Church “planting” knocks Laredo again

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What is it with the Baptist Press and Laredo?? Again there is a story of Laredo being an evil place but at least it wasn’t repeated by Missionary Chuy Avila as he did on Pro8News and had to “clarify” in this Pro8News video (My video converter is down, this is the link). Calmala, ni pa’ tanto!

The Baptist Press’ June 28th “news” said:

LAREDO, Texas (BP)–Many times in the darkest and most dangerous places the light of the Gospel shines even brighter. Such is the case in Laredo, Texas, stemming from the “GPS 2020” evangelism and church planting initiative of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

The darkness and danger are readily apparent in Laredo. The Mexican drug cartel and the violence attached to the $20 billion illegal enterprise cast an ominous shadow on the border town. Additionally, the satanic influence of “La Santa Muerte,” the Saint of Death, and its cult following continues to grow rapidly among the people of Laredo and beyond.

I really do respect that they believe what they want to believe but… my guess is that Laredo is about as degenerate as other American cities, so why make it seem worse? I suddenly feel like the kid who helps raise money for the “charity case” and then realizes he IS the charity case – ugh. The effect of condescending superiority is going to win over very few.

But, the Southern Baptists from this particular group (not all are the same) have a plan:

Laredo may have a dark and dangerous edge, but the light of Jesus is shining bright through the cooperative work of Southern Baptists.

Thank you but I have my own little light that I prefer to follow because I do think we are and should be equals.


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5 Responses to Church “planting” knocks Laredo again

  1. Laredo has always had a long history of EVERYTHING! His so called facts are based on fear, and unsubstantiated research. Hell, do you want a 100% true fact that we can all prove on a daily basis? IT’S FREAKIN HOT HERE!!! Thank you, that is all.

  2. critters and crayons says:

    Perhaps it is hot because we are in the ninth ring? Hahahahaha! Couldn’t resist the religious analogy. Unfortunate story.

  3. Poncho1950 says:

    Laredo has plenty of real problems without adding paranoia to the mix..

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