UFO conference in Laredo

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Guess what is coming to Laredo??? Oh wait, I already told you in the title, didn’t I. Check out the info on the Webb County Heritage Foundation’s website.

Sponsored by the Webb County Heritage Foundation, the first-ever “Laredo UFO Conference” will take place on Saturday, November 5 at Texas A&M International University. Unknown to the average person, Laredo and the border region have been sites of significant Unidentified Flying Object activity for many decades. Laredo’s first UFO conference will feature a presentation on local UFO evidence by the Laredo Paranormal Research Society. Later, the film “Fire in the Sky” will be screened for participants, followed by a presentation by author and abductee, Travis Walton whose story is the basis of the movie. Mr. Walton will be appearing that evening on the anniversary of his abduction by extra-terrestrials. He will relate his story followed by a question-and-answer period and then a book-signing. Advance conference ticket purchases are encouraged as seating will be limited. Advance tickets are $20; same day admission will be $25.

Not recommended for children under 13.

For more information on the “Laredo UFO Conference”, contact the Webb County Heritage Foundation at (956) 727-0977, visit us on facebook.

Now all the folks who have written about witnessing the flashes of green lights or witnessed fast moving stars in the sky can actually share some of their stories.

And if you are so inclined, stop on over to check out the Civil War on the Tex-Mex Border exhibit this Thursday, August 25 at 6pm at the Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum. this


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4 Responses to UFO conference in Laredo

  1. critters and crayons says:

    I’ll reference this on Friday in the weekly community roll-up post. I can’t do the monthly day-by day anymore- so I’m hoping throwing some of the things like this into the weekly post will help families- Thanks!

  2. daisy says:

    o.O seriously? hey, does anyone know what that object hoovering for the last week or so around midnight more less, over loop 20 area on east bound loop about where the best buy is?! look up and you’ll see a hoovering light that lingers, at first i thought it was a high flyer commercial flight but then it was too stationary (it actually deviates a bit to up, down, left, right, but oh so slightly) for that, then i thought it’s a helicopter, but no wait it’s too high up and far, not really sure what it is, it’s close enough to airport that i’m sure they see it. maybe it’s guarding the border?? or could it be… ;P

  3. daisy says:

    omg it’s on the news! lolol

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