Dolls or Wrists? Ok, Muñecas it is

What a weekend of human tragedy. Fires in North Texas, fire in Laredo’s old hotel, red flag alerts warning of sparking up unintentional fires. And the drought still keeps on. The only respite was coming down a few notches on the thermostat. Still, I was craving something to drink.

The following under-construction establishment (corner of San Bernardo & LaFayette) was not yet open when I was thirsty but… it looks like it will have a red drink called a muñeca (doll in Spanish, although it could also be wrist in Spanish – hmmmm). Ok, probably not.

corner of LaFayette & San Bernardo, Laredo, Texas


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6 Responses to Dolls or Wrists? Ok, Muñecas it is

  1. Keyrose says:

    Oh dear gawd!
    On the good side, it means more revenue for the city. On the bad, it looks like Mami Chulas won, even after all the public outcry and council posturing. I might be jumping the gun, assuming that this place is going to be something other than a platform for teenage girls showing too much skin. But with a name like “Las Munecas,” I don’t think I’m far off.

  2. thong lover says:

    ___Beer Run on La Sanbe! call the Laredo Police, dial ICU

  3. Ed says:

    I’m just hoping it’s NOT false advertising. JK LOL But times ARE tough and both, businesses are hard up for customers and these young ladies for employment. Perhaps if our local city leaders were to “work” at creating meaningful and well compensated employment for Laredoans.

  4. daisy says:

    the market is ripe for these sorta businesses because the women in this town tend to pretend to be holier than thou and push the men to do this as an alternative to cheating, i cannot even count the times i’ve heard men say “i wouldn’t go there if she would just _____”. oh please, really?! YES! it is what it is and that IS the FACT. i never thought i would condone such behavior but more often than not i find myself in the same position as most men in that i am not getting my needs met. that said, i have no issues with these girls degrading themselves but i do have an issue with the lack of self respect their parents managed to failed to instill in them. i have more material in my kitchen towels than what most youngens wear nowadays. chris rock says “as a father, you have only one job to do: keep your daughter off the pole!…if she’s dancin’ on a pole, you f%$@ed up!”

    oh and maybe it is “wrist” as it looks like those drinks are for the twilight cast, you never know. ;P

    *positive thoughts sent out to those who have been affected by the bastrop/central xx fires* :o(

  5. Joe says:

    New to town, loving your blog. I was wondering if you know of any blogs/sites that list upcoming events in town. Feel completely out of the loop.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Laredo does not have a central calendar, unfortunately. It would be a matter of searching for the type of entertainment you like and keep up with them on facebook or their email notices. The links on the blogroll to the right are links to local blogs that sometimes highlight activities. For kids’ activities, Critters & Crayons has actual calendars for local parents. I also list some activities but they are things I am involved with or like – so, lots of arts, community service, and quirky stuff. It is not all there is in town, though – every club, promoter and party place has their own list to promote but… not my thing so I don’t post unless it is something unique. Good luck with finding your way around Laredo.

      How could I forget – also check out the Newcomers Club. They have a bunch of activities that are family oriented but it could be a good source for connecting with others who are new to Laredo or not-so-new but like to be social.

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