DC Comics starts fresh, in demand in Laredo

And the ground shook and the skies parted… or that is how the comic book world might have seen it. DC comics decided to overhaul all their superheroes and start from #1 again. That is a pretty big risk but they did it. It isn’t a first but… it’s new for now. So now you will see some of your favorite characters in new costumes, ready for relaunch.

I asked Legacy Comics their take on the shake-up at DC comics:

It’s a great way to dive into the world of comics. All of the classic characters are just at the beginning of their careers so you are not behind. You are literally starting out with them as they grow into becoming a super hero! The first issue released today was Justice League #1 and it is an amazing story. We have it both in print and digital format for the iPad/iPhone/iPod/PC and Android directly from our website at http://www.legacycomics.net/ !

But sorry cool comics-loving cats, I posed that question on Wednesday, August 31st and they sold out of the print copies of Justice League #1 – they say it is available in digital form, though.

Because I am an uncool know-nothing-about-comics chick, I went to ask another expert for his opinion.

Angel Medina's work (we won't call it a self-portrait)

Angel Medina draws for Marvel, not DC, so he qualifies as an expert about the huge overhaul, too.

I’m all for anything that’s helps to jumpstart new interest in the medium. Which is the main goal that DC is shooting for with this overhaul. I’d like to see the whole thing do well, not just for DC, but the business in general.

So if you are interested in checking out the new looks, new editions and new storylines, visit your local comic book store (which in Laredo is Legacy Comics but who knows where readers are today).

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5 Responses to DC Comics starts fresh, in demand in Laredo

  1. Chris M says:

    Just as a follow up, Justice League #1 sold out world wide. We will have the 2nd printing at Legacy Comics on September 14th!

  2. Chris Niles says:

    As a follow up, we will have the 2nd printing of Justice League #1 at Legacy Comics on September 14th. The first printing sold out Worldwide.

  3. The Hook says:

    I really don’t know what to think about all of this, but at least Flashpoint #5 introduced the possibility of this reboot being a temporary measure. It appears the redesign of the DCU has been crafted to flow into the next big company-wide crossover.
    “They” are coming, so watch the skies….

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