Fracking town hall videos

Yes, readers, it is back to school time. I wasn’t going to mention the obvious but you should be careful now that many distracted munchkins are out and about. That doesn’t mean that only young students learn, we all know we are constantly learning – and not just accepting the status quo.

Recently the Safe Fracking Coalition hosted a town hall meeting titled Science and Solutions on August 17, 2011. I left with much more information that I thought I would. The speakers were FABULOUS. I understand there was also a presentation yesterday at LCC but I am guessing that it was more Fracking 101 from what I could discern by watching the news.

From lecture to town hall meeting… the first speaker was Dr. Lee W. Clapp, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering from Texas A&M University at Kingsville. He was speaking in place of Dr. Charles “Chip” Groat, Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy at UT Austin. His was the shortest presentation & ignore that I moved the camera a bit – it was at the beginning & my amateur videotaping skills showed:

The next speaker was Stephen Ingram from Halliburton who works in the Eagle Ford Shale Play. Wow, he was impressive! He even described the new breakthroughs in fracking fluid where one of its executives actually drank the fluid called CleanStim and Halliburton’s efforts to research to make the least environmental impact – meaning that they recognize that there has been issues before. He described other changes that are about to be or are already implemented – like the 1st pilot program for water reclamation. Stephen Ingram states:

We need to continue to push the reduction in fresh water procurement for hydraulic frac jobs. We also need to push for the usage of brackish water, with our operators, instead of fresh water. Fresh water is a commodity that is in short supply, not only because we are in a drought situation but its something that has better value than hydraulic fracturing.

His presentation was a little longer so I broke it up into 3 segments (plus YouTube only lets me do videos that are only 10 minutes or less).

I am still working on the other speakers – they ALL had great information for concerned citizens of Laredo and Webb County, landowners, and a message for politicians about that power they have to help businesses operate in the safest and most environmentally safe way as possible.

Fracking is here and more will come, fracking will be great for economic development, but fracking doesn’t have to ruin water, soil, air and other natural resources.

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