him in the fleshy part of clavicle, it ended up directly in his heart ricocheting in it. he passed. my poor aunt & uncle have never been the same after that, *sigh* i can’t even fathom the pain… after that i refused to let my kids play with guns or anything that resembled a gun, even water guns! my son eventually did now but having his dad & stepdad both having been/being in criminal justice field he’s been thoroughly schooled.

  4. Pedro says:

    How was that gun been at the reach of a kid been loaded and not having a safety lock it could of been worse you know the kid could of point it at someone or him self good thing it didn’t. Us here at our house we keeping our kids away from our guns buting our safety locks on hiding our guns so our kids can get to then and On a National event having a gun load it not having a safety lock out in the reach of children guns are not to play with what you showed the kid it is ok to grab a gun when kid not knowing what his dealing with. DONT THE LPD DONT KNOW ABOUT SAFETY LOCKS ON A GUN SOMEONE NEEDS TO ATTEND SAFETY LOCK CLASSES“THE GUN SHOULDN’T OF BEEN LOADED AND ON THE REACH OF KIDS”

    • Pedro says:

      What i really ment on my sayiny at the very end of my saying was. IT SHOULDN’T OF NOT BEEN LOADED AND ON THE REACH OF KIDS! ONCE AGAIN I’M CORRECTING MY SELF.

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