Rally on the River on October 15

Who doesn’t love bubbles??

The Rotary Club of Laredo Under Seven Flags is hosting a RALLY ON THE RIVER during RioFest at 2pm on October 15 at Los Dos Laredos Park. The concept is simple – bring your own bubble solution or buy it on-site but everyone gather together at 2pm to show support as Laredoans care for clean water.

The first 100 people gathered at the bubble site will be given mini-bubbles to help draw awareness to the need for clean water for everyone. The proceeds of bubble solution sold at RioFest will go for a really neat water filtration project to be built in the colonias in Webb County.

Check this video out:

So what the Rotary Club is trying to do is raise enough money to buy two large metal storage containers – so if you have any at a really decent price, they sure would appreciate it! The containers will serve as the walls for a work station. Later on, a kiln will be built so that ceramic filters that contain bacteria killing materials can be hardened and made ready to use. Colonia residents will be given training on creating their own ceramic filters and how to use the workstation.

This project is near to my heart because of the memories I have of using my grandparents’ limestone filter that would drip into the mucura (as in the song: La mucura esta en el suelo, mama no puedo con ella…), drop by drop. In Laredo, I have only seen one set up at the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and of course, the one I have in my home that came from my grandparents :). Of course, those filters just caught larger particles of stuff and did not kill germs.

RioFest is going to be chock full of different activities from the international kayak races to the international 10 mile bike races. Check out the recently updated website.

Want to help out this Rotary Club before RioFest? Donate through PayPal here or send a check made out to:

Rotary Club of Laredo Under Seven Flags
PO Box 440383
Laredo, Texas 78044

Hope to see a huge crowd who wants to just blow bubbles en masse. Let’s Rally on the River – but watch out for the river monsters :P.


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7 Responses to Rally on the River on October 15

  1. one of my two maltese dogs freak out at bubbles, he doesn’t even go outside when it rains. o.O stupid dog…

  2. Catalina says:

    That’s ambitious! I wish you great success!

  3. ___Juan en efectivo (Johnny Cash) says:

    ___you keep trying to lure US to the river bank,, for Kayak races, for clean up, for a million other event, i even hate to cross it every week, what is the attraction for the filthy Grand Old Rio Bravo ???

  4. Anonymous says:

    has anyone tested the rio Grande for RadioActive Isotopes?

  5. daisy says:

    all that and you can bask on lapping shores lined with raw sewage, ahhh bliss.

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