Perpetual UNcare cemetery on highway 359

If you didn’t know, the latest issue of LareDOS is out. The story about the Perpetual Care Cemetery caught my eye immediately. It’s titled “When hallowed ground becomes a dumping site” by Cristina Herrera. I would pass these “Memorial Gardens of Laredo” cemetery frequently on my way out to Pueblo Nuevo and some of the other colonias on Highway 359. Cristina mentioned it once in conversation (I didn’t know she was working on a story) and on my next trip out, I also stopped at the cemetery for my own exploration.

Beyond the surface of how this cemetery is cared for is a story about a problem often mentioned by Bordertown Blues – the issue of illegal dumping. It is done by young and old, construction companies and private citizens, and in a recent case, even allowed by city workers. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution but I can point to some excellent sleuthing by Cristina.

Photo of my computer screen - ha

Hopefully this link will work because I am not able to retrieve quotes from the software LareDOS uses for their online newspaper. If not, check out my LaSanbe-ized picture – I have resorted to KR’s technique of taking pictures of his screens. Ha!

And how could I forget some video! I strapped my camera to my car and the shakiness is due to the potholes, not my hand. It is just barren land – all the water lines seemed to be broken and above ground. Maybe the Maldonado’s didn’t understand the meaning of “perpetual” when they named it.

Kind readers took pity on me – one sent me the story as a picture and the other taught me how to do a screenshot of issuu on a Mac. Here is the more legible story and photos:


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8 Responses to Perpetual UNcare cemetery on highway 359

  1. testing2 says:

    Try the Alt+Print Scrn buttons instead of taking pictures with another device. Then paste the captured image in your preferred photo software for editing . This method will work on any windows based Operating System.

  2. Cristina Herrera says:

    That old shack’s back room gave me the creeps. While I slowly inched my way to the back room with my camera, I thought, “This feels like one of those ‘scary movie’ moments.” Well, shortly after thinking that, I heard a loud bang and screamed bloody murder. Turns out it was the banging of the door after the wind blew it. Oy vey…

    Good thing I didn’t find out brujerias were conducted there until after my visit…

    • Que Fregados says:

      Now think if you had gone at night! Creeeeeeeepy. I went alone too and kept imagining disturbing a squatter or something. You never know with the shack that could double as a place for mischief.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad to see the way the city leaves this “Perpetual Resting Place” in such disaray. One of my best friends is buried there and if he knew how this place has turned out he’d roll over in his grave.

  4. Sara says:

    I need to find out who owns this cemetery as we have plots there and wouldn’t even know who to go to incase a family deceases

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