For Katie: The Angel With A Warrior Spirit

This is a story about a local family who has prepared to do the unimaginable.  They have steeled themselves over these last months to bury their precious newborn who is afflicted with Anencephaly.  It’s a neural tube disorder, resulting in deformities of the face, skull and brain.  It is a fatal prognosis.

Critters and Crayons has written a piece about the family and their daughter, Katie, who has defied odds and fights to live another day.  You can read the story here.

At the bottom of the Critters and Crayons post, you’ll find contact information for Katie’s Fighters as well as more information about Anencephaly.  If you are inclined to make donations, provide services, host fund-raisers or show moral support to help the family, you can reach Katie’s Fighters here.

It is a sad story, but there are uplifting parts.  In her short life, Katie has already impacted many.  She, and her family are paragons of resilience.  We wish them peace.

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5 Responses to For Katie: The Angel With A Warrior Spirit

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Katie’s story~~~~
    Katie’s Fighters

  2. MaryHelen says:

    Pure love and inspiration in such a little package! Praying for her and her family to stay strong. ❤

    • critters and crayons says:

      Such a nice thing to say- This is Critters and Crayons responding as a guest writer- I’ll pass your thoughts to the mom-

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