Escape Again Bookstore calls it quits

A few days ago I spotted this message that made me a little sad:

Facebook screenshot of the Escape Again bookstore site

When I saw this posting today, I nearly shed a tear:

The closing of Escape Again Bookstore is the ending of the last stand-alone independent bookstore. Of course, there is the Book Nook, which falls under and is part of the Center for the Arts’ nonprofit but it’s a different kind of effort. Then there is big box Books-A-Million but that money does not stay in the community, profit goes elsewhere – no local owner, just local employees.

Laredo doesn’t have a concerted push for development of and support for small independent businesses. It focuses on luring big business with who knows what deals. For some reason, it doesn’t see the value of buying locally from local owners. When I say “Laredo,” I don’t mean city government, I mean Laredo as a whole.

It is too late for Escape Again Bookstore (and dear to my heart, Laredo Books & More [which can be resurrected for large special orders]) but had we had one of the campaigns that some of these 21 cities (& a few states) listed in this old Bloomberg Businessweek list, it might have made a difference.

Good luck and good bye, Escape Again! You are appreciated for your efforts and will be missed.


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2 Responses to Escape Again Bookstore calls it quits

  1. Poncho1950 says:

    I’m disappointed, but not suprised.

  2. Et tu Rosse says:

    Laredo is like the little brat who tires of his toys and wants only the latest and greatest gadgets available. If it ain’t a big box name, We don’t want it.

    How do you expect to revitalize a city when there is no support for local business?

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