Comadrazo for networking

Yay, a comadrazo (comadre + abrazo) in a public site where the address can be shared. Las Comadres Para Las Americas has been around more than four years meeting monthly at the homes of different Laredo women.

The group meets strictly for networking and supporting each other. We all bring a dish or drink to share and every month brings new faces to get to meet. There is no hierarchy, no fees, no projects, no fundraisers or speakers – just us :).

It is an internet-based group, that is how invitations go out for the comadrazos with the info of where and when the meeting will happen. Some women go to every meeting, some go every other month and some maybe once a year – no worries, attendance is not required. Now if only all the other organizations I like to hang with were this stress-free…

If you want to go to August’s comadrazo, stop in with your dish (homemade, microwaved or drive-thru) or if you are like me and need to keep the fire extinguisher when I make attempts at cooking, bringing sodas or something store bought is fine.

Stop by to join hostess Carmen Ornelas at 6:30pm this Friday, August 5, 2011 at:

Scholars Caffe Barista
1701 Peaceful Meadows Court
Suite A-5
Laredo, Texas 78041

Can’t make it this time? Put yourself on the invitation list by registering at and indicate Laredo (unless you are a reader in another part of the country). You will be added to the list for the next month’s.

If you are gonna make fun at excluding men, please… Plenty a hubby has enjoyed the tasty treats shared and even El Partner took care of attendance in past larger comadrazos.


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2 Responses to Comadrazo for networking

  1. White Man says:

    So, if a white woman or man did the same thing, club only for the white folk… What do you think would happen?

    • Que Fregados says:

      You’ve confused this blog post as a debate point, anonymous person who asks the same question as Tom Wade. You are welcome to join us tonight if you can cook up a mean and tasty dish to share! Many a non-Latina/o has attended and enjoyed the chatter about the Latino experience and swapped business cards.

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