Laredo Mexico? Not even our Texas neighbors get it right

Guess the black plastic bags and tacky duct tape over “Nuevo Laredo” were not enough to ensure that Cleveland, Texas reporters know that Laredo is not in Mexico. Note to reporter – I did not assume that Cleveland was in Ohio. ¿Vez?

I think someone from the Laredo Chamber of Commerce whose name rhymes with ronchas, is not going to be happy…

On a scary note, $1.5 MILLION dollars? Whose wallet is big enough for that much money?? That’s just crazy! The quote I think was just a little too “CYA-duh” was this about DPS Trooper Burse:

“The Trooper determined that amount of currency was inconsistent with the amount required to conduct routine long haul transportation. A K-9 was deployed and alerted positively on the currency.”

Check out part of the article:


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3 Responses to Laredo Mexico? Not even our Texas neighbors get it right

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Maybe they meant to say “Nuevo Laredo, Mexico”. You’d think that the newspaper people would double-check their “facts”, but then again, even locally, there have been some major blunders in our Laredo newspaper. So I suppose it’s too much to ask for accuracy. Or IS it?

  2. Ed says:

    Deja tu where he was headed, if the truck driver was coming from Dallas (assuming Dallas, Texas), why in the heck is he driving through Cleveland, Texas (this city is so far off from the well known principle that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, that it may as well been Cleveland, Ohio). On an even lighter note…. “Get yourself the Trooper Burse it’s big enough to carry you million bucks!!!” I can hear this sales slogan on TV infomercials. (Burse meaning bag or purse of course) Now that last line read like Dr. Seuss. JEEZ, I’m a poet and ………….I wasn’t aware.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Maybe he was collecting the cash via the scenic route? By the time he got here it could have been 3 million, maybe? Quiensabe – I can’t get into the mind of drug trade folks but I could use a Trooper Burse – for all the receipts and tissues and other junk I now can’t fit in my purse.

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