Does Laredo advertise in Pensacola, Florida?

I ask because Pensacola, Florida just put up a new billboard in Laredo. Well, not really Pensacola, but the National Naval Aviation Museum.

I think it’s great that this museum would have the funding to let others in the US know that they are invited to go visit. BUT – you knew there was a “but” – I am trying to figure out the logic.

It is one of the first billboards you would see if you crossed International Bridge #2 so… can I assume it is targeting Mexican tourists?? If it is, why is it in English and not touristy Spanish? And if it is targeting a driving population (it is on I-35, not near the airport), why would it target a city 900 driving miles away? I guess it can be a nice drive to go watch “one of the largest IMAX® theatres in the world and has the largest screen in Florida.” Hmmmm… I am almost tempted…

Maybe there is just something I don’t know about the Laredo and Pensacola connection?? I can see Orlando, Florida museums advertising since Allegiant Air now flies directly to Orlando from Laredo but… from Pensacola, it is another 500 miles in the opposite direction. I HAVE to be missing something – enlighten me, someone.

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14 Responses to Does Laredo advertise in Pensacola, Florida?

  1. Don’t know, but I do know that I LOVE Pensacola, FL!

  2. daisy says:

    because Florida’s tourism is down due to the oil spill and therefore tourist are flocking to Texas beaches like the ones close to us that were seemingly spared **not true (i went beach combing 2 weeks ago in Port Aransas and founds shells on beach stained with oil *grr*) so due to that assumption the panhandle of florida nicknamed redneck riviera has taken big hits and Florida is fly fishing, so to speak, for those coming our beaches via intl bridges and winter Texans and so on.

  3. despeinad@ says:

    It might be because for years Laredo has been putting on a big air show every February. Some smart Pensacolan probably figured that local airplane enthusiasts may want to see more…

  4. Anonymous says:

    money makes the world go around,and when it talk’s bullsh## put up sign’s

  5. Keyrose says:

    I’ve never been to Florida but several of my relatives have driven to Orlando to enjoy Disneyworld. Pensacola, I guess, wants to lure some of the Laredenses their way.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sure, Let us drive over to check out the meseum real quick and come back!

  7. anonymous says:

    Its a subliminal message that needs to be decoded. Just like the huge US and Mex. flags going up and down.

  8. Tom Wade says:

    I may have the real answer. John Adams the current director of Florida’s state tourism group. If you remember, John was also one of the most sucessfull directors of the Laredo Development Foundation.

    John knows Laredo, South Texas, and Mexico very well. He knows the volume of people who cross here, so it makes sense he would direct advertising dollars from Florida here.

    PS, John wrote about trade at Laredo titled: “Conflict and Commerce on the Rio Grande: Laredo, 1755–1955”

  9. Tom Wade says:

    Too early in the a.m. to be writing, obviously.

    What my second sentence was to say is that John Adams is the director of Florida’s state tourism group, the name of which escapes me right now.

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