“The Golden Ass” in San Antonio

Screenshot of the Express' MySA

The San Antonio Express announces an upcoming show titled The Golden Ass which includes the artist’s (Julia Barbosa Landois) take on what most Laredoans and Nuevo Laredoans are familiar with (meaning they have heard of it, not necessarily seen it) – the donkey show and the sex trade. Ewww…

It’s the unknown – and the unseen – that give Landois’ installation The Golden Ass its visceral kick.

Currently on exhibit at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, the show with video explores the sex trade, masculinity and the tourist mentality along the Texas-Mexico border.

As the basis for the piece, Landois conducted interviews with friends and acquaintances – mostly men – who have been to brothels or witnessed the legendary sex shows in Mexican border town red-light districts such as Nuevo Laredo’s Boy’s Town. The title of the show alludes to one such spectacle involving bestiality.

The exhibit is not only about the rape of a donkey (my opinion), degradation of women (my opinion) and the reactions from those who frequent Boy’s Town, it is also about our own reactions. The artist explores the changes in perception that we take on when we go outside of our regular space – so… going to this exhibit will parallel that same out-of-the-norm state? Regardless, sounds like an interesting exhibit:

As part of the exhibit, Landois and musician Erik Sanden will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday in the installation space. The performance will combine dialogue taken from Landois’ interviews and Internet testimonials about Nuevo Laredo’s Boys Town with popular songs whose lyrics complement the text. The performance is recommended for those 18 and older.

The Golden Ass continues through Aug. 6. Call 210-227-6960; go to www


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  1. ___Chacho says:

    ___wow ! where do i sin up ???

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