McAllen CVB is now accredited with no mention of anyone’s lunch :)

Former reporter who now works at CVB in McAllen, Victor Castillo, recently sent me one of his videos. I gotta say, I like it.

If you didn’t know, the McAllen’s Convention & Visitors Bureau just won the international accreditation for Destination Marketing Accreditation (On the DMAP website, the following are the only Texas cities who have achieved this accreditation: Austin, Frisco and San Antonio). Good for them. They worked really hard on it.

Laredo has a habit of criticizing its own CVB but… all CVBs are different and all cities are different. It would be a bit of a stretch to fit Laredo into the “destination” category but I assume that they could work towards the same accreditation. Unfortunately we are still going to hear the moaning and groaning from people who don’t do much to promote their own programs and much less about promoting the city. I don’t have the answers and don’t pretend to (although I can say a start would be to update the website wish still has a “save the date” notice for the Sister Cities festival in July – sorry, had to say it). For today, I am really happy for Victor and the McAllen CVB crew.

Even in 1906, the critiques were heard in the Laredo Daily Times. The microfiche is a little unclear, it says, “This city does nothing to advertise her resources like other places.” Interesting…

FYI - the microfiche machine is broken at the city's public library, but the one at LCC was working 🙂


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3 Responses to McAllen CVB is now accredited with no mention of anyone’s lunch :)

  1. Tom Wade says:

    I have done some work with a vendor who was hired by Laredo’s CVB team. I told them that we have over 10,000 new and returning visitors to Laredo everyday. They did not believe me. I wonder if you can figure out who I am talking about. And it is not the normal business traveler.

    Hint, these folks make over $50k on average per year.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Now that you gave me a hintazo – excellent point. This is where studies to better understand our target – whether they be the obvious visitor or not – would come in very handy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice work, McAllen!! Good for them.

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