Scary tire fire

My 1,000th blog post and what is it about – llantas!

I am not a llanta blogger (just a blogger with llantas 😛 ) and by now you have seen the close-up pictures of the giant 10 hour tire fire in Nuevo Laredo from all kinds of sources – TV, newspaper & bloggers (LaSanbe, DeLaredo 2.0).

On my way to Rio Bravo that morning, I pulled over to snap a distant picture of Mexico and the black plumes. Then I saw them… the blight of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo… las llantas! And right in front of me, too – good thing I didn’t have any matches or lighter with me.

In this heat and drought, we are lucky more brush has not caught fire. We too might have had a parallel black smoky fire polluting the air.


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2 Responses to Scary tire fire

  1. Poncho1950 says:

    At the Lehigh Cement plant near Reading, Penna., they have burned tires for fuel, and they’ve also successfull burned dehydrated, treated human waste that has been “pelletized.” The high temperatures needed make for very clean burning, and it gets rid of two products that otherwise pose risks to people and the environment.

    Of course, every solution has its detractors; I’m dismayed by the number of people who protest based on emotional reactions rather than knowledge.

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