Stolen items sought

Internet photo of one of the cameras stolen

The Laredo Paranormal Research Society asked that I let readers know to keep their eyes out for cameras taken. This is their message:

Its very unfortunate to give this announcement,

Laredo Paranormal Research Society got burglarized Last night, 2 cameras were taken from our command center. The police already investigating for possible suspects. But the most important thing that was taken from us is our footage recorded in our cameras. Please who ever took our cameras do not destroy the footage. We had great possible evidence from different locations of Laredo, TX.

Internet photo of the other camera stolen

Mr. Cuellar indicates that more than a year’s worth of footage was taken along with the cameras. This will definitely affect their upcoming October presentations and research.

They ask if you know or have seen anyone with a camera they didn’t have before, they don’t care so much about the cameras but the footage inside. No questions asked if the footage can be returned.

Keep your eyes peeled! If you see someone but you would rather remain anonymous, remember that Crime Stoppers by state law protects your information. Actually, if you see ANY suspicious stuff going on, you can still call Crime Stoppers’ tip line: 800.558.TIPS (8477)


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4 Responses to Stolen items sought

  1. daisy says:

    i hate to tell them but those are long gone :-/

  2. ____Poltereist (can't spell) says:

    ___Paranormal Happeneings at the Paranormal Society, proof that “it” does exist . . .

  3. Tom Wade says:

    Did anyone take the time to consider that maybe the subject of the films have taken off with the cameras? We always assume aliens are much smarter than us, so why can’t they have a “feeling” of being filmed and take off with the evidence?

    I know the aliens I photograph most often refuse to sign model releases. They really are shy folks, or blobs as the case may be.

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