Inspector Mc… Quien? An EPA funded project for Laredo

The "bad" guys... although we should be more worried about the "careless" guys

We’ve got new superheroes and villains in this area!! A few lucky folks were in the audience for a Keep Laredo Beautiful (also the CW, KGNS, Telemundo & BorderPlex) sponsored Green Carpet preview of Inspector McCloud’s Stormwater Adventures, an Environmental Services, EPA grant funded, child-oriented cartoon. Tony Grillo, the author, summed it up for IMDb:

When the Pollution Cartel threatens to carry out their devastating plan to poison the Rio Grande, Inspector McCloud and his new partner Stormy must save the day. Hindered by their hair-triggered Washington team leader Agent Public, they must win back the trust of the town and stop the Cartel before it’s too late. Written by Tony Grillo

In the border town of Laredo Texas, Inspector McCloud and his new partner Stormy must prevent the comically notorious Pollution Cartel from polluting the city’s water supply. But their mission presents unexpected challenges, and McCloud must call upon the aid of reluctant citizens if he is to save the town and rescue his new partner.

What’s with the use of “cartel” nowadays? Not everything is a cartel. Anyway, here is a short preview from Flinch Studios:Vodpod videos no longer available.
Did you catch the interviews on the “Green Carpet” in the preview of the upcoming cartoon? Check out Pro8News’ interview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Soooo… when Mayor Salinas says:

Well, this is a joint effort with the US Dept of En, uh, Environ,uh,mental Protective Services and I’ll tell you, this is a great program because it teacheses kids how to protect the… Rio Grande, the environment and these kids are the future generations. We have to make sure that they’re the ones that’re gonna have to lead the pack cuz they’re going to enjoy the trees and the water and everything in the future…

Does that sentiment apply to the Safe Fracking Coalition’s and area residents’ concern for water usage by the fracking companies in the Eagle Ford Shale play?? Maybe we should be teaching kids to stand up for the resources that might be endangered with current practices, fracking being one. Hopefully, water recycling or other technology to reduce the impact on water usage by companies is adopted and South Texas does not show what other states have had to endure.

Reader Erika & Reader Jane sent this WBEZ’s This American Life podcast:


It is a whole show but fascinating how money influences higher education, research and has a chilling effect on the voices of concern. No one is saying “stop fracking,” just asking that it be done with consideration of our limited resources.

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One Response to Inspector Mc… Quien? An EPA funded project for Laredo

  1. Friend of Que says:

    Most stuff the city of Laredo “does” for the environment is for show. And unfortunately most Laredoans don’t care about the welfare of their environment, so we’ve got neighborhoods with tires on every street corner, a bevy of illegal dumping spots, and of course, oil and gas free to do whatever. Yep, it makes me sick thinking about how little people care.

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