Haunted Houses in Laredo

Once again I will be losing El Partner to wrestling and haunted houses. The Laredo Wrestling Alliance will be holding a special and FREE show on Saturday, October 1 as a grand opening for FEAR Haunted House. Yes, dear readers, we will be seeing ZOMBIES wrestle at this show – ha! The FEAR Haunted House is not the only show in town but it probably has a longer history because its origins are with the founders of the former Asylum and they claim is the largest of them all at 15,000 square feet.

Check out their promo video:

Next up we have The House of Horrors. They have many collaborators behind the scenes and this is their description from their Facebook page:

About: All of your nightmares under one roof… will you have what it takes to survive the House of Horrors?

Description: Guerra Communications and a collaboration of Morbid Mansion Studios, Warwolfen Studios, and Spektrum Studios, whose combined attributes include: FX in The Asylum 2009, QuickTurtle’s 2010 Zombie Walk, FX in the South Texas Collector’s Expo, Rio Magazine, and Webb County Heritage: The Haunted Heritage, will bring a new class of terror to Laredo. Will you have what it takes to survive the House of Horrors?

A third addition for this year is, The Mouth of Madness Haunted House Attraction in central Laredo. They have already had their grand opening this past weekend and will continue to scare people until the end of the month. They mention a flyer that can give you a $5 discount but… not sure where you get that flyer. There weren’t as many visuals for them so I’ll be adding a photo of the site later on. NOTE: And there it is ->

Lastly, there is a page for The Slaughter House Haunted House that is supposedly coming down from Dallas soon. Their last Facebook entry was on September 27th only stating that it is coming soon to Laredo. This is their only info:

Hello , we are a company from dallas texas and we are expanding all over texas , we are looking foward to going to laredo texas and spooking out some people !! hahahaha !!!!

Considering the lack of information available, this attraction is an iffy. Maybe the Slaughter Family said, “Hey, us prominent folks with a name you think is cute for a haunted house are kindly asking you chose something else.” Who knows – maybe they are just getting a really really late start compared to the other Laredo Halloween attractions.

To recap…

FEAR Haunted House

Location: 1720 E. Hillside in front of Olympus Gym
Price Range: $10
When: October 1 to (I assume Oct. 31st – they didn’t return my call)
Facebook link

House of Horrors
Location: 6402 N. Bartlett Ave, Laredo, TX 78041
Price: $10
Email: HouseofHorrorsLaredo@gmail.com
When: October 7 – October 31
Follow on Twitter @TheHoHLaredo
Facebook link

Mouth of Madness Haunted House
Location: 519 Market, Laredo, TX
Price: $15 ($5 off with one of their flyers)
Phone: 956.319.4173
Email: hhm956@gmail.com
When: September 23 – October 31
Facebook link

The Slaughterhouse Haunted House

Location: 401 Shiloh, Laredo, TX
(no other contact info or details are available – sorry)
Facebook link

There you have it Laredo and friends – See you at the FEAR opening as the Laredo Wrestling Alliance wrestlers turn into zombies… one of which will have to dezombiefy himself at the end of the night before getting home.


About Que Fregados

Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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48 Responses to Haunted Houses in Laredo

  1. John Mendez says:

    Just so you know, FEAR is only one of the founders of the Asylum. Most of the founders left for something else. That may or may not be a good thing since when I went to the Asylum a few times it wasn’t too scary. It was just a bunch of kids! I haven’t heard much about House of Horrors, but the people there seem to have a lot of experience. The Mouth of Madness was pretty good when I went but I wasn’t sure the building was safe. Slaughterhouse is a new one to me.

    • John Mendez says:

      If I were to try to make a prediction for the best one, I’d say Mouth of Madness since it is really haunted.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Thank you for the clarification. I did call the number listed for Fear but… no response so I went based on the FB info.

      The others were responsive (except Slaughterhouse – no phone or email) and I had my longest conversation with the Mouth of Madness guy but there wasn’t a whole lot of visuals – he said I could stop by to take a photo and he never heard of this or other blogs. I didn’t even know they had opened last week so they may be good but are a little lacking in the PR dept.

      I have yet to go to any of these but I have been to plenty of the LWA wrestling matches :). We will see if Laredo has enough interest for what looks like is the most “big” haunted house attractions that I have ever heard of in Laredo.

      • John Mendez says:

        I thought the Mouth of Madness guy was the same guy that did Woodys? Atleast that’s what I heard from some FEAR actors at school.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mouth of Madness totally rocks and is well worth the trip to a really spooky side of town. This one doesn’t rely on high tech dazzle…. It’s the real deal and the place lends itself to great haunting. It’s a really old building and has that built in “creep” factor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Para que Pagas? Why don’t you just come to that old house inmy neighborhood and stay the night. Noooooombre Shadddup! Alli si ESPANTAN!

    • daisy says:

      same here, my abuela’s old house (still in the family) which i grew up in is 1 block from the cemetery. well anyways, my 2nd story bedroom window overlooked it and many a night i would just sit & stare at it. lot of strange things like floor lamps going on/off by themselves, also that i have to have the tv on to sleep and when i would wake it would be off (i slept with the door locked) and this was before the digital tv age where they turn themselves off after certain time. then there was the faucet thing, i would be in the shower and come out to find the sink on full force o.O really strange cuz i mentioned it at a family event and my aunt she had the same thing happened to her…crEEpy.

  3. daisy says:

    *OOOowwwwweeeeeeoooOO* speaking of, did ya hear about dead man’s curve? my uncle who now works at UT & lives in Austin told me the story. he states that on mines road they had found a body by the side of the road some time back and that investigators concluded that the man had been beaten and left to die by drug dealers. so “legend” has it that when you drive down there you will sometimes encounter him roadside trying to flag down passing motorists for help causing them to swerve and crash more often than not. o.O i use the term “legend” loosely. ;o)

  4. I lived in a house on Guadalupe Street that I found out later was haunted. How many of you
    Laredoans remember 1964-1969- Doctor Zeekow with those bug eyes and scaring kids?

    • Anonymous says:

      Bruce, you lived across the street from what is now O’Reilly’s, right ??? I didn’t know that house was haunted. I remember Dr. Zeeko (aka: Frisco Aguilar) on Saturday nights. He showed “scary” movies. Those were the days !

    • Deanna says:

      I remember Dr. Zeekow. I live in Austin now, but I used to live on Galveston. I would die for a picture of Dr. Zeekow. I think he was in one of the high school annuals, but I don’t remember which.

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  12. albert says:

    at what time is the porformance for FEAR

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  17. Matt says:

    Well, this is my first time visiting. I was really impressed with the haunted houses listcuz we cant get it anywhere else. I told my friend and she said the same.

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  19. ___Fereddy Freightday says:

    ___U people have lost the TRUE meaning of Halloween, it is not about scaring the neighbor hood kids, it is about buying costumes from Wal-Mart at the last moment, trashing the display bin, going out with Mom in hand and going hose to house and yelling “Trick or Treat” and then when they don’t give you anything, you throw rolls of toilet paper up into their tree branches or write with soap on their car or house windows, now that is fun in the traditional way

    ___other ideas bobbing for apples
    face painting
    watching scary moovies

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  32. steve perez says:

    I visited the mouth of madness. One of the sickest haunted houses I’ve ever been to. I talked to the actors, they all said they are afraid to be alone inside the building , they have all experienced some sort of haunted sensation. You feel the vibes right when you walk in! Greatjob guys!

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Albert bautista says:

    I went to the mouth of madness it was ok I guess this was the first time I went to a hunted houses but I was disappointed srry if u guys don’t agree with me by the way do any of u guys know the phone numbers for the other 3 hunted houses

  35. albert says:

    i just came back from the house of horres in my opinion they shold be ashamed of the selfs call them a hunted house yeah right i should me more like house that monster yell in and thats it it was a waste of ten dollers>:( after that i went to fear that one was cool in the begging there are monsters there that they let u take pictures with them and i just scared geting close to them when i went into the house it was terrifing that was my favorite hunted house ts fun,scary,for your best friend or family, and i promise u that u will get a scare or have a good time

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  37. Great points altogether, you just gained a new reader. What could you suggest in regards to your put up that you made some days ago? Any sure?

  38. Anonymous says:

    cool haunted houses im going

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