Public policy training for women

The Texas Public Policy and Candidate Training is excellent (I mean, really excellent), especially for those interested in ever running for office or working on a campaign or just being active in her community.

I’ve talked about this training before with the hopes that women in Laredo would consider taking the leap and joining this great opportunity. I emailed the founder and asked about Laredo applications. I am sure you can guess what the response was:

Hola one from Laredo even asked for an application…bummer.

Wonder why…was it the program? The requirements, etc. or lack of interest. What do you think?

con cariño, nora

Sigh… the deadline has passed and interviews are taking place with the hope of having a new class by this coming Monday. If there were any women still interested, I bet she can still get all the info in by talking to the organizers. These are the program dates:

We plan to advise people about selection for class by Monday.
Mil gracias for trying.

1st Session: Sat. July 23 (9am-7pm)
2nd Session: Sat. August 20 (9am–7 pm)
3rd Session: Sat. September 17 (9 am–7 pm)
4th Session: Sat. October 1 (9 am–7 pm)
5th Session: Sat. November 12 (9 am–7 pm)
6th Session: Sat. December 3 (9 am–7 pm)

At least read a little bit more about it: and consider it for next year. Heck, I might even offer a scholarship for a Laredo woman to attend since we don’t see any other women’s organization stepping up to promote leadership in Laredo. If you do want more information, check out the TTP-ACT.


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11 Responses to Public policy training for women

  1. critters and crayons says:

    Man- that sounds like great training- I wonder if the cost is the inhibitor? Maybe the scholarship would help enrollment- Just guessing-

    • Que Fregados says:

      But they work with you. I paid only 1/2 and even at that, it was because I found sponsors. It really was a good experience because the speakers were powerful and knew the ropes.

  2. gladys says:

    Sounds very interesting. I will keep it in mind for next year.

  3. daisy says:

    you should answer her ‘because in Laredo proper training doesn’t get you anywhere, therefore…’

  4. Tom Wade says:

    Too bad it’s only for Latinas…it would be nice if it was for all women.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Why too bad? Each group can organize with its own mission & goals. Check with the League of Women Voters. They have even more trainings, I believe. Every organization has its niche and who it will serve but no one has been turned away. Even locally for Las Comadres, we have had men present and non-Latinas. Of course, if the person has no interest in the focus (whether Latina or not) then why bother?

      • Que Fregados says:

        The ideal would be if Laredo had a training program that focused on ethical government leadership and preparation for running for office, now that would be cool.

      • Tom Wade says:

        My point is, and always has been, what is the difference between a white person, a Latina/Latino, and a person of another race? Are their “leadership” issues really that different? Let’s take the hot topic of immigration. What is the best way to assure that immigration reform stays a devisive issue? Keep the ethnic groups separated, that is how. And I promise you that all the special ethnic labeled groups, white, black and brown know that. That is their bread and butter.

        You say have a separate group for whites. How would a group called, Anglo Womans Leadership Training Program, or White Ladies Leadership Group be recieved? Of course it would be headlined on every national televison news show and be percieved as racist, hate mongering and so fourth.

        Did you know that Laredo has a special monument for “Hispanic” Medal of Honor recipeants? I spoke against that at city council as not being all inclusive of all community members. I was told by a city councilman that if an anglo was ever awarded the MOH that the city would build another monument. Is that what the racial equality struggles were about in the last couple of centuries?

        I am not saying never discuss or talk about heritage, culture, or race. But let everyone participate in all the conversations.

        • Que Fregados says:

          Why yes, there are differences but this is not the forum for this discussion. This post was to offer an opportunity that had not been offered by anyone else in this area, especially considering that men overwhelmingly dominate the political leadership positions in Laredo. You are welcomed to highlight other opportunities on your blog. Obviously I disagree with you on the position of power minorities.

          • Tom Wade says:

            Thanks for the discussion. This will be a topic on my blog after we come back from 4th of July in Independence, Kansas. I am reworking blog site. Hence my excess postings on other blogs…

            Again, keep up the good work here. Happy 4th.

  5. Tsquare says:

    Ditto on the requirement for Latinos…

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