And… now the reactions from NL

The following post and comments are from one of the Nuevo Laredo facebook pages and only one of several threads with the same general theme – residents are just a little miffed that they are getting the notice about two hours after the shootouts and helicopters. In the previous administration, I think whoever controlled the FB page would post immediately of streets blocked or areas to avoid. With the new administration, many of the posts have turned to feel-good photo opps and delayed announcements of where the danger is. To each administration their own but as you can see (if you read in Spanish), residents are sharing their frustration (most with sarcasm and humor) of being told hours afterward with only a few showing some gratitude for the notice.

Some of the loosely translated comments read:

  • what for if it already rained, dried up and rained again
  • a thousand hours later
  • well, wow, with you speediness to inform… are you just waking up or what?
  • hey, the FUAAA already arrived to resurrect the dead and they’ve already been killed again
  • the wake is over and the dead have already been buried
  • crickets.wav
  • it’s over but I guess thank you
  • Now to wait and see what the official news will be.


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    One Response to And… now the reactions from NL

    1. Jorge Santana says:

      Iit is a war zone, I feel so sad about this. My mother had to cross yesterday, only to the downtown area and she was in the middle of gunfire and explosions, had to run and take cover, out of a movie. There is no safe time anymore or place, before we thought in the morning nothing happens or near the federal palace or municipal building but there is no safe place or time anymore. The city of Nuevo Laredo is sequestered, there is a state of panic and fear but with no media coverage and just eye witnesses there is still a national or international disbelief of the severity of this issue. If murders, shootings, kidnappings and robberies where reported by the local news like before, the dead should be in the 1000 plus a year. I understand the fear of the media, reporters have been killed and injured in Nuevo Laredo. There is a poem by Sor Juana that says “nadie creerá el incendio si el humo no da señales” “nobody will believe the fire if theres no signs of smoke” even if now people are openly talking about it in social networks we need more reporting from the community, serious reporting. Do I applaud the comic humor some people give to this tragedy, there is nothing more to do then to make a joke sometimes.

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