Cotulla booming with hotels

Not just one new fancy hotel opening, but TWO big, multi-level hotels are going to be constructed in Cotulla, Texas – population 4,000ish but not for long. Natural gas and oil exploration is changes the face of rural Texas – for the good and the bad (yes, I still think water usage, pollution & policy abuses are part of the potential negative). Funny though that about 80% of the audience came from Laredo… hmmm…

The Ciena’s planned 4 story hotel will be the tallest structure in Cotulla, ne in LaSalle County. Now that is a big step for this small community.

At the moment, there are RV parks popping up everywhere to handle the demand for temporary housing. My friend and I saw a few along I-35.

Now the bigger task for Cotulla to not get caught up in the frenzy to cater solely to the temporary workers (like Laredo trying to be a tourist town) but to actually develop itself and promote business that will remain beyond the “black gold” rush. I get that that gut feeling of big companies coming in to use up Cotulla and leaving it in a worst state with abandoned extra hotels and restaurants – let’s hope not. The mayor sounded like a decent dude – contrary to what the internet says, I thought he expressed himself well and represented Cotulla with a few rough edges but good ideas that inspire hope. Maybe we should swap him out for the Laredo mayor – just for a bit :P.

So if you get the urge to go visit Cotulla in a year or two, check out the Ciena to see how it is faring. For now, it looks great on paper and it probably has a waiting list of folks who want to contract their stay instead of the other temporary fixes they’ve figured out but… only time will tell.

Good luck to Bob Zachariah and his investors and friends!!


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3 Responses to Cotulla booming with hotels

  1. Anonymous says:

    What descriptive blog about lrd. i’ll keep reading and hope it doesnt die like other blogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    da traffic is impossible now. i hate all da trucks and constraction now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cotulla is crazy an I really wanna move out. i hate all thes trucks everywher.

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