Cute toddler planking, what next?

A reader submitted the following adorable picture:

Planking by an 18 mos old at the LEA, Laredo, Texas

By now, I would think everyone knows what planking is, right? Regardless of what you think of planking – the photos out there always give me a smile. The person who tagged me in the above photo stated:

R. De Leon: Of course… He saw everyone doing it, so he wanted to do it too.. That’s why it’s funny. 18 month old boy planking by choice. Lol

Yep, choice by a toddler (just watch out what other behavior is modeled!). I’ve been chuckling at all the posts by local DJ Sammy “The House” Ramirez who coined the term “Fuanking” – for those who use the oh so popular Spanish FUAAAAAA while they plank. Check out his Fuanking folder on Facebook.

Sammy "The House" fuanking - photo found on his Facebook Fuank the Folder album.

You can’t discount the owling or teapot fad either but they still have not replaced planking’s viral popularity. They all remind me of inadvertent trends like the one I accidentally started months ago before I had ever heard of planking. Oh yes, my friends and family can be smart***es.

I am still getting pictures sent in by friends making fun of the odd placement of my hand in one single picture – dorks :).

So what next can we expect? The Laredo sweating sun look, the Jett Bowl strike tiptoe stand, the Laredo river monster slither, the crossfit pukie pose, or the Taco Palenque too full for words pose?? Who knows what new fad awaits our local fadistas.

Photo that marks the beginning of Sammy Ramirez' fad

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Mr. Sammy “The House” Ramirez is attempting to start a new fad as of this weekend – a praying pose. To each their own but here is the Facebook Folder of his other examples.


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6 Responses to Cute toddler planking, what next?

  1. carolyn Leyendecker says:

    How funny

  2. critters and crayons says:

    I like all the mimic photos! hahahaha!

  3. El Despiste says:

    How about Taco Planking!

  4. kbinldo says:

    Those are hysterical! I love the pic of the guy planking his house. 🙂

  5. Alana says:

    Awesome blogger

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